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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
We make beautiful real-time adult games with characters you'll grow to love. Art by: sacb0y
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Here's some more poses featuring the new Male avatar!

Animations featuring these two will be released to subscribers very soon!

Those animations will be subscriber only for at least a month. So please look forward to that!

The animation should include both a Real-time build and rendered video!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Preview video of V3 Rough Build Animation Preview

I figured posting a preview of the content would be a good idea, the main point of those builds is there's issues that may give freaky results so i'm not comfortable releasing them to  all subscribers, but a little preview is fine. 

Enjoy, layer builds will fix some of the issues you see here like making the bed deform and such.

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Sacb0y has clawed his way out of hell so he can stream Naomi work!

Hey peeps, sorry for holding off on updates. But i'm streaming right this moment Naomi stuff then I'll post proper set of update posts then. 

For now, I'll show one thing i forgot to post here sooner.
Naomi customizer!

This stream I'll be making a build so you guys can play with the outfit changing, i'll also be implementing some of the animations that have been made so far so you guys can see those for yourself too!

I know I haven't streamed for a while. I'll try to be better about this, but there's still some lose threads before i feel like i'm properly free. 

Please enjoy the stream and thanks for your support!


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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft


Previews of "Pump1" and "Pump2" animations, other updates

The above animation is Pump2 (sorry i recorded in the wrong render mode) the below is Pump1. Other animation previews will come soon including an in-build preview! i'm just waiting on some programming to get done for a "scene selection" screen instead of that previous main menu, along with the menu for changing outfit and stuff.

As before these animations are incomplete and will be cleaned up more later but for now i'm moving on to the next animations so I can move on to making pretty stuff.


At the moment I've gotten soem voice acting for a Naomi lip sync demo i'm going to make, so look forward to that aswell! I'm not only doing lewd animations but some very nice character interaction animations too!

Besides that thanks to some contact with an asset developer i'll thankfully be able to improve the performance in future builds to possibly be able to keep real-time shadows in the web and android builds of Our Apartment. I'll be testing that once i get around to proper releases.

More updates soon!

Thanks for your support!


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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Naomi Animation Previews! Prodding and Entry! Other news and small The Couch update!

Preview1 Hello everyone sorry i've been rather silent, thanks to everyone who's been patient with me despite that, I'm doing my best to focus on work but also I've been doing a lot of personal stuff. Exercizing daily, managing meals and stuff. Thats kind of made my general work slower but I feel a lot better lately!

All that said this weekend I need to go out of town and won't be able to work. Which will kind of suck and give me a bit of chaos, but my surface pro is cracked and I promised I would. Nothing i can do really.

Anyway, I wanted to go all out with these animations, keep in mind they're still in progress, i'm just moving forward to get them into a usable state before i start fixing details and clipping. These are rather time consuming animations cause they're rather complex poses and transitions, I considered skipping these but I really want the final animation to be something special. A deviation from my original goal of just doing simple occasional loops.

But yeah keep in mind i've done no clean up on these or proper facial animation, this is mostly just getting the timing and main movements correct.


As a reminder here's the set of animations to expect...

Intro > pre-entry Idle > Prodding loop > Entry > Entered Idle > Pump 1 > Pump Transition > Pump 2 > Cum Inside > Cum Inside Idle > Pull Out > Pull out Idle > to rest > rest idle there's still much more work to get done, but i'll have more previews as soon as possible!

Other Naomi 3D news

I have a little side related thing i'm waiting on with Naomi's animations, so i've been working on that too. It will be a little SFW animation featuring some voice acting. I need to get some experience with lip sync so i'll be using it as a test. I made the image above (which is cut from a larger sheet) to make sure naomis facial poses are up to par.

I've also made some updates to her shadaers again, i'm deffinitely trying to stop these kinds of updates to focus on animations but sometimes i can't help it when i have a desire lol.

But now naomis hair has proper reflections and a proper custom shader besides the specular added before. This mostly affects reflections outside of direct light sources, this was a difficult challenge but i'm happy i resolved it. The above is pure reflection, no light source.

Small news on The Couch

Once again I'm sorry progress on The Couch has halted, but MiNT is settled into training for his new job, And he's started doing some work on The Couch again, this time using more bought assets rather than the custom system originally intended.

I'll give a proper update on this once progress is made. For now i just wanted to say something is being done.

Once again thank you for your patience and support!


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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft


Animation Planning: What I'm currently working on

I started working on a build but ultimately i felt there was no point, it would take me a day or two when i could be focusing on the animations instead. All you would get is a few pose previews you've already seen which while nice likely aren't worth the trade off of the time investment. That said i have paid a programmer to hopefully make this process in the future easier cause right now it's just not if i use the code as is.

So back to the topic of this post!

I'm currently working on the next set of animations which is significantly more complex cause i'm doing an animation involving two full characters, not just one character and a dick that mostly animates it self cause of the rig setup.

The animation should include an introductory scene, a modified missionary sex animation, and a post sex scene. All of which will be voice acted and overall the animation should total a few minutes at least. But i would like to optionally allow for the animation to play longer. If you've played any CG animated games they often have "next" buttons for the animation, that should be the case here.

I want to explain the composition of this animation set focusing on the main scene for now.

So basically i'm going to be segmenting these animations so i can loop some and chain others. Ideally i'd like for animations to blend between each other rather than do cuts. This is mostly cause all animations will play in real-time with the full camera controls.

The animation chain works like this:

Intro > pre-entry Idle > Prodding loop > Entry > Entered Idle > Pump 1 > Pump Transition > Pump 2 > Cum Inside > Cum Inside Idle > Pull Out > Pull out Idle > to rest > rest idle

As you can see this totals to 14 animations sections just for this scene! And that's not all, cause i'm not factoring the animations for the pre-sex and post sex scene.

In short there's two animations planned, an animation of Naomi showing off whatever outfit you've picked (the negligee for now), and the post sex being a cuddling animation. The former being ab it difficult, the latter having most of the work done since for now it's a simple idle unless i add some dialogue.

So far most of the animations have their initial poses complete, which i promise is more time consuming than it sounds lol. You can check out a recording of my stream of making the pose for the images in the earlier post. They can take a good while to get right.

Besides that I'll be testing a lip sync asset I bought over the holidays, and possibly some of the dialogue system tools I also bought for a text box so i can gain some familiarity. For the lip sync asset i'll be needing some additional small animations for dynamic mouth expressions, so i'm hoping that works out too. I hope this gives some perspective of what i'm working on currently. As for The Couch i'm still wrapping my head around the dialogue system i mentioned earlier. As i'm doing the implementation myself, it will be quite an undertaking to implement this dialogue system with the current plan. I need to figure out how this would work and if it will work like i need it to.

I think by the time this animation releases I should have the familiarity i need as i'm using this system in all my projects right now.

At this point i'm 100% happy with the visuals I've pulled off in Our Apartment, and i just need to focus on content right now so you guys can see all the work come together. The response to the images posted so far as been very positive and that makes me very happy. But besides that The Couch is still getting a lot of positive attention to so i really really don't want to let that sit for much longer. I know there's not much i could do but i wanted the big release out months ago -_-.


Look forward to more updates soon and animation previews of some of the poses you see above!

Thanks for your support!


P.S, Here's a preview of some earlier redesigning of Peislee. More information about her in the future.

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Exclusive to Subscribe Star is Alex!

She'll be getting a 3D model of her own soon, along with 2D art as well!

Due to issues with Patreon this character is exclusive to here. Though any lewd art with this character will not be posted publicly since i do link to here from Patreon currently. I'll solve that soon enough but for now that's the case.

This is character 2 of the 3 characters you'll see the most here.

Thanks for your support! ~sacb0y

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Celebrating i can finally post my NSFW stuff publicly :D

Here's some initial posing tests for Naomi!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft


I'm currently still learning about posting here so posts will start very soon first with some new updates, then reposting old content that was on the patreon so people here have access to it.

Look forward to more soon!


Subscription Tiers

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A Tip for Naomi

It doesn’t take much money to catch Naomi’s attention. She makes every dollar count.

  • See posts meant for Subscribers only!
  • Access to some private build releases a month or more before public release
  • Participate in polls!
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Skin in the Game

A few extra bucks helps to motivate Naomi, which means you get to see what others don’t.

  • Access to all build releases a month or more before public release
  • See in-progress screenshots and sketches
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Let's Get Serious

Naomi has her ways of rewarding someone willing to make a serious commitment to her.

All the previous perk tiers plus: * Experimental Build Access unreleased to public * Experimental Asset Releases * Access to gamedev documentation like scripts, designs docs, and other text based information * PSD Art files from paintings

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Way to Her Heart

It’s not just about the money; it’s the support and commitment that really catches Naomi’s attention.

All the previous perk tiers plus: * Access to private alpha test builds (before any beta or official release, public or private) * Participate in early-stage design and art discussions in a private discord (make requests that might appear in our games!) * Large Name Display in Game Credits

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A Call from Naomi

Your devotion inspires Naomi to leave you a voice message, naughty or nice.

  • All the previous perk tiers plus: -The voice actor for Naomi, Chocolate Chip Cookie Chan, will send you a short monthly voice message of your choice (for as long as you donate).
  • Subject to length and voice artist discretion
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All in on Naomi

Naomi wouldn’t you use the phrase “Sugar Daddy” but at this tier you are one of the most important people in her life.

  • Get all of the previous perk tiers plus:
  • Get your logo and website listed on the splash screen (after 3 consecutive months of support at this tier)
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Naomi’s Priority

here’s serious, and then there’s committed. At this tier, you are the apple of Naomi’s eye and she’d do almost anything for you.

Get all of the previous perk tiers plus: * Commission a monthly original sketch by SacB0y * Drawings are lite color or grayscale shaded and subject to SacB0y approval * Direct input on game development



  • Finished and Experimental Build releases a month or more before public release
  • PSD's of high quality Art
  • Exclusive polls to help determine what content we make next