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We make beautiful real-time adult games with characters you'll grow to love. Art by: sacb0y
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Here's some more poses featuring the new Male avatar!

Animations featuring these two will be released to subscribers very soon!

Those animations will be subscriber only for at least a month. So please look forward to that!

The animation should include both a Real-time build and rendered video!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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A Tip for Naomi

It doesn’t take much money to catch Naomi’s attention. She makes every dollar count.

  • See posts meant for Subscribers only!
  • Access [Release] class and some [Rough] class build releases a month or more before [Public] release
  • Participate in polls!
9 subscribers
per month
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Skin in the Game

A few extra bucks helps to motivate Naomi, which means you get to see what others don’t.

  • Access to all [Rough] and [Release] build releases a month or more before [public] release
  • See in-progress screenshots and sketches earlier
7 subscribers
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Let's Get Serious

Naomi has her ways of rewarding someone willing to make a serious commitment to her.

All the previous perk tiers plus:

  • [Experimental] Build Access unreleased to public
  • [Experimental] Asset Releases
  • Access to gamedev documentation like scripts, designs docs, and other text based information
  • PSD Art files from paintings
3 subscribers
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Way to Her Heart

It’s not just about the money; it’s the support and commitment that really catches Naomi’s attention.

All the previous perk tiers plus:

  • Participate in early-stage design and art discussions in a private discord (make requests that might appear in our games!)
  • Large Name Display in Game Credits
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A Call from Naomi

Your devotion inspires Naomi to leave you a voice message, naughty or nice.

  • All the previous perk tiers plus: -The voice actor for Naomi, Chocolate Chip Cookie Chan, will send you a short monthly voice message of your choice (for as long as you donate).
  • Subject to length and voice artist discretion
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All in on Naomi

Naomi wouldn’t you use the phrase “Sugar Daddy” but at this tier you are one of the most important people in her life.

  • Get all of the previous perk tiers plus:
  • Get your logo and website listed on the splash screen (after 3 consecutive months of support at this tier)
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Naomi’s Priority

here’s serious, and then there’s committed. At this tier, you are the apple of Naomi’s eye and she’d do almost anything for you.

Get all of the previous perk tiers plus:

  • Commission a monthly original sketch by SacB0y
  • Drawings are lite color or grayscale shaded and subject to SacB0y approval
  • Direct input on game development
0 subscribers


  • Finished and Experimental Build releases a month or more before public release
  • PSD's of high quality Art
  • Exclusive polls to help determine what content we make next

Recent posts

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Game view test

A Solution for Performance on Android

(Note screenshots are old tests)

So I've been considering some ideas to make dealing with performance on android easier for a broader set of platforms. Then i remembered "Oh yeah i have a solution i tested"...

See the more objects have shadows, the more objects have materials the worse performance can get. I can remedy this through some optimization methods i have but the issue there is that those things take time, and if i want to edit the scene I have to undo it all. So it's not ideal to do this stuff every build. 
Editor View

So my solution is to give the option to disable the environment entirely and simply have a background image, This is similar to how it's done in games like Artificial Academy 2. 

This way at the very least Naomi can look as good as she can, and this change shouldn't affect PC builds at all and i can go a bit harder on quality without completely invalidating mid development android builds. Might make some dialogue scenes odd, but only a little.

Anyway this should be implemented in the next build for android, and will be available on all platforms thereafter. So that means WebGL will benefit and any low end PC's should be good too cause if your PC can't handle rendering basically single solo character I dunno what to tell you. 

Thanks for your support!


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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Big'ol monthly post! Build 10 Change Log! First Sex Sim Gameplay! New Hair! And other plans for this month!

Sorry for the rushed post last month, didn't really explain anything lol. But now i have a bit of time to make a big'ol post for the month. 

First lets look at what was done in build 10! This build is experimental cause a lot of shit is likely broken.

Build 10 Change log

  • First sex sim gameplay featuring a cowgirl animation! Bolt is pretty amazing and i managed to build a very basic sex sim gameplay system. Includes pump speed, entry and pull out, cumming for the player and Naomi independently and together. The game automatically sets a camera angle for each animation for more ease of use, and as with any other scene you can toggle POV or the free camera! My goal is for these scenes to play out in a more cinematic format with the option to control the camera.  Animations for now are very very basic cause i just wanted this to work.
  • Preview of laid back couch scene (pictured above)! Just a simple pose but an example of what i planned there, may change but i plan to animate it soon.
  • Ability to toggle visibility of male avatar! You can now toggle full body or just hands for the male avatar, it's use is clear in the above laid back scene. 
  • New painting post process effect! But i forgot to enable the toggle for that so look forward to it next build lol...There's some other toggles to be added too for existing effects.


  • Animation glitches, at one point Naomi's hand zips really far down lol. 
  • Couch preview scene is broken when returning to the main menu.
  • Dof slider still doesn't work as expected

Awesome, Sex Sim!

Yeah, basically this initial version was easier than I expected. At this point I have the basics of everything I need except the "daily system".  

My plan for the sex sim stuff is for it to have the same features as The Couch including alternate poses for the main position, groping options (Including pet), and cum effects. But experiments for all that will be in due time as i fine solutions for it. You can see some previews of alternate positions below.

This system is intended to apply universally to any additional scenes so i should only need to load the initial pose and the rest works from there. I'll also add the option to change location for some poses, attempting to keep this universal too.

Once this system reaches the features of The Couch i'll be back porting these features to The Couch and trying to wrap that game up.

Whats coming this month?

My goal for this month is largely preparation for a content focus for the next 2/3 months.  In other words I'm gonna sit on doing the daily system for a while and just focus on giving you guys animations and outfits. I may do some work on Cum effects and sound effects, but besides that it's just content.

But that means this month likely won't have much updates in terms of a build, all supporters get at least one build fixing the issues with Build 10, and the rest of the month will be related to the preparation stuff. 

There's several reason for this. Main reason is moving to Unity 2019, and moving assets to Blender 2.8. This is going to require a shit ton of updates to animations since my rigging system will need to be updated meaning hand animations may be broken and some other stuff. Then there's potential issues with Unity 2019 i have to worry about. 

Second reason is i'm working out plot details for Our Apartment and that may take a while, for this reason the content focus may focus more on Sex Sim than VN/dialogue driven scenes cause I need to place these scenes in the story so their use is effective.

Third is there's some critical model updates to Naomi I want/need to make. Improving her hair model, improving proportions and improving skinning. This should be the last time i need to make any critical update like this for a long time. And it's just better to do it while doing all this other stuff.

Fourth is just I wanna make some proper content to show off XD. And with the nicer renders I can make easily in Blender 2.8 I can do more nicer previews and promote this game and support platform more. I got some assets to make compatible and add to the customizer, run a thing where people can submit socks. Bunch of fun stuff i want to do thats difficult when focusing on dev stuff. 

So while things may seem slow this month, the next 2-3 months after this one will be very active content wise. There will likely be some polls too. So please look forward to that!

Naomi model updates?

Yup! Mostly the hair and her body proportions. I did a mock up of the hair in blender 2.8 to help me visualize things with particle hair. So the goal is for her hair to look messier.

Rendered in 2.8
And also updating the textures too for the hair, it might not be able to look as good as this, but i aim to get as close as feasible. I'll probably use this particle hair for animation previews though. :P

The proportional issues might be less noticeable for some but will allow me to do certain poses and not have them look weird. Not much else to say there.

Some other updates may be Naomi's main outfit will transition to a marvelous designer version, and she'll finally have multiple states of undress for it. Like for instance Pulled up, and pulled down. Same with panties being able to be pulled to the side or on ankles.

That's all in this update for now, thanks for your support and thanks to the new people who joined last month! I'll probably have a public release soon.

Thanks for your support!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

This months Big'ol post!

Alright so last month I met my goal of doing the initial work for the Three Weeks dialogue scene, which should go public in a week or two. That demo serves as a baseline for all future dialogue.

As a reminder, to keep track of updates more as they happen, check out and follow the public trello board

Back on topic, as I said that demo scene demonstrates for me "Dialogue works the way i expect, I simply need to repeat this process for any future dialogue scenes and expand on it with additional animations. Also i did fix that audio issue, so there should be a build for that soon.


At this point I have "proof" of 3/5 main game functions.  Those are, Character customization, VN style Dialogue Driven Sex, VN style Dialogue with voice acting and lipsync. With this alone i could in theory make a normal VN, branching dialogue and all. But i'm still aiming to take things a bit further and hit two of The Couch's goals. 

The remaining 2 functions is "Daily Event system" and "Sex Sim Gameplay",  are the next major milestones. 

Daily Event System

The Daily Event system will mostly be commissioned, as it's likely going to be a more complex modular system similar to the character customization. EIREXE will be working on that in a compartmentalized way, development on this should start some time this month. 

I don't think I've explained this in detail but think of it as many VN's like Teaching Feeling, or Persona where the game goes by day and has a calendar and events play out by date, but general days have a 'generic' pattern.  This is what will form the foundation of the games structure and will transition the game from the "scene viewer" setup that exists now to a proper game format. 

Sex Sim

I was thinking this month i would start on some initial Sex Sim gameplay... Cause this way development on that moves forward, and I can start on giving you guys a new sex scene and new content to enjoy. I thought i might do a dialogue driven one but part of my issue there i want to wait on some matters with writing to get resolved. And doing everything else i've been slow in that area lol.

Anyway expect the sex sim stuff to function similarly to The Couch, but with a world space UI set up rather than the former menu, though that might be an option too. Thanks to Bolt i feel like i can deliver on this aspect working on it myself. But i still have EIREXE if that fails, but i'm not expecting issues, just me banging my head against a wall for a while. 

I'll do a poll on what position to use probably, my first idea was just repeat The Couch's position somewhat, but i dunno if people want that again even if it's completely different lol.

So more on this soon...

After these two core features have their "Proof" then i can move on to 'content focus'.

There's still some other technical issues like dealing with cum,  but i'm working on that where I can. Part of the issue is a need a proper decal system, and an emission system. I'll likely have some tests done this month.

What about Outfits?

Yeah last month i intended to start on my Tons of Sock campaign but then while working on dialogue system animations i noticed I royally fucked up on Naomi's model... Some how i fucked up her proportions a bit so her legs are too long and certain poses look wrong as a result. This is a huge problem i need to fix, and it also means i'll need to update every animation made so far eventually.

Sock template
But there's a little bit of good news, Blender 2.8 is now out of beta and into release, so i migrated Naomi's project into the new version. Not using it yet though but the migration is complete so i can start using it. The problem with moving to 2.8 is i need to update my rigging asset which breaks the hand animations and some others but adds a ton of benefits. So a lot of this i would have to do eventually anyway... On top of this I was already planning on updating Naomi's model to support more bones per vertex with Unity 2019. So when it comes down to it i'll just be doing all these updates at once among some others like updating Naomi's hair and such. In the end we should be getting a higher quality Naomi model than even currently :D. This also means I can start on some tutorials since part of of that is i wanted them to be up to date...
The above is Naomi in Blender 2.8 with Eevee renderer, expect prettier animation previews!
Once all this is done I can start pushing clothing again, cause at the moment i'm going to have to redo the skinning on everything done so far to fix this problem. I'm already continuing animations anyway, but the thing about that is a proportion change isn't huge, what will happen there is unity will just scale the bones, so the animation will work Naomi will just look like old proportions. I can delay fixing there longer than the clothing. Cause if i make the clothing fit Naomi's current proportions then have to fix it later it's gonna be fucking hell even with my new PC.  So i'm really sorry about delaying here but i'll try to at least do a little something.

I might not do this until next month and focus on the sex sim content only this month. Or if i do anything it will just be a few steps not actual implementation. You'll get updates regardless.

We're making huge strides!

Stuff is looking good!  I'm eager for this to look more like a game rather than a simple scene viewer. And once we get to that point I think i'll start doing version numbers and more of a core road map. Cause at that point everything is functional, where it should be, and simply needs content to fill it. And while there may be little expansions from those 5  core features like I do want to experiment, like for example a mild stat system I want to try, there won't be anything that if lost could cripple the game like before or hold up development.

That's is also when i'll start public builds, before my goal was just the dialogue driven sex sim, and voice acting, but bringing the sex sim should be more solid. And from that point it makes sense to do regular public builds.

Thanks for your support peeps! 

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Naomi Speaks! Streaming creation of "Three Weeks" dialogue today!

I'm streaming today, join at the link above! Currently working on dialogue implementation!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

A Quick Update

Sorry there's hasn't been a build release just yet this month, I've been primarily focusing on writing game documentation for Our Apartment and writing planing and stuff. But I've decided to wrap that up for now to get back to dev. 

So far the document is about 37 pages long, and I expect it to be finished at around or near 50 cause i haven't quite finished typing up some more intricate mechanics stuff, and certain details that are more story focused that still need to be planned out. 

I'll release some clear descriptions of coming gameplay, some mock ups, stuff like that probably before the end of the month. But before that you'll get some new animation content as I implement stuff like lipsync.

AND BEFORE THAT, I gotta set up a new PC. MiNT who is currently out of town at a new job, still recovering from that BS last year. Is giving me a PC he built last year! So that should drastically speed up asset production since stuff like Marvelous Designer, Blender Animations and Unity processing will be insanely faster compared to my current 8-9 year old pc. But setting up a PC and reinstalling/transferring everything then also fucking around a bit cause I've never owned a PC that powerful before.

So yeah, that's all for now. Thanks for your support!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

The big'ol post where sacb0y kind of has an idea of what he's making now

A reminder to follow the trello to see progress as it happens, and some ideas/concepts as they happen. Above image is from the

Alright so as you guys know I've been uncertain as to the direction Our Apartment is going. This is not because I originally had no plan it's more that i'm approaching this game out of order from what i intended to do. So now the game has to be something different than i initially planned.

What was the original plan? The Couch was supposed to be a foundation in Sex Sim game play and Conversational dialogue with a lite AI attached for both. Our Apartment was supposed to build on that concept for with a 3D an expand it from a single conversation to many, and from a single scene and position to a "room" and more scenes. And then from there I intended to expand the concept further to a larger space. Initially being a game with "days" and functions somewhat like teaching feeling. 

So jumping ahead of The Couch now, Our Apartment lacks foundations i intended to have for Dialogue, and character AI. Instead it seems like i'll be working in reverse, cause i refuse to leave The Couch incomplete, at least for a single story route. So I'll be making/testing some systems in Our Apartment and back porting it to The Couch to get that in a complete enough state where I don't feel bad moving on

But first above all I need to see what I can do with what I have. Which is going pretty well.

What is "Our Apartment"? Whats the plan sacb0y?

Alright so lets start with story. Our Apartment starts at the beginning of Naomi and the players relationship from when they meet, to a much later period ultimately spanning a Year or more. this has pretty much always been the plan. Now I don't exactly think the main story will follow every day, but there may be a "daily" aspect to the game. It may involve time skips of some sort it depends on whats feasible really

The Couch Takes place around that Year mark, and you can expect a return to that scenario eventually though it may get reconnected a bit tbh.  The games current structure is with a scene selector, and it may stay that way for a while with the story content being marked as dates somewhat or just titles. That's why the next animation is called "Three Weeks". Other sex animations may fall into the "daily" category and not have much of a story focus until there's more structure.

At the moment the plan for this story is being made in a document format similar to what some patrons got for The Couch except it's likely going to be a much larger document over time. I'll make this document available higher tiers at some point, probably not this month though.

Writing for this will begin soon.

Gameplay and structure

So like I said the original plan was a "daily" structure similar to Teaching Feeling. And I still want to do that...I'll just have to probably scrap certain plans for the dialogue system and interaction for now. Part of the goal was having Naomi walk around to interact with stuff. So Instead of some AI/Dynamic like functions, it might just be a bit more conditional type setup and lacking the walking around stuff. And I think that type of dialogue system will be tried after the core sex sim stuff is working.
So i think the features will come out in this order, starting from what i currently have to what i will have. 

  • Normal VN Dialogue (Complete but needs animations)
  • VN style Sex Scenes (Complete)
  • Sex Sim Gameplay
  • Daily Game Structure
  • Sex Sim Dialogue System

Right now i can do a somewhat standard VN type dialogue, and standard VN type sex scenes. Which is good but not enough for what my original plan was. 

Clearly based on the poll some people still want the sex sim gameplay, the odd part is it was often either or. Most people who voted for just VN type sex scenes didn't vote for Sex sim and vice versa, but the numbers for both are nearly equal. In  the end, it's reason enough for me to try to bring that gameplay back from The Couch, but it would have to be remade from scratch.

Obviously this requires programming, and basically i plan to do some of it myself and commission other parts mainly for optimizing. I don't want to be left with an entire system i don't understand. EIREXE is reliable so far, but life happens as we've seen. 

So I've learned to do a good deal with Bolt, and there's even tools to make AI state machines within that. Generally I intend to use EIREXE for specific scripts as needed mostly for modular stuff. Not exactly for entire systems requiring multiple scripts to work together. Same goes for MiNT (all these caps named programmers lol).

The daily game structure is the next big thing, and that's when the game will start functioning like a game rather than a scene viewer. You'll have a calendar view similar to Persona, and that will play a role in some ways to progression in the story. And along with the calendar will bring other UI changes as well. 

For all this i'll outline in some documents in the future. 

When things progress in earnest, we'll transition from build numbers to version numbers.

What about other characters?

Exact same concept and gameplay, different scenario. To give a bit of a hint, Alex's story is somewhat of a reverse concept, and Peislee I don't have an exact plan for but it takes place less in a central area and is more about different areas.

But rest assured Alex and Peislee will get their time, and Alex's model will begin soon. Keep in mind those are separate games though. I may decided to do it all in one game but i dunno if that would complicate things too much. Even if it's in the game project file. Some of this has to do with Patreons issues too.

What about customization? 

That fits right in with everything else, all i intended to do and you've voted on for Outfits will come :D.

And the male avatar will still have the freedom mentioned earlier. No changes here.

This is awesome, whats going on this month tho?

Ah yeah let me be quick about all that. Lipsync demos, Voice acting for "Three Weeks" will be released, and possibly the full scene. Also voice and SFX for the modified missionary animation. Gotta get the system for that working properly. There may be dialogue for it, unsure, there will be moans and such tho. Dildo animation will be converted to VN dialogue style.

New Outfit items! But relatively simple ones, i'll do an update on this later but it relates to Socks mainly gonna have some fun with that. Should also do at least one new Male avatar item cause I only need to port some stuff over. 

Plus some other changes depending on how things work out.


So I now have a pretty good idea of what i'm doing. This should turn out to be a much bigger project than The Couch but overall easier. And I hope you guys look forward to it once all the systems are in place and we can shift to a content focus. I'll announce plans for the next sex animation soon, I think i want it to be able to work along side the sex sim development (So you get a VN scene and i can test sex sim at the same time), so that may play a role... 

Thanks again for reading and thanks for your continued support!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Big update post on the latest [Experimental] OA "Build 6" Release! Major Progress!! Where things go from here.

I made a ton of progress over the last week or so, and EIREXE a programmer I hired  has expanded the customization system to support states of undress! I'm almost at a point where i feel like focusing on content is viable. 

So without further ado, here's whats in the latest build, Build 6. Reminder; because the goals of this project are a bit fuzzy for now, progress is tracked in build release numbers rather than versions

A reminder you can track these changes real-time by following the public Trello board!

"Build 6" Changes
  • Initial dialogue integration and button based sex progression - right now there's a working dialogue system with test dialogue. Currently it does the following Plays dialogue for Naomi and the player VN style, buttons can progress the sex animation and change scenes, during dialogue you can freely control the camera. In the future i'll add stuff like toggling the dialogue visibility, integrating voice acting and lip sync with dialogue (system is in place i just need to use/test it), adding animation variations or blended animations. But anyway all the foundations are there and working! Currently this applies to the updated Modified Missionary Scene! :D I need to improve the camera angles though.
  • Bed squish! You'll notice in the build Naomi no longer clips into the bed. Instead the bed deforms according to her! Some parts (Naomi's feet, and the entire player avatar) are still not enabled to support deforming but i'll add them later! 
  • Disrobe buttons, the placement and setup is temporary but right now there's 3 buttons at the top left to toggle Naomi's clothing! No matter what is worn they work! Soon they will have multiple states of undress but i need to make the models for those. The function is there though.
  • POV Camera! There is now a 360 camera toggle and POV camera toggle, POV is iffy but the option is there! Right now it works anywhere even if the avatar isn't in the scene so you can currently find out where he's hidden XD. 
  • Smoother camera integration, mostly. There's now these smooth camera transitions for some things, and things that shouldn't. For example Now the 360 view doesn't snap, and instead smoothly transitions. The issue is the position of the pivot of the camera needs to update with each scene, causes the 360 view to move to an odd position most of the time. Certain other camera transitions don't "Cut" yet but most do. 
  • No more physics jittering! Physics will jiggle a little in transitions but not the wild amounts they were before. 
  • Modified missionary animations more complete but still WIP. I expected to have some facial animations integrated but unfortunately things didn't work out that way due to issues with the lipsync system. More improvements there soon.
  • Dildo animations updated to work new Naomi model! Also fixed animation glitches i had with that too lol.
  • Updated UI! Stuff looks a lot less janky now! Certain UI scaling issues are also fixed!
  • New Poses added! They're from previous images seen, but I wanted to add at least a little bit of new stuff besides animation updates.
  • Other stuff I'm probably forgetting to mention.

Known Issues
  • 360 camera does not work in dildo animation currently! I need to integrate it with the new camera system or find some other method. Will take a good deal of time to update all that maybe. 
  • Some animations have visual issues, you'll find the butt move oddly in some animations lol.

So Sacb0y what does all this mean?

It means I pretty much have a game at this point, at the very least something that functions similar to my initial goal of a "Wolf girl and you" type game. Which I feel will offer a satisfactory experience until I can get back to making a proper Sex Sim game as initially planned.

Maybe what I'll do is focus on this type of project, and then add the sex sim aspect later for certain scenes. Cause thing is doing the sex sim stuff is actually much easier with a 3D model than the 2D set-up like The Couch. So it might be viable for me to do, but i don't want to go an extended amount of time with no story or sex content. Cause there's a lot of stuff I have to make in general. Maybe i'll do a vote to see how you guys feel about it. 

For some perspective, here's the list of potential content that can be made from here on.

  • New dialogue driven sex animations with no or minimal interactivity beyond dialogue choices (Which may affect the sex animation, for example choosing to cum inside or outside).
  • New Dialogue driven story animations (no or minimal lewd)
  • More Outfit Options for Naomi
  • More Customization Options for the Male Avatar
  • Spend time creating 'Sex Sim' gameplay similar to The Couch but without dialogue integration to the extent of it. So maybe minor dialogue triggers but not much in the way of contextual and dynamic stuff in a conversational format.
  • Expand on the environment design to make it feel more catered to the story (right now it's 90% placeholder). 

And this is all besides the other needed aspects like working out a cum system for both internal and external, integrating lip sync, integrating audio, integrating changing facial expressions (connected to lip sync but still needs triggers), and other improvements and stu

So with this all in mind I'll probably do a poll later today about this so I can understand where your priorities lie. This will help determine what i should focus on next besides what i have on deck on the Trello.

Any News on The Couch?

So mint is back from his training but he's not out of the woods yet, he likely needs to relocate for his job and get a first paycheck even that's not the training pay.

But the good news is thanks to integrating it into Our Apartment now I have a more complete understanding of how our Dialogue System asset works. And I've seen the ways the integration might work for my needs. Even if i have to do it to a lesser degree, it might be possible to pull off this dialogue system to work with The Couch. And maybe doing such a thing will benefit Our Apartments potential Sex Sim aspects, so the effort benefits everything. 

If i try to tackle that, i'll need to set a month for it, and i might leave that up to a vote somewhat. But regardless it's looking very promising.


Progress is coming along smoothly at this point, and we're shifting to a content focus but there's still issues to resolve and things to add before i can consider the current content "Complete" having the full range of dialogue, audio, visuals, and quality.

Thanks for your support in this project change! I couldn't have gotten to this point without you guys!


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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Sacb0y is streaming Our Apartment Dev today!
A bit later than i wanted but i'm streaming Our Apartment dev today!

I should be working on implementing the full set of animations for the Modified Missionary scene, button based progression, and testing states of undress. 

See you there!
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Big'ol Start of the Month post! Announcing Public Trello Board! Tutorials!

Alright I know I've been writing a lot of stuff but I'm enjoying the momentum and i'm more talkative when i'm in a good mood. 

It's still a problem for me that the objective of Our Apartment is not fully clear. And if it's not fully clear for me i'm sure it's worse for you guys. So in an effort to better organize the project now that some main goals have been hit (Scene selection, customization, shaders), I've made a public Trello board for you guys to track what i intend to do and what i'm currently working on. This is also so that these Big'ol posts aren't the only way to figure out whats going on.

This board for now is specifically for Our Apartment, as some things for The Couch is still up in the air. This will stay that way until a certain milestone is made in implementing the Dialogue System asset. But if that takes too long and i reach the point where I've Implemented the Dialogue System into Our Apartment I may have enough knowledge to just start doing things myself using Bolt. I just want to avoid a scenario where there's an extended silence cause i'm just figuring stuff out for a month. But when i get to that point a separate Trello will be made specifically for that game.

Anyway back to the Trello, i'm using this as a main task tracker for myself as well. Before i would use Microsoft To-Do but that's not a good public option. It's worth noting this is more set-up for your viewing than organizing tasks, but it works for me as is. I'm also going to use this to organize requests from certain support teirs and in general, more on that later.

A few points. 
  • You'll note color tags on these which are to indicate priority or if I actually intend to do it rather than simply "considering" it. 
  • Just cause something is high priority doesn't mean it's going to happen sooner, generally I'll still tackle things in a viable order. 
  • "On Deck" is just things i intend to work on soon.
  • I'm very likely still forgetting to add some things lol.

Linear Development and Releases

I want to reemphasize that from now on all development is Linear. I'm not going to jump around builds for different tiers, all builds are made and released in order, the difference between tiers is the frequency and quality of the build ([Experimental], [Rough], [Release]). Public builds will still be a bit rare, but my goal for those releases is polished major new content.
For example the next public release should be the full completion of the "Modified Missionary" animation, and possibly the "3 weeks" animation which I'll explain more of later. But full completion also means voice, dialogue, and an cum systems implemented. And for public releases that's just how my standards work.

But how this plays out is like i said linearly, but note i promise a month for supporters before the public release. So whats likely going to happen is the content will be "complete" and i'll keep making fixes and improvements while working on new content. But by the time that public release is made it will be whatever the current build is because that's going to be higher quality. So what i may do is focus on outfits or other content during that time that can't be implemented into the build yet.

This is to improve efficiency of my work, making builds is extremely time consuming, I spend all day on little fixes and junk, especially if i'm building for multiple platforms. I'd rather just do it as I go, i'm sure it's better for income to do it the way I usually see but that's too much.
This also plays into other things i'm doing. I'll be updating the page description soon to reflect this stuff. 

Blender 2.8, Unity 2019, Tutorials and Alexandria

Recently blender 2.8 had a UI freeze, meaning they'll be starting on documentation soon. And that means for me making tutorials is more viable. Also a lot of the assets i need to use are making their way over too, some of it is still in beta but for now that's fine.

Main point is I've decided Alex is going to be my first complete project in blender 2.8, and as I do that project I'll be making some tutorials mostly based on the poll i did previously on Patreon. This means the tutorials will be based off the most up to date model, and most up to date software versions. And on top of this they focus on the highest voted tutorials,  related to modeling and character design. These tutorials will be videos.

I also don't know exactly where i'm hosting the tutorials, so that's up in the air too. I can guarantee uploads to SubscribeStar, and otherwise i'll be promoting/releasing these tutorials some other way.

I'll also be doing Unity tutorials as well but i also want those based on the latest version, cause i want these tutorials to be relevant for the longest period of time. These tutorials will coincide with updates to the project. So Unity 2019 tutorials will relate to updates, content,  and fixes i'll need to make for compatibility with these versions, especially when/if i change to SRP. FYI though my current mentality is the project will use LWRP rather than HDRP due to android and Web GL build needs. I should still be able to create solid visuals all the same.

These tutorials will be made from streams and i'll voice them, i'll basically try and run tutorials during the stream and compile/edit them later. A bit messy i know but it should allow for that "Linear" development i mentioned while still getting the info out. I want to do these things but i want to avoid going too far out of the way to do them. I'll of course announce a specific stream for when this happens. But if you want these tutorials sooner, at least ones that including Alex might only be on subscribe star first until i release them publicly. If you have ideas on the best way to release adult art tutorials please let me know.

I'll be looking for feedback soon!

I have my own ideas for what i want to do, as it's mostly for starting to integrate some story scenarios again.

If there's something you're hoping for or looking to see feel free to let me know in the comment! I have some rules for what content I want to release currently but feel free to let me know anyway! Your request will appear on the trello linked formerly.

I'll be doing polls specifically for this soon, but i figured i'd just ask in case there's something i miss.

I'm mostly looking for the following:
  • Customization options for the male avatar, options for Hats or Dicks
  • What kind of animations or sex positions you'd like to see, or even a scenario with Naomi
  • What type of outfits for Naomi you'd like to see
You guys seem happy with what i'm doing usually, but some feedback helps. I do plan on adding some more in-depth options to higher supporter tiers but that's more down the line.

Once again thanks for your support!

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Hey Sacb0y, why Hats?
Made by Outlander! Thanks dude!

Above gif made by Outlander! Thanks dude! He's on our discord!

I wanted to type something up explaining my mentality for Male Avatar customization going forward so you know what you expect there. 

Alright so what can i expect for the male avatar customization?

So as you might have noticed overall I've kept things around Naomi fairly grounded, and that's very intentional, for at least any main gameplay this kind of grounded set up I think suits what i want to do with The Couch and Our Apartment (but not some other more difficult projects I want to do in the future). 

But the male avatar is not included in that, not because the male avatar doesn't matter but more that customization is better suited for the self insert aspect. But here i'd rather things be more symbolic than literal. Usually character customization is based on making a character look like a person or something that fits in the world.

Here the avatar is mostly a solid color, the character you play as does have an arc and character, but that's more about personality than back story and direct information about him. He's more a role to play. 

So because of that i think more varied forms of customization is more important. But i'm not concerned with making an avatar in a form similar to Naomi. It's not worth the effort IMO, I think it's better that your avatar is more what you feel like than how you actually look.

Ok, what are we getting? Spill it.

So  what you can expect is a range of normal to fairly absurd stuff. So to start overtime you'll have a variety of options for your manly bits (this is a pubic post you know what i mean), and a likely wider variety of options for hats. Over time i may add accessories which can be almost anything. 

Hats can be in the form of some kind of animal head (solid color likely), various career related hats, or just different ears or something. For the man bits, while they will have to be roughly the same size as the default, and may have proper shading and texture. Those may be in the form of a beast, a tentacle, normal but with a shape difference, etc. Accessories can take the form of anything from a tail, to armor, back to a simple arm brace or something.

Whatever you feel represents you I aim to add, of course i'm sure there's a ton of shit people might want so i'll ask for patience. But i aim to keep these as uncomplicated as possible in terms of implementation.

So the result of this might look a little weird but for me that's a fine outcome, go nuts, and i will be seeking feedback on what to add very soon. And once things progress more i may provide a means for more direct input beyond the higher tiers of support. But otherwise I may allow people to submit models they do in-fact own the rights to, along with some collaboration stuff.


Male avatar will have more freedom for odd stuff in the customization cause he's more symbolic, i'll add things over time.

I'll have more updates on my mentality of other things going forward soon. Mostly on some new progress on the programming front cause i can actually handle more of that now rather than waiting on proper programmers for everything XD. But i'll explain that later once i get some more things done. I'm hitting a bit of momentum and i just need to keep getting things done.
I still have some lingering issues to deal with though, I know i keep saying that but i'm doing my best to get it all resolved asap.

Thanks for your support!
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Preview video of V3 Rough Build Animation Preview

I figured posting a preview of the content would be a good idea, the main point of those builds is there's issues that may give freaky results so i'm not comfortable releasing them to  all subscribers, but a little preview is fine. 

Enjoy, layer builds will fix some of the issues you see here like making the bed deform and such.

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Sacb0y has clawed his way out of hell so he can stream Naomi work!

Hey peeps, sorry for holding off on updates. But i'm streaming right this moment Naomi stuff then I'll post proper set of update posts then. 

For now, I'll show one thing i forgot to post here sooner.
Naomi customizer!

This stream I'll be making a build so you guys can play with the outfit changing, i'll also be implementing some of the animations that have been made so far so you guys can see those for yourself too!

I know I haven't streamed for a while. I'll try to be better about this, but there's still some lose threads before i feel like i'm properly free. 

Please enjoy the stream and thanks for your support!


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Previews of "Pump1" and "Pump2" animations, other updates

The above animation is Pump2 (sorry i recorded in the wrong render mode) the below is Pump1. Other animation previews will come soon including an in-build preview! i'm just waiting on some programming to get done for a "scene selection" screen instead of that previous main menu, along with the menu for changing outfit and stuff.

As before these animations are incomplete and will be cleaned up more later but for now i'm moving on to the next animations so I can move on to making pretty stuff.


At the moment I've gotten soem voice acting for a Naomi lip sync demo i'm going to make, so look forward to that aswell! I'm not only doing lewd animations but some very nice character interaction animations too!

Besides that thanks to some contact with an asset developer i'll thankfully be able to improve the performance in future builds to possibly be able to keep real-time shadows in the web and android builds of Our Apartment. I'll be testing that once i get around to proper releases.

More updates soon!

Thanks for your support!


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Naomi Animation Previews! Prodding and Entry! Other news and small The Couch update!

Preview1 Hello everyone sorry i've been rather silent, thanks to everyone who's been patient with me despite that, I'm doing my best to focus on work but also I've been doing a lot of personal stuff. Exercizing daily, managing meals and stuff. Thats kind of made my general work slower but I feel a lot better lately!

All that said this weekend I need to go out of town and won't be able to work. Which will kind of suck and give me a bit of chaos, but my surface pro is cracked and I promised I would. Nothing i can do really.

Anyway, I wanted to go all out with these animations, keep in mind they're still in progress, i'm just moving forward to get them into a usable state before i start fixing details and clipping. These are rather time consuming animations cause they're rather complex poses and transitions, I considered skipping these but I really want the final animation to be something special. A deviation from my original goal of just doing simple occasional loops.

But yeah keep in mind i've done no clean up on these or proper facial animation, this is mostly just getting the timing and main movements correct.


As a reminder here's the set of animations to expect...

Intro > pre-entry Idle > Prodding loop > Entry > Entered Idle > Pump 1 > Pump Transition > Pump 2 > Cum Inside > Cum Inside Idle > Pull Out > Pull out Idle > to rest > rest idle there's still much more work to get done, but i'll have more previews as soon as possible!

Other Naomi 3D news

I have a little side related thing i'm waiting on with Naomi's animations, so i've been working on that too. It will be a little SFW animation featuring some voice acting. I need to get some experience with lip sync so i'll be using it as a test. I made the image above (which is cut from a larger sheet) to make sure naomis facial poses are up to par.

I've also made some updates to her shadaers again, i'm deffinitely trying to stop these kinds of updates to focus on animations but sometimes i can't help it when i have a desire lol.

But now naomis hair has proper reflections and a proper custom shader besides the specular added before. This mostly affects reflections outside of direct light sources, this was a difficult challenge but i'm happy i resolved it. The above is pure reflection, no light source.

Small news on The Couch

Once again I'm sorry progress on The Couch has halted, but MiNT is settled into training for his new job, And he's started doing some work on The Couch again, this time using more bought assets rather than the custom system originally intended.

I'll give a proper update on this once progress is made. For now i just wanted to say something is being done.

Once again thank you for your patience and support!


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Animation Planning: What I'm currently working on

I started working on a build but ultimately i felt there was no point, it would take me a day or two when i could be focusing on the animations instead. All you would get is a few pose previews you've already seen which while nice likely aren't worth the trade off of the time investment. That said i have paid a programmer to hopefully make this process in the future easier cause right now it's just not if i use the code as is.

So back to the topic of this post!

I'm currently working on the next set of animations which is significantly more complex cause i'm doing an animation involving two full characters, not just one character and a dick that mostly animates it self cause of the rig setup.

The animation should include an introductory scene, a modified missionary sex animation, and a post sex scene. All of which will be voice acted and overall the animation should total a few minutes at least. But i would like to optionally allow for the animation to play longer. If you've played any CG animated games they often have "next" buttons for the animation, that should be the case here.

I want to explain the composition of this animation set focusing on the main scene for now.

So basically i'm going to be segmenting these animations so i can loop some and chain others. Ideally i'd like for animations to blend between each other rather than do cuts. This is mostly cause all animations will play in real-time with the full camera controls.

The animation chain works like this:

Intro > pre-entry Idle > Prodding loop > Entry > Entered Idle > Pump 1 > Pump Transition > Pump 2 > Cum Inside > Cum Inside Idle > Pull Out > Pull out Idle > to rest > rest idle

As you can see this totals to 14 animations sections just for this scene! And that's not all, cause i'm not factoring the animations for the pre-sex and post sex scene.

In short there's two animations planned, an animation of Naomi showing off whatever outfit you've picked (the negligee for now), and the post sex being a cuddling animation. The former being ab it difficult, the latter having most of the work done since for now it's a simple idle unless i add some dialogue.

So far most of the animations have their initial poses complete, which i promise is more time consuming than it sounds lol. You can check out a recording of my stream of making the pose for the images in the earlier post. They can take a good while to get right.

Besides that I'll be testing a lip sync asset I bought over the holidays, and possibly some of the dialogue system tools I also bought for a text box so i can gain some familiarity. For the lip sync asset i'll be needing some additional small animations for dynamic mouth expressions, so i'm hoping that works out too. I hope this gives some perspective of what i'm working on currently. As for The Couch i'm still wrapping my head around the dialogue system i mentioned earlier. As i'm doing the implementation myself, it will be quite an undertaking to implement this dialogue system with the current plan. I need to figure out how this would work and if it will work like i need it to.

I think by the time this animation releases I should have the familiarity i need as i'm using this system in all my projects right now.

At this point i'm 100% happy with the visuals I've pulled off in Our Apartment, and i just need to focus on content right now so you guys can see all the work come together. The response to the images posted so far as been very positive and that makes me very happy. But besides that The Couch is still getting a lot of positive attention to so i really really don't want to let that sit for much longer. I know there's not much i could do but i wanted the big release out months ago -_-.


Look forward to more updates soon and animation previews of some of the poses you see above!

Thanks for your support!


P.S, Here's a preview of some earlier redesigning of Peislee. More information about her in the future.

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Exclusive to Subscribe Star is Alex!

She'll be getting a 3D model of her own soon, along with 2D art as well!

Due to issues with Patreon this character is exclusive to here. Though any lewd art with this character will not be posted publicly since i do link to here from Patreon currently. I'll solve that soon enough but for now that's the case.

This is character 2 of the 3 characters you'll see the most here.

Thanks for your support! ~sacb0y

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Celebrating i can finally post my NSFW stuff publicly :D

Here's some initial posing tests for Naomi!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft


I'm currently still learning about posting here so posts will start very soon first with some new updates, then reposting old content that was on the patreon so people here have access to it.

Look forward to more soon!


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