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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
We make beautiful real-time adult games with characters you'll grow to love. Art by: sacb0y
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Recent posts

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

[WIP] Our Apartment Chapter 0I would appreciate feedback on this intro, I know some context and d...

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

Our Apartment Intro is 11K Words! And Other news!

Hey peeps, sorry for the momentary silence again. As I said earlier I'd be focusing on story stuff for the first bit of the year. One of the writers I've hired Dakota wrote this intro and then I spent a week or two making it fit my goals more closely. What started as 8k words ended at 11k! 
This is just the lead up to when Naomi first lives with you!
There's still some issues to consider as I've shown it to some people and gotten some feedback. So somethings may change a bit but overall the feel is good. It might be hard for some to determine some things until I actually implement all this.
I also put in this work so that I can hire more people to help and ensure my goals are met for the story even if I can't pay as much attention to the writing as I'd like. 
I will make this available in PDF form to $5 and up supporters shortly. 

From build numbers to version numbers

Should things go well, next build release will no longer be a build number but a version number! This is a very important milestone! 
So instead of B23 it will be v0.01 or something! I haven't decided the exact format but I have some milestone planning to do so I have a better Idea of what prompts certain version number changes for the future. Soon I can give more concrete dev plans as far as story chapters and other content. 
As for what this means to you, as I've state before "preview" has always meant the game is not in the format of the real game. With moving to version numbers that means the goal is to deliver the final gameplay loop. 
There is a possibility of issues, maybe it's not enjoyable to use or some other issue. Some stuff like how outfit unlocking works may be delayed for some time simply granting acess to all items. But we'll be on the road to getting there!

When's the next release?

I don't think there will be a build this month and for that I'm very sorry! I may do an update removing saving for the male avatar to fix an annoying glitch some people experience but thats all for now. 
At the moment my focus is delivering a functional build with the core of the daily system, meaning I'm caught up in dev technicalities. And it also means features I made before are due for some refactoring as the whole game is changing it's format. A few things to note:
  • The new environments called for additional lightmaps to be loaded when initial support was only for one
  • Still heavy asset management and optimization needed for the new environments and apartment scene. 
  • Kaitou has been working on a refactor of sex sim which should be good for Our Apartment and certain side projects I'm planning based on it. 
  • I kind of really want to try and finish Alex this month, follow on "" or subscribestar for news on that! (Not linking to it for safety reasons)
  • I'm considering using a different lipsync asset due to a lack of updates and functionality issues with the current asset.
  • Initial builds may not include the intro but should include "daily dialogue" and some new Naomi animations.
I should be posting a lot of updates about daily system dev stuff soon, there should be a build in February though! Thank you for your patience!
I will also soon discuss what to expect as far as store content and future public release behavior. I have a TON of work to do next month!

Thanks for your support!

All this work is coming to a head, I hope to meet your expectations!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post
STARTING SOON FOR GAME DEVS! Stream on HDR and Lighting in Unity!

I'm doing a stream today on HDR and lighting/light baking in unity.

I'll be editing it into videos later but if you want to join and ask questions please do! 

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

[Public] Our Apartment Preview b22: Basic Saving, Ask Naomi, Sex Sim Conclusion, More Dynamic Dialogue, and More!


Windows (64-bit) (Please download from here first if possible!)
Linux (Untested: May Not Work Properly) (Please download from here first if possible!)
OSX (Untested: May Not Work Properly) (Please download from here first if possible!)
Android (Please download from here first if possible!)
Newgrounds (Please vote!)

The Post

FINALLY, I'm doing the public release properly, all platforms, WebGL and all. As of writing it's just windows but I'll be making builds (and probably still fixing stuff) all day today. So keep track of this post for your platform! I may stream today, I'm not sure, I'm exhausted and I'll explain in a bit. But if you see this post, click here to see if I'm streaming
Originally I wanted to have this released the day Our Apartment page came out on steam but sadly I couldn't get the URL in time. So I figured I'd spend the down time adding some content. That was a bit of a mistake in terms of time. Cause the past week I've had a hell of a time getting this release out. Just problem after spontaneous problem. At first it was a rendering glitch that I lost a day to, and then issues with the saving system breaking a bunch of things. Otherwise it would have just been my usual nitpicks and fixes (Found a big one while typing this post ffs).
But I think things are more or less fine now, and I'm ready to start doing the actual builds like 4 days later than I planned lol.
Also you might notice the build number jumped from 20 to 22, 21 was a preliminary release fixing some issues and I think I forgot to actually post that anywhere but on the discord supporter channel (If you don't have access to the supporter channel please let me know).  Sorry about that. This build is so different from that one I decided to up the number again. 21 might have been the public release if I didn't get so ambitious.

Whats new?

There's actually quite a lot new for this build! Mostly dialogue focused! Keep in mind this includes none of the environment updates I've been working on, this is a branch of the last build release instead. The environment stuff still needs a lot of work to be functional even though it looks good currently. 
  • Current outfit now saves! This can be a bit iffy, but should work more or less fine? But basically the current outfit items selected SHOULD load when the game is closed and reopened. 
  • New "Ask Naomi" scene! Taking questions some of you have asked and combining some, experience some character dialogue to get a better sense of who Naomi is. This is also a demo of how some dialogue scenes will play out when a simpler setup is needed. For now Naomi just goes through poses, but in the future she'll be more animated.  
  • New conditional dialogue for Sex Sim! Thanks to some writing help from Valaska a lot of conditional dialogue has been added! Which also means Naomi goes through more expressions during sex sim. This also means I needed to fix how the game tracks values and passes it to the dialogue system. So dialogue, sounds, and voices now change based on "H level" and "Intensity" of sex. Please understand this dialogue is based on cowgirl, so not all of it makes sense in context for now. 
  • New "Conclusion" button for sex sim. A new button added to the bottom left ends sex sim with dialogue rather than simply returning to menu. Dialogue for this changes based on things done in sex sim, and there's 7 concluding dialogue separately for both Cow Girl and From Behind. For now it's a basic scene, but in the future I'd like it to be more in-context with the scene.
  • Some new music added by PureGem!
  • Improved audio mixing and SFX triggers. The game may be much louder than before, but also much more balanced. Master volume works again btw.
  • Wide variety of bug fixes and adjustments, including issues that may have prevented loading and crashes in previous builds. SSAO no longer comes at a major performance cost at 4K.

What Issues?

I've had such a freakish week of discovering issues there could still be something critical I haven't seen yet. If you see something thats especially a big deal please let me know. There is a few notes...
  • Loading screen/ Splash screen probably won't work like before. Or it might show on first load but not after... but breaking this fixed the rest of the game so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I know the "Show me your Boobs" question does not work for Naomi's shirt dress and probably some other outfits. :P But you asked and I'd have to add function to guarantee boobs. 
  • There is a possibility opening and closing the game too quickly will cause the outfit to be saved as nude somehow.

What next?

Like I said I'll be working on the rest of the builds, then I'll be back on environment stuff again (probably after a break). I don't have anything else to talk about until thats done or close to it.
The only thing I really have to do  is the "driving in car" scene, but thats it. The "Out in Town" scene is option and I can do that further down the line or just over time. Cause besides story stuff I wanna add more outfit content asap.
I also really want to finish Alex to prepare for the side project... 
That may come after February but we'll see. 
Oh an one final thing is URP 10 now has proper support for SSAO, so that update may come as well depending on when Unity 2020.3 LTS launches. That would allow for a major visual improvement cause right now SSAO is muted else you would see polys on Naomi and I would prefer the effect be a lot smoother. 

Thanks for your support and please share! 

I know I've been very low key for a while, but now I'm trying to push for more awareness now! So if you enjoy Our Apartment please share it around!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

Our Apartment is coming to Steam! Ask Naomi! Public build release in a day or two!

Finally the thing I've been waiting for all this time happened! OUR APARTMENT NOW HAS A STEAM PAGE! 
The current goal for an Early Acess release is end of February, the reason it's not coming sooner is because the build that will release on steam will start with the proper final game structure and the first few "chapters" of the story. And new chapters and such will come over the next year. 

Ofcourse this currently changes nothing for releases here on supporter sites like Patreon, SubscribeStar, and While I do expect issues with patreon in due time, I'm just waiting for that to happen (I'm really sorry I've been slow on Alex promise it's been worth the wait tho). Build releases will continue on these sites as usual, steam version will just have slight differences maybe due to how steam works.
Besides all those details, Our Apartment is being published by Critical Bliss which has done a fantastic job on other adult game releases on steam. They'll also be helping in some ways in the future.
To commemorate this event, I'm streaming on picarto tonight if you have any questions! 

Ask Naomi! and More!

As you might have seen the last post, the purpose for that is some additional content for this coming release (which I'll talk about in a bit). With the coming story focus and to prep myself for some work I need to do. I decided it would be good to help people get familiar with who Naomi is.
So I figured an "Ask Naomi" preview scene would be good. And rather than simply putting down a bunch of questions and having her respond, the responses are kept somewhat "in context" meaning they play out in a conversation manner than a simple question and answer.

I hope this will give people a better sense of the type of dialogue and character interaction I want to do, while also making Naomi's personality, some details about her, and how you interact with her more clear.
This scene will play out in a simple VN format, one that will be used in the final game, but currently lacks animations beyond poses. I'll improve this with time.
Besides that I'll also be expanding dynamic conditional dialogue for sex sim, giving Naomi more expressions during sex, and some dialogue to read. 
This still won't be fully fleshed out, but hopefully how it works makes sense. In the future, I'd like for it to track more things but right now it focuses on "H Level", "Sex Intensity (Based on speed and arousal levels)", how you've ejaculated and how many times, and if you're "Moving" while entered or not. 
I would love feedback on this aspect.
Secondly, there's also a "Post Sex" dialogue option now, a new button will appear at the bottom left triggering a VN style scene where Naomi comments on the former events. 
Right now this is quite plain, but in the future I would like for these to have Naomi "In context" posed based on the result and scene rather than standing. Not a hard thing at all, just not enough time to do it right now before this release.

Public release is within two days! 

Because of the aforementioned content updates, I ask you to wait just a BIT longer for the public release. Should be a day or two after I check some stuff. I've made a ton of fixes and improvements, and also fixed an issue that made the game not run on some PCs and Android Phones.
Some clarification on what this next build release will be. 
  • This build does not include any of the environment updates I've posted about the past couple months, that content is still under development even the apartment scene. To make this build I'm using an older version of the project. 
  • The goal of this build besides the dialogue stuff added is stability and function, there won't be much else new cause my focus has been on the environments.
And I've talked about this a couple times before but one important detail to point out is besides some immediate bug fixes if needed, this will be the last/only public release of the "Preview" version of Our Apartment, after that a "Demo" release will come focused on the final gameplay loop and structure, and from there no further builds will be made public of Our Apartment and will be supporter/bought only from then on. If you're supporter and you want to ensure continued access I suggest redeeming on itch (SubscribeStar supporters can DM me).
But Our Apartment will not be my only project from there, a free and public and related spinoff project will come shortly after that uses aspects of Our Apartment as a foundation.
I'll give news on that when it happens. I just want everyone to be clear on how things will go.

Thanks for your support! And join the stream!

Like I said it's thanks to your support the game as come this far! And I aim to keep delivering! 
More updates soon!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

Another environment update! The Cafe!

Hey peeps, once again sorry for the silence, but I'm working at getting the environments I need on time. The second biggest environment is (basically) complete!
Unlike the apartment scene the majority of assets here are bought, I've been buying assets for some time preparing for this but I also needed to buy more as I discovered needs. I've probably spent a few hundred total on these. But the thing is even buying assets it's not as simple as just placing stuff in and forgetting it. 
Besides the adjustments to the assets made to get to this point. Then entire scene is going to need a MASSIVE optimization phase. Cause some stuff just has insane polycounts, bad lightmapping and other stuff. 
Overall the scene as is, is probably fine for PC, but it's mostly unacceptable for mobile in it's current state. So once things are functional on PC with the new story content that will be my next big challenge, not just function on android but optimization too. Same applies to other environments. A possible compromise, is on android environments like this will just be images in most cases. Hard to say really but I'll have some plan when the time comes...
As for the significance of this scene, it's mostly for the intro, this is where you first meet Naomi! I can't really say much more than that, but just know most of the intro takes place here.

Whats left?

As I said before I won't really be doing anything else besides the public release until these environments are at least basically done, and FYI good news on the public release coming shortly (sorry for the wait). 
There's three more critical "Scenes" I need to make/complete the "Out in Town" location, Walking through town, and "riding in the car" scene. 
Riding in the car is the most urgent need, this scene I think I've previewed a bit, but if not here's a test image. 
The background in this is a simple image, but the final will be a real background. The reason is so it can scroll to simulate the car moving. I don't expect this to take too much time but I need to figure out the function of an infinitely scrolling screen. The "walking through town" is similar but a scene walking through town with Naomi.
Out in Town is especially large since it's less centralized to one spot, even though technically it's a single side of a street. Now that I think about it, this might be something I can skip for now since the majority of the intro and start of the game won't need this area. In short, eventually there will be a function to take Naomi to places in a certain area of town, I haven't fully fleshed out where you can go exactly but I have some basic ideas. But that doesn't happen until early mid-story-ish.
It depends, I kind of want to knock out everything at once, but I also need to manage my time and get to having the first set of "chapters" and a "Demo" by February. So it depends but maybe I'll just do the car scene for now then chill on environment stuff for a few months...

Until next time...

I'll have an update on the public release shortly, some small updates and fixes will be made related to that.
I'll do that update as soon as I'm able. 
For now thanks for your support! This progress wouldn't be possible without you!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

An Update on Environments, With Still Much More to Do...

So like I said last month, this month I'm working on environments to prepare for a focus on story content. This is just a general update on how thats been going!
I'm putting a significant time and money investment into this work, cause I'm trying to get it done ASAP so the new story content can begin. It's thanks to you guys support that this is all possible at this speed. 

The Outside of the Apartment

So my initial focus is on the Apartment scene, it's needed an outside environment for some time. This will mostly be used for backdrop and certain scenes, and while it looks good so far, it's still quite incomplete with some distant background details and some stuff needed in front of the doors (welcome mats, other junk).
The idea is a relatively average two story apartment setup. The players apartment is in the back corner which means there's a little more privacy than other areas since less people tend to go past there.
The main objects in the scene are custom by me, with minor assets like the bushes, electrical boxes, and the cars are bought assets.
The players car is a vehicle similar to a mustang, why? Cause I love mustangs, and I'll be damned if I won't take the opportunity to render a mustang in a game. Usually I have restraint for this kind of thing but I let that go just this once. :P
This model is also bought, taking time to model a car like this would likely take up a whole month. I've done it before but not this time. 

Updates to the Inside of the Apartment

Inside the apartment is getting some updates too with the goal of reducing material and texture use, and improving the overall rendering. 
Now the inside of the Apartment the walls, floors and certain other aspects are all combined into fewer textures, 3 sets for the upstairs, downstairs, and windows & doors. This reduces the number of textures loaded, and means I can add more details.
On top of this, I've commissioned some new assets from 3D artist Oddmore  (who you should totally follow if you like story driven content and futa). It costs quite a bit more to commission assets than to simply buy them from a store but there's some needs that simply can't be met otherwise. So far I've had them redo the couch model, and the bed. Soon they'll be reworking the computer area as well and some other aspects.
Other assets in the room will be replaced with time, and other assets added. The goal is giving the rooms more life.
The bed also will have various states depending on scene. Variants of messiness and such.
Besides what Oddmore has done other updates include some new assets for the kitchen with reworked cabinets and appliances. And many more updates to come, the appliances may change depending on what I want to budget for, I'm not 100% happy with them due to some scale issues but I'm not sure if it bothers me enough to commission assets instead...
I'm still far from done with updates! Other things I plan is more props, replacing the carpets, and a variety of other improvements. 
I do have some performance concerns but optimizations can be made in time as well. For starters I have re-enabled Occlusion culling, as the number of assets processed at a time likely does need to be managed. But we'll see how things go in practice. 

In car scene

I'll have a proper less awkward screenshot at some point. But in short there will be scenes with Naomi in the car. I'm setting up a special scene that allows for a scrolling background to indicate driving. 
I've always thought "girl in passenger seat of your car" is a enjoyable thing, so I want to recreate that.

The Café

I haven't started working on this yet but I will shortly, the café is a critical location for the introduction of the game. I won't say much but know it's why I have to focus on environments for a bit lol.
Once this scene is complete story content will follow.

Other Updates

In other news there is a hotfix I need to release for something thats causing a crash on some PC's and probably mobile devices. I'll need to roll back to a previous date on the repo,  cause all this new stuff isn't ready to be in a build yet.
There's also a shader issue on Mac...
I'll try to get a rolled back update out soon, sorry for the wait it's difficult for me to jump around in focus. 

Other News

That important thing I'm waiting on I'm still waiting on. Sorry for the wait but as soon as I get word I'll begin shouting from the roof tops and releasing the public build. 
I just can't talk about it until it's 100% certain! 😩
Thanks for your support peeps, progress is smooth thanks to your support!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft
Public post

Our Apartment Halloween Build 20! State of Undress, New Preset Outfits, Sex Sim Fixes and Improvements, The Return of "Likes", and More!

Hey peeps sorry for the silence this month, part of it was waiting for a certain thing and when that certain thing happens you all will know about it. 
But regardless work was done and as I said this was mostly a polish month. Overall you'll find this build much more functional than other builds since the refactor. There's still issues related to the one new feature, and some oddities I discovered after later testing. Nothing major tho, overall I'm pretty happy with this...

Whats new?

  • States of undress for most clothing items! The majority of clothing items have a secondary clothing state different for each item! I've been waiting to add this for a long time and it was a lot of work on the asset side!
    Each one is different!

  • A range of new items and variants! Thigh Squish socks now available!
  • Clothing will undress during entry! Now you no longer need to undress the character so things look right!
  • New preset outfits! More options coming soon, but now you can get right into the action with some existing outfit sets. I hope to have the option to save outfits soon, the function is partially there...
  • Sex sim has gotten multiple fixes to prevent the oddities that popped up after the refactor. There's one or two issues still. Button toggles during grind animation, "come together" showing when only Naomi's bar is high. These will be fixed shortly. 
  • "Likes" have return! The hidden factors the flip Naomi's switch are back! But this has causes some balance issues so the bars may raise WAY too fast right now, and too slow in other cases. The function is fine, the value increments are the problem. 
  • Pose mode has gotten improvements! The panels now slide in an out, and you can adjust Naomis "wetness", Heart Eyes, and other stuff. 
  • New Scene Menu Functions! You now have a flash light and have the ability to disable the background to make it a solid color! Disabling the background is also added to the outfit customization!
  • Other things I forgot!

About The Public Release

I'm very sorry but some things changed and I'm waiting for something to happen before I release the official public release. I'm being ab it selfish in this, but I need to make sure this public release has the best impact! In due time I plan make Our Apartment a full time project, until now I've largely avoided  making too much money from this project. And I intend to keep that until I fulfil some obligations. But still I need to plan ahead. I still need to be able to live and pay people.
But holding off on the public release is it's more about making sure a certain thing with the game gets promoted properly for the most long term benefit! :3
I'm really sorry about the delay! Thank you for your patience!

About The Couch

Just a reminder I do have people working on this, but it is dependent on Our Apartment at the moment. 

About Patreon Rewards

I've been behind on these cause I've been focusing on dev, I promise to catch up soon! It's all tracked. If I owe you feel free to message me though!

New Bundle Sale! 

I partnered with 16 other devs and artist to offer a big bundle! If you haven't bought Our Apartment or some of these other games in the bundle take a look! There's 30+ fantastic games $100+ value for half off! 

Whats coming? Story!

At this point the major features I needed are in place and functional. But all this time for a variety of reasons I haven't focused on story. That changes after this month.
There is some story work being done, and one way or another the initial chapters writing will be complete. And this change in focus means a few things. 
  • I'll be focusing on the games environment, there will be a revamp of the apartment space (same structure new assets), new locations, and fantasy locations. 
  • There will be a focus on dialogue animations for Naomi
  • 2D art for some side characters
  • More art posting than build posting for a bit
  • A possible period where I'm just writing.
  • A focus on the final gameplay loop and related features (Saving, loading, daily system, etc)
  • Most new updates for builds will be made by people I commission. It's difficult for me to shift from art to programming and back so thats why. This is a big art focus really. 
  • Builds will soon no longer be numbered with "b"  in increments they will become actual version numbers to better show the state of the game leading to v1.0. 
This will culminate in a second final public release (After this next one when the "thing" is ready) for the game that will be called a "demo" and a return to focusing on content (New story, outfits, and sex sim). That final public "demo" will include a chunk of the story and the daily system loop, but the full game will have a cycle of, Story > Daily System > Story > Daily System that will allow expanding the story over time until we hit established goals.
Do keep in mind though free public releases won't end entirely, I have other projects that will be running once Our Apartment hits it's content stride. There's gonna be a lot. 

Uhhhh what else...

Not sure, I think I reached that point in the post where I'm too tired of writing to think lol.
So thats all for now! Thanks for your support!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Our Apartment Build 20! All platforms! Sorry for deleting the last post, there was a critical iss...

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Note: left image is not final model, squish will be rounded out and more visible after more adjusting


This might sound like a weird poll but it's an issue I've encountered where a compromise must be made. 
In short I've been considering a nicer thigh high solution for some time. Where instead of the thigh high sitting above Naomi's skin it would squish against it. This requires the sock be merged with Naomis model, 
You can see an example in the above image where the Left would be the new, and the Right would be the current.
...but this brings some issues. 
It's a bit hard to go into details why but the short of it is, specifically in sex sim with the "disrobe" menu "removing" the socks/Legs slot item makes Naomis entire body vanish. This has to do with the method of how clothing removal is handled. So in short I would need to remove the "remove socks" button.
And while there may be a solution for this, in the interest of moving forward and into other features like the main game loop, and the already existing issue of "state of undress". Solving this problem is "out of scope". 
So I'm left with a compromise. 
  • Change the way thigh highs work so that they're merged with Naomis model, but remove the ability to remove socks/leg slot items entirely for sex sim.
  • Leave things as they are.
Another benefit of the former is it entirely resolves clipping issues. No longer struggling with the legs or toes clipping through the socks. This also works for transparent socks too with a slightly different model, there's still a clipping risk but slightly more manageable.
I also have a somewhat similar question with the werewolf outfit where I move that item to the "body" slot and remove parts of her arms and leg mesh so Naomi's fingers no longer clip through her paws. If I do the changes for thigh highs this would likely be done too.
But also understand the vote on this poll won't be the final say. There's several other possible issues too, like "skin" items. For example the golden flakes effect likely wouldn't work with this new concept. The golden flakes would sit above the socks I think. So there's a possibility you might not be able to have golden flakes and socks on. And this has broader implications. 
One final option is "why not both?", which may solve the "skin" item issue but you still can't remove socks cause while it might work for the current socks it won't work for the thigh squish socks... Unless it's considered a "body" item instead of a "legs" item...Then it won't be removeable but you'd get weird stuff like two layers of socks...?

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Our Apartment Build 19! Windows DownloadBuild

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Our Apartment Build 19! From Behind Sex Sim Scene! Pose Mode and Facial Expressions! Cum Decals are back!

Holy moly two builds in one month! New content too! 
This build adds the "From Behind" Sex Sim scene, and a new Pose Mode!
There's also some improvements to various things, like for example UI fixes, and fixes to the SSAO effect.

From Behind

You've seen the animations and now they're in-game! Do understand the balancing for sex sim is still broken but everything does work! I even brought back cum decals which had to be shelved for a bit due to the broad asset changes.
Cameras have been configured but some of the effects seen before are not there yet.
Oh you'll also notice the Balls have improved physics, there might be some issues in some places but the effect is generally nicer.
Under certain circumstances animations may desync, this has to do with the "speed" differing sometimes. If this occurs you can fix it for now by turning off "move" adjusting the "Speed slider" then  enabling "move" again.

Pose Mode

So until now there have been "pose" scenes, I've decided to change this and expand it a bit and will expand it a bit further in the future. 
All "pose" scenes besides "birthday" are now consolidated into a single "pose mode". In this mode you can change poses at will, and see preset camera angles related to the pose. Same as sex sim you can toggle the free camera and undress as normal.
You can also change Naomi's expression and look direction!
This is so you can get a better look at your outfits and such, send me screenshots of your favorite combinations!
Apparently there may be an issue where the cake in the birthday scene does not go away. So FYI about that issue for now. 
Whats next?
From here on I'm focusing on polish for the public release, so here's what you can expect.
  • Outfit saving in some form.
  • "State of undress" for most items. 
  • Asset improvements to further reduce clipping between items and Naomi's body
  • Item descriptions and more thumbnails
  • VA implementation for MM
  • Reimplementing gestures for "3 Weeks"
  • Improvements to UI function and design
  • Improvements to settings
  • Other fixes
I'll ofcourse also be working on builds for other platforms as well. 
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If you wanted Naomi to notice something about you, even vaguely, what would it be?I'm curious wha...

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Happy Birthday Naomi! Build 18: Camera Fixes, Time of Day Improvements, Customization improvements

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Quick heads up the former release post includes all supported platforms now!

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[Experimental] Our Apartment B17: URP Build! UI Revamp! New Variants! Time of Day Switch! More!

Hey peeps, sorry this is so late, I just had more issues on the asset side to fix than I expected. So I started later on implementing things than I wanted. This build is considered experimental cause there may be critical issues I'm not aware of. And several critical issues were found already. As promised though some test builds have been released public on the discord, Android and WebGL currently more soon. 
Some quick news Hypnolab is released on steam to some unfortunate technical issues with a VR device we don't own causing most of the negative reviews DX. I'll be spending some time at the start of this month doing fixes, which isn't what I planned, this really sucks in general but I need to help make it right. So expect some quiet after this post. But if you have a HTC Vive or some older VR devices, and like hypnotism and trippy/fantasy scenes, maybe give it a shot and leave a review.
Back to Our Apartment...
It is critical that I get feedback on these builds, there's already issues but more info is better! Now lets go over whats done and whats missing...
Whats done, whats new!
Alright I'mma try and list all this off as best I can without missing things. 
  • Now rendering with URP! This was a massive change but it's all functional, and comes with a ton of improvements to shaders too! Performance seems better across the board! Android build on low is at least stable 30fps, max appears to be 50 but i need to uncap somehow. There's a few visual downgrades since i can't use my old shadow asset, but I expect things to improve over time!
  • New agnostic "profiles", the systems that govern Naomi's arousal, Likes, and certain stats are no long hard coded, and now pull from a "profile" of sorts. This is to prepare for similar projects with different characters (Sorry I've been slow on this). 
  • Converted majority of sex sim code from bolt to written code!  This also means the majority of functions are isolated making testing and adding new scenes easier! Also means if I need some help I can hire someone. There may be some performance improvements because of this! That said though there is some glitches, I need to more thoroughly test this and iron out issues. 
  • Completely revamped outfit system, and outfit UI! The new UI is in, using a system that lets me add descriptions and set other information per item! There's no icons right now, I'll work on that this month, at the moment it's just too huge a task (I need like maybe 150 thumbnails or something). Same with descriptions, those might be left out for a bit, but if you have descript ideas for items let me know!  There's some new features added too, and more slots, states of undress is functionally missing at the moment but will be added next along with outfit saving. 
  • Preliminary X-Ray toggle! I've been wanting to do this for a long time but I needed some better options. Thankfully the move to URP made this a lot easier. You can now see how deep you're going into Naomi! Next step is adding a symbolic womb with "filled" indication and maybe impregnation indication >:3. 
  • Preliminary day and night toggle! A quick add but I wanted to test possible issues with time of day lightmap switching. You can currently do this at any time! Right now it's just "evening" and "night" but expect "Morning" and "Afternoon" options and maybe others too (Like a lights off late night version?)
  • New Outfit Variants! I've added a bunch of new variants to existing outfit items. I think you'll enjoy them! I forget how many I added, maybe 20 or so. One of them features Belgerum.
  • Improvements to male avatar customization and new options! Color selection is now much larger in tabs to make getting the right color easier. There's now Color presets for human and non-human appearances. Hands and head have adjustable transparencies. 
  • New male "bits" options! Wolf bits with various levels of fur, animal heads from Hunt and Snare (Also on Steam), ALL MALE BITS ARE COLORIZABLE!
  • Reformatted main menu planning to transition into "Day screen" functionally not a big deal, just setting up for the future. Appearance may change.
  • "Low Quality Shader" and "Sun" toggle to help improve performance on lower end platforms. 
Whats missing?
  • Quite a few things from sex sim, jizz decal effects are not re-added for now.  Head petting is disabled (GASP!)cause for some reason Naomi looks horrifying. Some jizz buttons work incorrectly.
  • I removed a lot of options from the settings menu due to how massively different things are handled now. They will be re-added over time. 
  • I have not added the new "From Behind" animations yet, that should be in the next build in maybe a week or two. 
Whats broken?
  • Warning to people who play the current build, if you acess the missionary scene. It will break the 360 camera until you reload the game.
  • Light map changes doesn't change indirect lighting so the rendering isn't quite right.
  • Occasional odd behavior from sex sim buttons. 
  • Android: Will crash if quality set to medium or higher, if you do this and it crashes, uninstall or clear the app data. You may need to do this to get the build to run at all the first time.
  • WebGL and other platforms: some materials broke and didn't add proper spec map,  making some materials look like a mirror.
There's probably more things but they'll be fixed very soon.
Whats next?
I've basically met all my goals, I just need polish and more variant outfit items and the "From Behind" sex sim scene. Everything from here (Besides the full public release) is a beeline to "Demo" meaning a focus on story content and related functions. The Day System and general event triggering is needed to be completed. Along with more saving functions for outfits, and story progression.
It's been a long road, and with the release of Hypnolab once thats stable, I may shift to focusing more fulltime on Our Apartment rather than splitting my time outside of projects I have a generally lower commitment to. I really want to move forward to faster development from now on and I just need to find a path to make that feasible without overworking a more than I already do. 
And thanks to everyone supporting on SubscribeStar, Patreon, and it seems viable that I might be to give this the focus it needs.
Thats all for now, more updates soon.
Thanks for your support!
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Our Apartment Music Preview 1 - Out in Town (Night)

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[Experimental] Our Apartment B17: URP Build! UI Revamp! New Variants! Time of Day Switch! More! ...

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Public post

Click here to join stream!

Streaming Variant Designs today!
I know it's sudden but today i just wanted to chill and mess around in Substance Painter. I may even take ideas from viewers!
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Public post

Huge'ol Update Post! Development Progress & Build Status, Whats Coming This Month, and Broader Public & WebGL Release!

Alright this is gonna be a LONG one... I hope people actually read these but regardless it's there.

The short of it

So before I get into the long of it, let me get some main stuff out the way. First off I'm writing this post after being satisfied with what I was able to do with the refactoring on my own.  That said the refactoring is not complete, I'll get into that more later in this post.  But while the game is mostly functional, certain things haven't been reimplemented, or have odd critical bugs to be worked out. These issues are beyond my own programming ability, so this month I'm hiring Kaitou to fix these issues and add/re-add features I didn't have time for. 

I went HAM on this for the past two weeks and I need a break, so after this post I will make some updates but they probably won't be "development" related until after at least the 15th and that also includes builds I think.  I am going to try and schedule some updates related to music and other stuff in the mean time. But I think after typing all this today I'm just gonna be done for bit.

I know people are really eager for a new build, but I promise this whole thing was absolutely nessecary and hopefully the rest of this post will make that clear. 

That said, I'll start  test builds soon, the first will probably be $5 and up tiers only, then all supporters after that. Reason being I expect the build to have too many issues given how much was redone. Given my goals, and my deadline, I anticipate a lot of builds this month and even if you're not a supporter you should join on discord if you want to test builds closer to the very end of this month.

And before I get into further specifics here's my promise for the month. By the end of this month one way or another, there will be a full public release and WebGL release. This absolutely needs to happen for reasons I won't get into, cause I don't like talking about things unless they're already done or an inevitability, but you can probably guess what I mean.  Anyway this public release may or may not include the new sex sim content or new outfit variants. It depends.

Oh and I know some people are waiting on certain rewards, or they need to get back to me on what they want. I'm sorry I'll be on those soon and I'll talk with you about those. Right now I'm on multiple serious deadlines and actually stuff like the voice lines I tend to commission in bulk.
Oh and some side news, one of my client projects Hypnolab VR is hitting steam! So please check that out as a ton of work was put into it, and cypress has been awesome and very patient. And honestly a lot of development on Our Apartment wouldn't be possible without his project. 

Also small reminder about my new personal website!

And now that the basics are out of the way lets get into it...

The long of it

Alright so as I said the last two weeks have been a HELL of a lot of work.  The true work didn't begin until after my last post about completing the move to URP.

Actually a short bit about that, I still had some issues to fix but over all I'm happy with the results. The few things that need to be fixed is issues with some transparent clothing items that don't support dithering yet. But that may just be a simple move to the Uber Shader. I also added some stuff like if you move the camera too close, and you you end up culling Naomi's body, you'll get a flat shade on the culled area now. 

After that I also mentioned I updated some assets, I still need to update the skinning on those assets to match Naomi's updated skinning. I also fucked up her arm bone weights cause I changed how many twist bones she has. Dumb mistake, I shoulda known. I'll probably just roll back that change and deal with it. So yeah a good deal is needed with reexporting. 

And thankfully the 100+ prefabs and 100+ asset item's for the UI to read will update automatically thanks to Unity's new prefab variant setup. Speaking of that, GOD THAT WAS A LOT OF WORK.  But it's done and I shouldn't need to do it again besides the few asset items that need to be made for the player Avatar.

But understand that besides redoing all the prefabs I had to make and organize a "item" file for every, single, item in the game. It was a lot of work and I didn't even get to making icons and descriptions yet.

So after all that...Outfit UI

I started working on the new Outfit UI, I already had a mock up for it I just needed to program it. Instead of using bolt I decided to write it myself since I already had a concept of how and that would allow a commissioned programmer to more effectively extend it if needed. That all went successfully,  the game now loads a list of game objects that work with the new costume system and equip and mask accordingly.  You can see it working in a test scene in the image above. which also includes me franticly trying to avoid anything too NSFW lol...

Unfortunately the first critical issue came up where for some reason the costume asset loses it's references to what is pre-equipped causing a null-reference error. I don't think this is related to the UI stuff but it should be resolved without much issue I think as refreshing the asset list in play fixes the issue it's just a weird thing with startup.

Next as I said earlier each item needs a description, a thumbnail, and some need banners for collabs. That will be quite the under taking on it's own but I think I have a concept for a process that should simplify things. 
While I'm on outfit UI the Avatar UI got an update too, this I started and finished just yesterday rather than doing it immediately after the outfit UI. It will have a similar tabbed selection for various slots at the top, then color selection at the bottom with a similar tabbed UI so the palette can be larger making selection easier for smaller screens.

As mentioned before color selection is now a global property meaning all possible future dick options will now have custom color selection. And while working on the next part I'll explain, there's support for color presets too.  I dunno if I'll have the ability to save presets anytime soon, but that would be nice.

This UI is not properly implemented yet, only stuff that works is based off Naomi's outfit stuff, but that will be a job for Kaitou.

Also once the overall UI is finalized I will be commissioning a proper UI design, I've been holding off all this time due to how much could change. 

Agnostic Character Properties and The Future

So I said last month that the "Refactoring" taking place required replacing some aspects of bolt code with written code. But as I started this process I gained some confidence and decided to replace as much as possible with written code. I did this for several reasons...

  • Written code can be faster than bolt, so I want to use bolt more as a  design tool than a foundation.
  • I wanted a custom inspector view I can use to more effectively test sex sim
  • Using written code allows for me to commission work more effectively as references and relations can be more clear, and they don't need to learn or know a separate tool.
  • Bolt is not fully compatible with some things I want to use like DoTween, and also post processing adjustments required dealing with code as well. So it's not ideal for some aspects
  • Bolt 2 is coming and  actually converts nodes to actual written code, so this makes integration and use more natural. In the long term this should be highly beneficial, and its better if as little as possible needs to be remade for when Bolt 2 comes to a full release.
  • Overall my confidence with written code has increased a lot as I understand VS tools and have a a bolt graph to reference. Bolt nodes look pretty similar to written code in a lot of ways so converting wasn't too hard since i already knew how I wanted to do something 

My main limits in programming is methods relating to math is less experimental and visual, and I'm mostly programming by ear.  I have a good sense of these things but not enough knowledge to know the best method for every particular thing. And stuff like "coroutines" which are a simple toggle in bolt have a lot more layers to them in written code and the way my head works is I need to know what the result needs to look like then I can guess the rest. I just lack good examples or enough examples for things I'm trying to do.

But despite all that I got a ton done. 
First I worked on the inspector, thanks to an asset called Odin inspector this is easy, but I'm using it minimally due to time and knowledge limits. The above is only part of the inspector. The key here is now all aspects of Sex Sim and the game will be character agnostic. Meaning it doesn't need to be Naomi, I can take any character and provided I have the animations and certain other bits they'd work just as Naomi would.

This is a long term thing that ultimately won't be used in Our Apartment specifically. But for that you should keep an eye on or support here at Subscribe Star. Progress on this is extremely slow I know, but with so many critical things to do myself I can at least make tangential progress on Alex content. Really sorry about this! 

Anyway this also solidifies some concepts thats existed previously.  Naomi has long had an H level, in-fact originally it was even in The Couch but the code never existed to use it. In current build releases upon fulfilling certain conditions Naomi's "H Level" will rise to a max of level 3.  As a result arousal rates will increase, she blushes easier, and gets sweatier easier, and at level 3 gets heart eyes. Other aspects like dialogue and facial expressions can be affected too.

Now this has been solidified into a "likes" system agnostic for any character. If something a character "likes" occurs H Level will increase, I even included the option for those "likes" to be weighted, but it's not in use yet. In fact while the functions to increase H level exist, the conditions to trigger if a "Like" as occurred is not setup yet. But thats based on values that are already setup, it's a relatively simple thing I think.

You'll also note other "stats" that affect a variety of things set by a "Base Stats" profile.  I won't take time to explain what each stat means but they affect sex sim obviously.  I also made sure the image above didn't include Naomis configuration. ;) 

The player also has their own stats.
Here you'll find aforementioned color presets, player stats set by profile similar to Naomi and global material settings. You'll also see "current" values which was excluded from Naomi's image, current values are just the dynamic changes for a particular scene. These values will change as currently they are extremely unbalanced.

Ofcourse the player is agnostic too.


After getting this setup, I went through the task of replacing bolt code. As I went one thing just lead to another where in the end the only thing part of the Sex Sim not bolt is Audio and "Petting" functions.

This was largely done to simplify references, to me it didn't make sense to try to awkwardly dump some aspects into bolt especially when a lot seemed perfectly feasible to be done in code. 

The scary part is a had to do a lot of this, somewhat blind cause up until now the sex sim gameplay has not had a test scene. And stuff was so fragmented making a test scene was difficult. So I actually had to write all this stuff, and assume the way it read would work based off what the bolt nodes were supposed to do. 

And thankfully I was mostly successful once the test scene was actually made. 
There's some issues, but arousal/blush/sweat ticks work, most of the buttons work  to activate animations. Most issues relate to the lack of coroutines and some of the "timers" I use to check for "likes". But the foundation is quite functional.

After confirming things are where they should be even if they don't work ideally this is the point where I pass off the work to Kaitou. Part of the reason I did this myself is because originally I built it, and I would be the best to make the conversion. On top of that describing my goals is complicated. It's much easier to make something badly so someone can see what I'm trying to do or see it as it's working currently and rework it to be proper.  So thats basically the plan. 

My expectation is over the next two weeks while I'm taking a break from Our Apartment he'll be fixing things up and making sure stuff works the way I intended. Then after finishing my other work I'll get things wrapped up for the public release. Then in the future I'll transition some more things from bolt and make more things agnostic. 

Here's some other things I did as well:
  • The "soft object" script which makes the bed deform was moved from bolt so it can use global shader properties and hopefully more quickly apply the world space position values. This is also a hopefully more agnostic method. 
  • I started using a new settings asset and the dev has been very helpful, next build should have various resolution settings and other things built in just fine. Do expect a more limited array of settings though that will expand over time as I learn how URP works in this regard. This is less because of refactoring and more that the old settings simply don't work anymore cause everything is completely different. 
  • Probably other things I'm forgetting in the fog of my work habits...

Whew that was a lot, what can I expect this month again?

Like I said one way or another there's going to be a public release. And if things go as planned there will be a lot of test builds made probably not until after the 15th. I will release some here, but most will be on the discord.

Some supporters will get updates on Music made, I'll try and make some samples for everyone else.

There's other stuff and polls I've been meaning to make for a while but I either end up lost in work or burnt out so I don't get to them! DX

Uh, there's probably something else I meant to say here but I've been writing this post for like 3 hours and the brain dump is emptying. Thats why these things always end abruptly...



I think thats it for now? Maybe I'll make another post later if I remember...

Whelp thanks for your support peeps! Seriously, I'm able go through all this thanks to you peeps. Which might read weird but I know what I said.

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Public post

Mid-Month Refactoring Progress Update: New Website, SRP Conversion Complete, Asset Updates and Settings

Just figured I'd make a post to explain whats been done so far this month and whats left. To get a more real-time view of what I'm doing follow the discord #dev-feed or check the trello!
I had to focus on a client project for a release earlier this month, but now thats all wrapped up rest of this month I'm pretty much just working on the refactoring.

Follow me on!

My website is back online as a mastodon instance!

Because of rampant internet censorship, I decided I would rework my site as a simple to update mastodon instance. So you can now get updates without the BS!

Some public updates will be posted there exclusively, usually stuff already posted here! I'll also work on expanding it more as well to maybe include other content like a dev feed or something.
If you don't have a mastodon account, consider making one on  which is run by my host Kupaa Networks. As I've said before Kupaa is very freedom oriented so supporting them helps us all!


Because of the new asset changes and other goals i decided to focus on the URP conversion first. I've already done this once as a test so it was easy enough. And in the mean time I also made multiple improvements.

I really want to be able to hit low end platforms and while SRP is a major step to help with that I also wanted to make some shader updates as well.

So first, I took what was originally 3+ separate shaders and made them all into a single "Uber Shader" which given how SRP handles materials now this should be very effective.

On top of this the Uber Shader now supports a "low quality" mode which excludes a lot of the more advanced shader features for more simple ones. Gradient maps, standard blinn specular, and basic ambient light (optionally) instead of reflection or light probe based. The current concept is certain quality levels or a setting will automatically change specified shaders to this setting. 
You can see the difference between the highest setting and lowest setting in the images above as a concept. At the moment the current plan is the lowest setting also makes the lighting only affect the main character. I also plan to see if I can disable reflections on all relevant objects as well.

I recently bought an asset to help with settings management so hopefully that goes well!
On a final note player customization options are now global properties, so that should allow me to more easily make character colors universal between a wide range of clothing items without the game needing to figure out what item is equipped. Maybe I'll have a solution for preset colors for some options (like a base color setup for certain dick types). Haven't gotten to implementation yet.

Asset updates and prefabs

Next big thing I'm currently working on is updating assets and making new prefabs. I've been doing some things the "wrong" way for a while so i decided to fix that and no i need to basically remake all my prefabs for the updated outfit system. Yay...

This has been boring and tedious but I'm on track to get it done soon. In short i used to group multiple clothing items into a single prefab but now i can't do that anymore. 

As a side note i decided to make Naomi's base body model more "final" and updated her skinning some to help with deforms around the legs (hopefully allowing more extreme poses in the future without odd deforms). As a result though more clothing may clip through Naomi, this will be fixed in due time and I'm making sure that when i make these fixes they propagate easily. 

Another thing is stuff like Naomi's hair, wolf ears and tail were formerly perpetually a part of her base rig, with the new mesh assembling tool this shouldn't be needed and the ears can be only on the specific item adding the bones to the base rig at run time. I'm hoping this won't require reexporting every single animation I've made so far. God help me if thats the case. But in the long term this should allow more versatile and freely moving clothing items. Like for instance physics on the name tag on the collar item, varied tail options etc. 

Whats next?

Once these assets and prefabs are worked out I'll start implementing the new outfit system to make use of all this. 

I don't know how much work that will be but i hope it all gets done before the end of the month. If it goes well I can do an experimental build this month. 

Besides that I need to get settings working, originally i was working on this before doing the asset stuff but I hit a bit of a wall. Thankfully the dev of the asset has been very helpful and once I finish the assets and prefabs I'll return to this cause it's very critical. 

The UI updates also affect the player avatar customization as well since that needs a revamp. 
Then, once ALL of that is done, I need to remove some bolt functions incompatible with webgl. And probably replace some bolt nodes with normal code. So hopefully that goes well.

Only after all of this is wrapped up will I work in implementing the new sex sim scene and additional outfit variants. 

Lastly, I've commissioned some stuff so expect some updates on Music and maybe something else soon. 

Thats all for now peeps, thanks for your support! More updates soon...
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Happy 4th of July peeps!
Thankfully I haven't started transitioning to the new outfit system yet else this would have been much more complicated!
Here's a couple new poses and a stars and stripes variant socks and top. I actually added this to some other clothing items like the Jacket and leotard. But I don't have time to show those off DX
But yeah look forward to these and the poses next release. 
Thats all for now peeps.
Thanks for your support!
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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

[Experimental/Broken] Our Apartment Build 16. 3 Windows, Linux, OSX.

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

Our Apartment New Sex Sim Animation Previews, other news!

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Lewd Games from Momoirosoft

[Experimental] I forgot to post this! Updated Android Build 16!

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