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MoltenGoldArt profile
My name's Namiin Stone, also known as MoltenGoldArt! I love writing and illustrating romantic, erotic content of fathers and daughters hopelessly in love and entangled in sordid affairs fraught with blistering desire. ♥ I also love dangerous demons, surreal specters, arousing aliens, and much more! ♥ All characters depicted are 18+
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Twitter | Furaffinity | Picarto.TV | Pillowfort | Website |

My name's Namiin Stone, also known as MoltenGoldArt! I'm a kinky, queer artist who lives with my spouse, SpottyJaguar; I'm a freelancer who has been doing furry commissions for the last several years. It’s been a joy to work with my clients and to be able to draw their dreams into reality. ♥

As much as commission work has helped me grow myself, my art, and sustained my business, I'm finding myself wanting to allocate more time and energy into dreaming my own personal projects into reality. That’s where you wonderful folk come in!


Horror erotica has been a staple of mine for many years – but never for the sake of shock value. Monsters lusting for maidens, star beasts warping the minds of their chosen obsessions, Old Gods slowly enslaving naive, all-too-eager subjects. I enjoy the things that will drag me into the dark, holding me in their thrall.

To that end; I am fondest of subtle, psychological, surreal, romantic horror erotica. ♥

on the whole has been with me since I was small; and forbidden desires were never far behind. I love unconventional, burning, delirious romance that threatens to bite, just as much as it promises to soothe.

To that end, one of my long-standing loves is a pair of characters in a fantastical alternate-earth style setting my spouse and I have collaborated on for several years: Idris and Ila. A father and his daughter; hopelessly in love and entangled in a sordid, secret affair that could threaten their very lives if exposed...

There’s much more to this setting, and many more characters and stories I want to share, in due time. ♥ 

To cap all of this, though: I’m just a racy monster porn peddler! So, you’d better bet that I just love drawing demonic dick for the hell of it, too. ♥


Do you like erotic fiction? Voting on illustrations? Seeing WIPs, PSDs, and ideas come to fruition? You get it all! I love writing and worldbuilding, illustrating and illuminating, creating and captivating… If you can’t tell, I also have an absolute affinity for alliteration. ;)

An added bonus, to boot: You get access to my entire Radiant Rose Archive of artwork and fiction since 2015! Four years of content in an ever-growing library; WIPs, process videos, PSDs, stories, high res files, and a lot more!

If you’ve made it down this far, I hope I’ve been entertaining, and thank you for considering becoming a subscriber! I couldn’t do all that I do without you wonderful folk supporting me, so even just taking a look is good enough for me!

For those of you about to click the button – I’ll see you inside, and I hope you enjoy my Erotic in Nature, Monstrous in Design fantastical fiction! ♥


Hungry for more? I have a Discord Server, exclusive to people who subscribe or donate to me! Become a subscriber to gain access to the link above - I post everything to my Discord, and you get the added bonus of interacting with me and seeing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn't get posted, here or anywhere else!


Why aren't I using Patreon, and why do I have this Subscribe Star page?

I've used Patreon for years, but as Patreon cracks down on NSFW and outwardly kink-oriented content creators, I'm finding the platform is becoming a lot less stable - and a lot more restrictive. I have to obscure the full context of what I'm posting, and I feel like that's a complete disservice to not only the people that would support me, but the folks that would like to steer clear of my content.

I can be my most authentic, least worried self on this platform without the need to hide what my content is, and that means more stuff for you guys. ♥ If using Subscribe Star is not currently an option for you, but you'd like to support me, my content, and gain access to my discord server, I do have a Paypal Subscription Option!

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Radiant Rose

• High-res Files – All the details!

• Early Access – Get to see art for Subscribe Star one week before the public!

• Exclusive Stories – Stories I've written with smaller accompanying Illustrations and a cover.

•Discord Access– There's a link to the discord in my pinned post here; once you subscribe to me, access is yours!

• Voting Access – Vote between two to three scenes from a story I've written, and watch me illustrate the winner!

• Works in Progress – I save a lot of WIPs for my art; Radiant Roses get to see all of them!

• PSDs – All of my layers are intact and you’ll get to root around the nitty-gritty of my process.

• Doodles and Scrapped Art – Radiant Roses get to see the stuff that doesn’t work, or was only ever meant to be a doodle!

• Worldbuilding – Radiant Roses get to see characters come to life through conceptual doodles that don’t make it into the public eye.

• The Archive – Everything I've done since 2015 up til now in a convenient dropbox archive, available through my discord server! WIPs, PSDs, stories, high res files, doodles, videos, comic pages, finished illustrations, and a ton I'm probably forgetting! ♥

18 subscribers
per month
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Bronze Petal

You get everything from the $1.00 tier - but if you'd like to give more, you can! ♥ You also get a vanity role in my discord, and a special thank you space on my front page!

8 subscribers
per month
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Silver Stem

You get everything from the $1.00 tier - but if you'd like to give more, you can! ♥ You also get a vanity role in my discord, and a special thank you space on my front page!

12 subscribers
per month
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Golden Rose

You get everything from the $1.00 tier - but if you'd like to give more, you can! ♥ You also get a vanity role in my discord, and a special thank you space on my front page!

7 subscribers


  • Access to my discord server! Come chat, hang out, share your own work, access the archive, and see what I do in real time!
  • Exclusive fiction; stories that I've written that will never see the public eye, even if the art accompanying it has been released to the public.
  • Go to my recent posts to read more about me as an artist, as a person, and what I love and want to create ♥

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YES! I can financially support myself through Subscribe Star, thanks to you guys ;3; ♥


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