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Hello! I go by Jashin online! I like pettankos and pettankos accessories. Pleased to meet you!
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Just a small tip!

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Get access to my private Discord Server, where I post most of my art, as well as WIPs that Twitter or other places do not see! Don't have a discord? No problem! I can also send you content via email!

Vote for sketches you'd like to see finished, and participate in polls + suggest which OCs you'd like to see, as well as what theme!

See finished images before any one else!

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You will receive a zip file of all .CLIP files for the month! You get to see sketches that I do not post, as well as things I haven't posted publicly, not even in the discord! This will contain exclusive content!

You get access to everything else in the other tiers, this is mostly to just help and provide a little more if you want it!

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My name is Jashin and I'm making an account here because Patreon is so keen on restricting content, even fictional. Their censorship of artists is not something I feel like supporting, and so I'm slowly going to be moving onto this platform.

What would you expect to see here? I'm primarily a pettanko artist! Flat is justice, etcetc. I specialize in petite women! This is most likely going to be just a tip jar starting off! While I do do commissions, this is primarily to fund personal projects involving my own characters. The more tips, the more pettans you get to see!

My goals with this are to eventually provide art for you all full time! I am currently working in a mall, and I have a lot of bills to pay, so unfortunately I can't quit to work on art full time! However, each tier helps me work towards being more of an artist! Join me on my journey where I can hope to improve and try lots of new things! There are a lot of things I want to learn, and this will help me do that!

Eventually I want to dip into doing NSFW comics, as well as work on Visual Novels! Right now, my goal is to put out at least a finished pin up every 2 weeks! I want to move up to doing more than once every week!

Keep in mind, ALL CHARACTERS DRAWN ARE OVER THE AGE OF 18 REGARDLESS OF BODY TYPE OR APPEARANCE, UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE. CONTENT OTHERWISE TO THIS RULE WILL BE TAGGED AND WARNED FOR. Other topics might include: incest, abuse, age gaps, guro. All content will be tagged and warned for.

But honestly, this will mostly have cute girls being cute. 


You will get access to a private discord server where I will also post most of my content! Vote on sketches you'd like to see finished, see WIPs and get a .zip file of .CLIP files, which can contain sketches that haven't been posted! Get HI-RES images and see images before they're posted publicly. 

If you're a pettanko lover, join the club!

"You'll be seeing a lot of me!"


I do still have a patreon, listed here. As said above, Patreon continues its slow crack down on NSFW content creators.  People that provide kink specific content out of the norm are especially being targeted, and their accounts suspended. Even for posting content off of Patreon itself. I will be very honest, even I'm getting nervous about posting on Patreon, despite the art I am currently putting out being vanilla. The current tameness of my content is out of fear of being reported by antis to patreon, and losing my income.

I plan on slowly moving myself over here and letting my Patreon die, or, at most, keeping it up for tips. I do not feel comfortable in supporting a company that is so keen on silencing kink artists for drawing fictional content, and I hope people that subscribe to me can agree.

Let's all be unapologetic degenerates together!


Here is where else you can find me!

Twitter | Patreon | Picarto | Furaffinity

Thanks for reading!

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It's a start, and helps pay some bills!
to reach
the goal
A great chunk of change that will help provide more content for you guys, without feeling stressed about making ends meet! Content will be more frequent, as well as streams where you can watch me work!
to reach
the goal
I can basically afford to quit my IRL job ( though I'd prefer not to, I love that job ), and provide more art! At this point, I will be looking into working on short NSFW comics, as well as being more receptive to changes in tiers and rewards! Please keep in mind that I am a pettanko artist, and I want to stay as such, so I might be less inclined towards things that have me drawing less pettankos.


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