#Hello, I am Ghost Fish.

I am currently making 《 Strange Town 》, which is a doomsday survival, simulation game, the early stage of the game you need to collect materials and daily necessities to keep yourself alive, during which you will also face the threat of mutants and other human beings, when you have certain influence and materials, you can build your own sanctuary and recruit all kinds of NPC to form a powerful force.

Compared with other camps in the game, the maps and NPC in the game are randomly generated, making the game full of all kinds of uncertainty.

I promise that the game is absolutely free. When I finish developing the latest version of the game, I will give priority to releasing the latest Beta version on Discord and a free Public version on subscribestar in a month. There is no difference in content between the two versions. If you like my work, you can subscribe to support me and access the latest version of the game earlier.

I'm not good at socializing or managing the community. I'm more inclined to focus on game production. If you have any suggestions or any questions about the game, I may not be able to answer you in time.