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Dirty Little Secret
Welcome to my new "too hot for Patreon" SubscribeStar page! Your support means a lot to me, and it's the reason I'm able to put a high priority on writing this kind of stuff instead of chasing after more commercial fiction. Thank you!

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Recent posts

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Dirty Little Secret
September's Voting Results
The results are in, and it's a tie! What I'm really impressed with is the turnout though -- four people are eligible to vote, and four people voted. 100% turnout, yay!

The two tied story ideas didn't get exactly the same scores, though. The difference is that one got a 10 and a 6 and the other got a 9 and a 7. So which of those should get picked? It gets kind of philosophical, really. Do I want to maximize happiness or minimize unhappiness? In the end, I think I'll go with the 9 & 7. The low vote (either a 6 or 7, depending on which I pick) will be a bit happier, while the high vote (a 9 or 10, depending on which I pick) will still be pretty happy with a 9-rated choice.

Yeah, that's all kind of complicated-sounding. Maybe it will make more sense when you see the results image at the end...

Winner: Scouts (8.50) (Chosen.)
 A small troop of girl scouts comes to your door, along with their older scout leader, Miss Angeline. But you soon find out that Miss Angeline has devised a far more lucrative fundraiser than mere cookie sales. She's trained her girls well in the arts of seduction, and every little step along the way comes at extortionate prices ... but she always gets her money. Because who could say no to those five adorable young girls when they're being so ... persuasive? Of course, Miss Angeline will stand by the whole time, guiding them through it to make sure that they remember everything she taught them. 
Tied For Winner: The Glade (8.50) (Not chosen.)
 It's so unfair! Why are girls allowed to play in the woods on the day of the solstice, but not boys? This colt, miffed at the unfairness of it all, sneaks out anyway. But there's a very good reason. The woods spirits come to The Glade every solstice to joyfully and innocently frolic with all the virginal girls. But if any male is present, the spirts' insatiable lust will be aroused ... and the magic of the place will infect all the young girls with that same desire. When he finally gets back to his village the next day, he's going to be very tired, mildly dehydrated, and have a lot of explaining to do about all the pregnant young girls in the village now. 
Loser: Who's Getting Shafted (5.50)
 A wife decides to find out how well her husband knows her. She meets him in the bedroom, side by side with a succubus who has transformed to look exactly like her. Her challenge: choose and fuck the real one as they both try to seduce and convince him. 
Full results (click to embiggen):

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Dirty Little Secret
August Story Voting Results

Glad to see lots of people participating this time! ^.^

Winner: She's Such A Doll (8.75)
 The Princess wants her brother, the Prince, more than anything. But 
incest taboos and potential scandal are getting in the way. The Princess
 finds out, though, that life-size and life-like sex dolls of herself 
are being sold in upscale shops. She gets an idea: if she can coax her 
brother into buying one, she could sneak in and take its place. As long 
as she doesn't move -- at all -- he'll never know the difference. 
Runner Up: Den of Depravity (8.33)
 A stallion stumbles his way into a den of very young vixens while their mother is away ... his attempts at self-restraint are admirable, but he doesn't stand a chance 
Loser: Revenge Porn (5.00)
 It turns out that bullying a male succubus (incubus) is a particularly bad idea, even when it's a group of you doing it. It's amazing just how fast he can seduce each and every one of their girlfriends, film the raunchiest of pornos, and publish their cum-covered faces on every porn site the web has to offer. 

Full Results:

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Dirty Little Secret
July's Story Voting Results

First real post on SubscribeStar! And I hope next month's poll will have this much participation ... but unfortunately, there are only two people eligible to vote so far. Still, I hope there will be more when I officially launch this SubscribeStar page in the next couple days.

Winner: Inheritance (8.33)
 The king is dead and his harem is inherited by his successor. Awkwardly enough, though, the king's successor is the princess ... now the queen. Thankfully, the new queen is delighted with her new harem. Even more fortunately, the head priest -- a huge stallion -- knows a spell that will temporarily transfer his genitalia to the queen in addition to her own, allowing her to take full advantage of the harem, as is decreed by custom. Now blessed with an enormous horse cock, she enters the harem for the traditional welcoming ceremony. 
Runner Up: Reclaiming Fort Awesome (7.67)
 The two of them were best friends when they were just little kids, and they made a 'fort' out in the woods out of an abandoned car and some tents. But then her parents moved away when she was just 14, and he hadn't seen her since. Now, at 19, she's moved back to town. The two of them go on a walk in the woods, reminiscing about old times. Just as they get to reminiscing about that time they got curious and did a 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' deal, it begins to rain. Luckily, though, Fort Awesome is still there. It's a much tighter fit these days, forcing them close together, but it's warm and dry inside ... at least until they start fogging up the windows... 
Loser: Special Discount Rate (4.67)
 The inkeeper doesn't understand how a wandering vagabond bard like you manages to pay for a room every night. But his daughters know where you're getting the money! 

Full results:
(Click image to view full results -- I need to figure out how to keep SubscribeStar from cropping the image.)
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Dirty Little Secret
How do I access my rewards?

To request a commission, just message me here on SubscribeStar or on any other site where I'm active. (Actually, SubscribeStar is very bad about notifying me of new messages -- you're likely to get a much faster response from one of the other sites!) If you're one of my subscribers here and contact me elsewhere, mention your username to get your discount! Check my commissions page for pricing and to see how long my waiting list is.

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Watch for a post near the beginning of every month for your opportunities to vote in the monthly poll for which story is written next. Polls usually run from the 1st to the 11th of each month, and the winning story will be written -- or at least started, if it's very long -- by the end of the month.


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