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Hey! This is a brand new page, I've just moved over from... another website. Currently moving house irl also, won't be active until October.
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Hey hey, thanks for checking out this page.
Little more info about how things work below.

The monthly illustrations made for subs consist of fanart poll results and any other work I feel like posting early, mainly more lewd fanart and some OC stuff. So you're guaranteed at least 1 rendered pic each cycle + edits, along with everything else posted.
Payments are processed upon subscription - then the 1st of each month.

Take place on the 20th, highest voted will be drawn. EZ!
These pics are exclusive to supporters for a month or so.

These posts are made at the start of each month, hand pick a few and randomize for others. Search the 'requests' tab for the newest post and more info. ^^
'Valid' means that is the maximum amount of requests you can make each cycle.
For example: If your max is 2, and you post 3, I will ignore the 3rd.

Subs receive a 5%-15% discount on commissions depending on the tier.
You must be actively pledging on that tier for at least 1 payment cycle to get the discount.
| $5 = 5% | $10 = 10% | $25 - 15% |
Sometimes offer comm slots and other little bonuses exclusively to subs, this is pretty rare.
But it's a thing.  Avoid pledging purely for discounts, just don't lol.

Thank you! Find me here!
| Full Gallery | Twitter | Furaffinity | Digital Store |

At the end of every month I make a bulk post for $5 subs containing everything from that cycle, the original posts may be removed at any time.

This SubscribeStar contains adult content. 
By supporting, you confirm that you are of legal age.
All characters depicted are 18+ and do not represent any real living beings/creatures.

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Yard Bone

Dug up a spare dollar? Right here mate.

-Vote in Monthly Fanart Polls.

-|| Quickie requests ||-

( 1 valid request per post, does not include OCs )

per month
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Dry Food

What's in the cupboard?

-Early access to illustrations created for subs

+Edits in High Resolution

-Periodic updates containing finished quickie requests

& Sketches/Flats/WIPS that I don't post publicly.

-Occasional process videos

-Monthly batch uploads containing everything from that cycle.

-|| Quickie requests ||-

( 2 valid requests per post, Includes OCs )

per month
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Crack a Tin

Grab the can opener...

-Access to original work files for you to play around with.

(Uploaded at the end of each month.)

-Have your username listed as a supporter under subscriber funded uploads to my website and other various projects. This will be your SubStar username, unless you tell me otherwise/do not want to be listed.

-|| Quickie requests ||-

( Unlimited requests per post, Includes OCs )

Handpick at least 2 from this tier each time.

per month
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Spoiling the dog!

-You're at the top of the supporter lists for alpha status.

-If I ever need OCs for side projects or anything else that can be treated as an extra bonus for you, not really sure what, but ya got it.

This is a bonus tipping tier. Ya show off.



  • Easy and early access to my work. I release finished pics eventually, but you get to see a good chunk of things first here in high resolution.
  • || Fanart Polls | Quickie Requests | Comm Discounts ||
  • WIPs and behind the scenes files. Flats, lineart, sketches, etc... a lot of things I wouldn't upload otherwise.

Recent posts

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If you only want the renders and finished stuff, ignore 'etc'. Enjoy! Hoping I didn't forget anyt...

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Request post! (cool phone posting style)

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Update! We are in the new house but still no internet. I am currently on my phone, but the connec...

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