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Devilbluedragon profile
Hello, and welcome. My name is Devilbluedragon, or Dev for short. I'm a freelance digital artist that draws SFW and NSFW art, mainly 2D illustrations and pin-ups and some animation (very rarely).
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Subscription Tiers

per month
Follower of the WaifuWay

This is mostly a tip jar. It offers you:

My gratitude <3

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month
Love Acolyte

This tier will offer you:

  • Access to finished drawings 1 week before public release

This only includes the drawing(s) voted on by patrons, rewards and any other future content acquired by reaching goals.

Other rewards:

  • 1 WaifuCoin/month

  • Acess to Voting Poll

  • Access to private Discord Server

  • A big warm thank you <3

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $2.00 tier
per month
Disciple of Handholding

With this tier, you unlock your full potential to:

  • 2 WaifuCoins/month

  • Acess to WIPs

  • Pitch in ideas for Patreon drawings such as characters and themes on a special post. Some of them may be added to the poll.

  • Plus previous tier benefits.

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
Master of the WaifuWay

Congratulations, you have chosen wisely.

This tier gives you access to:

  • 3 WaifuCoins/month

  • Commission priority

  • 2% discount

  • Plus all previous tiers benefits

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month
Sage of the Wholesome

With this tier you become a Sage in the ways of the wholesome, master of the hand-holding techniques! The highest level one can achieve!

You get access to:

  • 4 WaifuCoins/month

  • 5% commission discount

  • High queue priority

  • Access to Subscribestar drawings project files

  • Previous tiers rewards

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $20.00 tier


  • Rewards included with tiers: - early access to art 1 week before being posted publicly - join my private Discord server - commission discounts and queue priority - WaifuCoins coins!
  • WaifuCoins can be spent each month for the following rewards: 1. Sketch - 3 coins 2. Lineart - 6 coins 3. Color - 11 coins 4. Cell-shading - 18 coins
  • ONE reward per month per user. I have the right to ask you to change your request if it isn't on my Will Draw list. You can use the coins to upgrade your rewards, eg. from sketch to lineart etc. Any remaining WaifuCoins you have will be lost to the void once you cancel your pledge.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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