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Team Guilty Force profile
Team Guilty Force
Team Guilty Force
We are creating NSFW 18+ Game


  • With an international team of veterans and talented newcomers, this 2.5D sci-fi/cyberpunk platformer focuses on the side-scrolling platforming action, multiple approaches in gameplay with a branching optional visual novel storyline that is sure to entertain with lively, unique and diverse cast of characters.
  • Guilty Force is a blend of both classic western and anime influences that bring a fresh look to a familiar genre, inspired by media both new and classic, such as Deus Ex, Mass Effect and more!
  • By supporting us at 1$ tier you can see our posts and follow the development of this project. Even a dollar helps us out! If you choose 5$ tier then you will be able to play the game before its full public release and vote in the polls! We want your opinion to be heard! Special 10$ tier will take your name instantly into the credits! Accumulate $10 or more of a total pledge lifetime to receive a copy of the final game when it's complete!

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