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We are creating NSFW 18+ Game
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Team Guilty Force
Hey guys!

I updated the public version of the game to v. 0.135!

Click three times on Caron’s boobs in the main menu to unlock the gallery.

If you find any bugs - please make a screenshot or a video with detailed explanation for me. I am active on our Discord server, so it’s the best place to report bugs to me.

Full changelog (0.135):


Fixed bugs/improvements:
  • Major game size and performance optimization;
  • Jump height issue was fixed;
  • You can enable VSync in Settings to lock the framerate of the game on your device now, also you can disable the stealth bonus from the background, it may increase the performance of the game on some mobile devices. We don’t recommend using VSync if the performance of the game is okay on your device;
  • Enemy AI will react on barehanded attack damage, as well as it will call the friends for backup more often;
  • Decoy device will stabilize enemy AI awareness instead of raising it with each use;
  • HE grenade was nerfed;
  • Poison gas grenade will kill the enemies faster, but it can raise the alarm if the enemy awareness was raised enough;
  • Rendering order for bullets, grenades and their effects was corrected;
  • Receiving Kira x Sigolla device will unlock its scenes in the animation gallery without using the device first;
  • The updated information about takedowns was added into tutorial/help.

Stay tuned for updates, thanks for your patience!

Subscription Tiers

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Rookie Agent

⋅ Access to Star-only feed ⋅ Final version of the game after its release ⋅ Access to our Discord server for supporters

1 subscriber
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⋅ Access to regular early Star-only demos ⋅ Everything from Rookie Agent tier + ability to vote in polls - we want your opinion being heard!

1 subscriber
per month
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Special Agent

⋅ Everything from Agent tier ⋅ Your name or nickname will be featured in “Special agents” section of game credits. ⋅ Access to the posts like concept art, early reports and other more deep development stuff

0 subscribers


  • With an international team of veterans and talented newcomers, this 2.5D sci-fi/cyberpunk platformer focuses on the side-scrolling platforming action, multiple approaches in gameplay with a branching optional visual novel storyline that is sure to entertain with lively, unique and diverse cast of characters.
  • Guilty Force is a blend of both classic western and anime influences that bring a fresh look to a familiar genre, inspired by media both new and classic, such as Deus Ex, Mass Effect and more!
  • By supporting us at any amount, you can play the game before its full public release, see our posts and follow the development of this project. Even a dollar helps us out! Each of our tiers offers an increasing view into our process and access to the developers for chatting with.

Recent posts

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Team Guilty Force

alt text

Hi guys!

We are releasing a free public Guilty Force demo: version 0.11!


Win x32 (MEGA, 373 Mb, 7z)

Win x64 (MEGA, 374 Mb, 7z)

Mac (experimental, x86 + x86_64) (MEGA, 584 Mb, zip)

Linux (experimental, x86 + x86_64) (MEGA, 594 Mb, zip)

We update download page on our blog with each public release, feel free to share this link with friends.


Here is the changelog for this version, based on the feedback of our Agents.

Changelog (ver. 0.11):

  1. Chinese(Traditional) localization (Early access-please proceed with caution! (currently only Traditional, but Simplified is in progress) )
  2. New grenades: sleeping gas, poison gas, smoke, flashbang, EMP. Also there is a new, non-lethal tool for enemy distraction - small stones. The ballistics and damage dealing mechanics for HE grenade was improved. These tools provide more options for a stealthy or non-lethal/pacifist walkthrough;
  3. Kira can grab and move bodies of stunned/dead enemies. She can also hide them in dark doorways to prevent detection; be aware! She moves slowly while dragging!
  4. There is a new separate slider in Settings menu for male voice volume in sex scenes. The frequency of male voice effects appearance in sex scenes was reduced by 30%;
  5. A bunch of different improvements in Stage 1 level design: more and better lit doorway locations, new terminals for hacking and disabling cameras, etc.;
  6. +25% sprint speed;
  7. -25% camera detection speed;
  8. Hacking mini-game can now also be controlled by W/S keys, too, making it more convenient to play
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Team Guilty Force

Hi guys!

I would like to remind you that I stream some of my game development process on our Picarto channel: from time to time, the time for the next stream will be always posted on our Twitter and Discord in advance in the future.

If you want to get notifications from Picarto when the stream goes live, click the “Follow” button at our Picarto channel:

alt text

The topic of our current stream (which starts in 3 hours from this post time and will last at last 3-4 hours starting from that time) will be work on second Kira x Female Thug animation. I’m wrapping up those bone-based character assets that we have, so we can have at least 1-2 animations with Female Thug in the forthcoming public demo.


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