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Crossdressing In Camelot
Crossdressing In Camelot
Developing the adult game Crossdressing in Camelot!
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  • Early access to the latest update of the game.
  • Access to a cheat item in game, which let's you freely change some variables like body sizes and silver.
  • New updates release roughly every 30 days.

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Crossdressing In Camelot
Public post

Version 0.30 released!

Almost on time, if my game’s common events file hadn’t of gotten corrupted, I think I would have managed to get the update out on time, so I’m calling that good enough. Still an awkward release date on the 28th of the month, hopefully I can push that back a bit next month.
This update finally fully finishes the fourth dungeon’s boss scene sequences, with a common ending scene to progress the story that is the same for both winning and losing to the boss. This also is the real start of the fifth dungeon’s content, though the map for it is currently pretty limited, with one room for each event at the moment. Once I’ve got the dungeon more fleshed out, the enemies will show up a few times in different rooms.
There also isn’t much combat added in this one, only one of the three enemies can actually be fought, and I didn’t spend much time setting that up. All of that is because this month I’m definitely actually going to the gameplay rework I’ve said I was going to try and get around to since, like, December. I did a decent amount of background work this last month to get ready and do it, but trying to do that while also adding in a brand-new dungeon would have been too much all at once, so I held off til now. The rework will almost certainly require me to adjust the stats of the enemies in-game, which is why I didn’t want to make a brand-new fight and then immediately rebalance it.
As for the new content, there are four new loss scenes for the fifth dungeon, two for each new enemy. There’s also a new scene with daddy for the end of the chastity scene sequence, and you can go back and view either of the ending scenes freely when you return there again (after resting). There is also a new modelling scene with Claire, though I haven’t added the outfit for that one, and there is the last scene for the dungeon 4 boss content, which isn’t a sex scene. I feel like I need to clarify that, because almost everything else is lol. I also plan to patch in another scene for the fifth dungeon, because the scene is more than half done already.
This update also adds new art for the original ending to the daddy chastity sequence. And the artist agreed to take another commission from me, so that’s a good sign as well. I don’t think the other artist I was talking to is going to work out, as they haven’t really been answering my messages, but I have a few other artists I plan to reach out to as well, so hopefully I have another new artist before the next update comes out.
My main goal for next month is to do the gameplay rework, and expand on the fifth dungeon. I’ll try and have the walkthrough updated by tomorrow. As always, thanks for all of your support!
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Crossdressing In Camelot

Version 0. 30 Download Link!

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Crossdressing In Camelot
Public post

Version 0.29 Released!

It’s an incredibly rare “actually on time” release, thanks to the fact that I tried to release it two days early, and failed. The word count is quite good, at a bit over 13 000. A heads up for anyone who’s patreon access is expiring next month, if you want access to the patches, be sure to save the mega download link, especially since I’m going to patch in a bit of extra content on this one.
The update nearly finishes the dungeon 4 boss scenes, four versions after it was initially added, lol. There are two new victory scenes for it, and I wrote the text for immediately after finishing the victory scenes, though that is part of the text that will be patched in, alongside the text for having lost, which I haven’t written yet. There is also a new enemy scene, which is unlocked in Elmgar so long as you’ve fought the Minotaur, win or lose. It’s going to be a dungeon five enemy, but I got ahead of myself and wrote it before doing literally any dungeon five content, so it sits in the town for now. Also added the last scene for the initial chastity events with Daddy as well. I wrote all of those scenes (except the last one) for a denial theme as the player gets more and more pent up, but I’m probably going to write some more chastity scenes where they get to orgasm in the cage. And while writing this, I remembered that I was going to write an alternative ending scene with Daddy after being caged, so that’s definitely happening, because I love the idea I have. Anyway, there’s also a bit of actual content to the Salon with the new tanning booth option, though it’s the rare addition of a character you can’t have sex with. And probably don’t want to. The tanning booth itself is obviously there so you can adjust your skin tone mid-game, as I’ve added skin tone options to the paperdoll. And I think doing skin tone edits for the in-game images might actually be fairly easy, so I might be able to add images to show each skin tone in cg’s as well. No promises yet though.
Another bit of positive news with no promises is a potential new artist working on the game. I’ve already started a commission from them, but I’m not going to announce anything more until they are finished with it. I was also talking to another artist to potentially commission both at the same time for even more art, but I put that on hold to finish the current update. Additionally, the artist who was in charge of the rendered image pack might be coming back to work on the game! They reached out to me recently asking about it, and their prices are too low to refuse, honestly, so they will probably start working on the game in the somewhat near future. The rendered pack will naturally lag behind the anime one for a while, but hopefully it will catch up in time.
So to recap, I actually completed both of my main goals from last month. That’s a first. My goal for this update is to finally have the fourth dungeon 100% completed, get the fifth dungeon started, and do the femininity depravity rework I’ve had in mind for a few months now. I will definitely be getting started on that rework, but I might not implement any of it until the month after, depending on how long it takes. As always, thanks for all your support! Hopefully I’ll be able to put that support towards a decent amount of art for the game in the near future.
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