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I'm a dude, a dude who likes drawing other dudes. Sometimes those dudes be bangin', sometimes one of them is a monster with a weird sausage between his legs. Don't judge! All characters depicted are 18+
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Furaffinity | Twitter | Picarto.TV |

My name's Lawrence, also known as Conter or Blown-Ego! I'm a freelance asexual artist who has been doing furry commissions for the past few years. It’s been a joy to work with my clients and to be able to draw their crazy and interesting characters!

As much as commission work has helped me grow myself, my art, and sustained my business, I'm finding myself wanting to allocate more time and energy into drawing my own ideas and projects to bring them into reality. That’s where Subscribe Star and you wonderful folk come in!


Well, do you like crazy dicks? What about humans, monsters, fanart, alts, and maybe a bit of furry stuff from my clients? How about seeing work in progress shots, voting on a monthly illustration, private doodles, and drawings that never make it to the public? You get it all!

My content is a bit sporadic in nature I won't lie! Sometimes it's just humans, sometimes it shifts to only wanting to draw monsters fucking humans, then it goes to furries all day every day. I mostly feature gay content, but I branch out on occasion and add females into the mix so I can't say supporting me will get you that one thing you're looking for from me. Variety is the spice of life, though! If you enjoy that, then this place is for you ♥


Prefer discord to get your fix in real time without bothering to go onto this site or Patreon? No worries! I have a Discord Server, exclusive to people who subscribe to me either here or on Patreon! Become a subscriber to gain access to the link above - I post all my non-fully illustrated works over on my Discord server. This is also where I take submissions for the monthly sketch stream as well as challenges, do first dibs, and host mini voting on occasion.

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Patreon Pinup August 2019!

The voting has concluded on Patreon! I thought I might as well mirror the winner here for transparency sake to keep a nice flow on Subscribestar. In case Patreon goes poof I'll at least have a nice flow going on here so no one misses anything and all that!

Anyways, without further ado... Zane Flynt from Borderlands 3 and Red Prince from DOS 2 have tied for first place after calculating the final votes and adding in a couple missing ones from a few peeps who voted in their Cookie Thief poll but forgot to vote in the main. I always do this, but this was the first time it made a different character come into 1st place so I wanted to make sure everyone was aware since it would look weird for those seeing the poll and then seeing a different character had won.

That leaves me for breaking the tie, I'll be doing a few pose doodles of both of them and seeing what I like the most and continue that one to the finish!


  • Early access to my art before it goes public, vote in polls for monthly pinups [votes are counted along with Patreon], and access to my Discord server were I posts WIPs, doodles, and first dibs on commissions!
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