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Our goal is to make games worth to be played even after you "finish your business" with them.
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Commoner Tier
  • Access to the locked (NSFW) posts
  • Get access to the Public Branch of the game before other platforms
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Supporter Tier
  • All previous rewards
  • Access to the Early Access Branch of the game
  • Access to Vote the next playable character
  • Access to all locked posts (NSFW, WIPs, Upcoming content)
  • Your name will be the Project's Credits
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Mage Tier
  • All previous rewards
  • Actively discuss features and implementations with the Developers
  • Access to Vote next Fetish you would like to see in-game
  • Access to the exclusive Alpha Branch *

(*Alpha Branch is a deployment where the newest features and concepts are first implemented, much before they reach the Public Build, and where you may find even exclusive content.)

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Noble Tier

In case you want to support even more and you're willing to give us a little more of your trust, we have made this Tier for you. There is not much more we can offer over the previous tiers, but as a token of our gratitude you will get to:

  • Participate in the creation of an in-game character based on your own original idea (fetishes, design input, story direction) *

(*yet not all fetishes are accepted. The character will follow certain criteria to fit into the world but with your ideas included)

Limited (0 out of 2) subscriptions

Recent posts

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Trash Gods
Public post

Update 0.1.6B is now available

Update 0.1.6B has been officially pushed to the Alpha Branch, respectively to Early Access branch in the coming weeks.
For this update we have focused mostly on implementing the Character Interaction System and solving several optimization issues.

Build 0.1.6B comes with the following changelog:
  • [CHAR] Added Character Selection screen
  • [CHAR] Added custom Character Status screen
  • [CHAR] Added Character Interaction System
  • [CHAR] Character Interaction UI implemented (V1)
  • [PARTNER] Updated how "Accept Chance" is modified (now the accept chance is based on the character's Trust and Attraction)
  • [MISC] Added a News Banner
  • [ANIM] Doubled the frames for intro Lewd Animations
  • [SYSTEM] Added a Days system
  • [SYSTEM] Revamped Energy system

Are you curious to see the differences between the latest Public Version and the latest Alpha Version?  We have made a clear comparation list in order for you to make a better idea of what is going on with the project until the next Public release.
Since the first time we have posted until now, we have shared plenty of relevant information with you in each post, but this lead the information to be scattered all over the place, that's why we have made a special General Q&A post which we will be updating regularly:

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Trash Gods
Public post

Crowded and scattered information all round the place helps no one, that's why we have decided to put in one place all relevant information you might need or want to know. 
Q: On which platforms is the game available?
A: Erosion project is available only for PC - Windows, Mobile - Android and Web browser (currently used as SubscribeStar exclusive branch)
Q: "Once I pledge for your SubscribeStar page, what will happen next?"
A: After you pledged for any SubscribeStar Tiers on our page, you will be receiving access to the rewards of the specific Tiers in a few days (usually 1-4 days). In case you have pledged for a Tier that has rewards which include "build" access, you will be receiving a message via SubscribeStar with the Access Key for the Web Branch of the game.
Q: "What is the WEB BRANCH?"
A: The Web Branch is our special project branch on which we deploy the game builds for certain SubscribeStar Tiers.
This branch is currently exclusive for certain SubscribeStar Tiers and it is available only via our GameJolt page (an account is required to access the Web Branch since you have to redeem the Key).
Q: "How long can I have access for the Web Branch?"
A: Your key for Web Branch will remain active from the activation day until your pledging is no longer renewed. We are looking into diverse ways to prolong this activation period.
Q: "Do you have any plans to release the Web Branch build on other devices too?"
A: We would like to keep the Web Builds always the most up to date, yet if this ends up to be a popular request we will look for methods to make it accessible on other platforms too.
Q: "What is the difference between Alpha branch and Early Access branch?"
A: Alpha Branch = most up to date branch which contains newest features.
Early Access Branch = same build (sometimes containing bug fixes) as Alpha Branch but released a few weeks after Alpha Branch.
Q: "How often is the game updated?"
A: We don't have a clear release schedule set yet, because the game is currently in an early stage of development and big changes usually take a while to be implemented. We are working to give you an estimation of how much time it takes for an update to be published.
Q: "Are the save files compatible between different versions?"
A: At the current moment they are not, yet as for version 0.1.6 we have started looking into ways to make this possible.
Q: "Why do some builds end with a letter and some are not?"
A: If the build number of the game ends up with a letter, it means that it is a feature patch of an update released for our patrons. You can see them as "parts" which combined will make a bigger update.
Q: "How can I see what will be added in the upcoming updates"
A: At the current moment we have no list to be published to preview all the features for the upcoming updates, yet we have made a comparison list to highlight the differences between the last public build and last alpha released build, in which we are listing several upcoming features we are going to focus on the next big update.
You can access this list at this link: Google Sheets 

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Trash Gods

Almost done with this update

Posted for $3, $6, $15, $69 tiers
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Trash Gods

Yes, we know we have not revealed much about the game's story yet, but with this upcoming update ...

Posted for $3, $6, $15, $69 tiers
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