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The Villain Simulator - Beta 29I cannot keep you waiting more, it still buddy but you have to che...

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The Villain Simulator Beta 28windowsmega-downloadAccess

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What is New on The VIllain Sim Beta 27

I couldn't manage to complete all my goals for this version such as more missions and improved interactions, reason is my 3D Artists were so fast and they delivered a lot of stuff for the Character Creator, so Beta 27 is full of new content on it although I still managed to work on the main game fixing bugs and improving a few things.

New Toon Skin
I think this one looks really cool and the great think is that you can apply it to every skin preset!
Many New Hair Styles
There are 8 new hair styles and 1 new alien head all with physics simulation for bangs and tails.
New Face Sliders
I wanted to include 2 new faces that I really love, because of this I also had to update all head items to support this shape but it was worth it!
New Skin Presets
In addition to that I also added 2 skin presets:
Horns look great! They are fully configurable and you can stack them all!
Voice Selector
There is a new voice selector with pitch adjustment.
Improvements to the Robot Arm
Fixed the issues with the Robot Arm and even added better Speed and new Depth Control
Improved Loading Screens
Some nice loading screens with cool art, I also added progress bar when loading the character creator.
Anything Else?
Yeah! Even though this version is full of content on the Character Creator I still managed to fix many annoying bugs in the game, I got rid of the horrible hands bug, fixed some ballgag issues, fixed reactions not working and more! Take a look at the full changelog:

Main Game changelog 
  • Adding WIP notice to levels console when characters have no levels
  • Fixing Pubes disappearing during "fun" interaction 
  • Fixing wrong offset during "fun" scenes (with Automata) 
  • Fixing bug that prevented standing up from crouch 
  • Improving private area textures and normal maps 
  • Adding Depth and Better Speed control to Robot Arm 
  • Improving main machine console activation 
  • Better Robot Arm Insertion by updating  IK Targets on all characters 
  • Refactoring Robot Arm IK and automation 
  • All characters now react during "fun" scenes 
  • Fixing hands on Victoria, Stylized, Amazonian, Adele and Tara Custom Characters 
  • Fixing issue where tail would block the view during "fun" scenes 
  • Adding swingy tail to CatGirl character 
  • Fixing bug where Hand will get stuck inside characters while standing on Desktop Mode 
  • Adding proper VR Hand Pose to ballgag
  • Ga no more moves by itself after is being removed from a character and dropped in VR
  • Adding Not remove clothes during cheat option to VR 
  • Fixing bug where ballgag would break boob physics 
  • Adding better Loading Screen

Character Creator changelog
  • Fixing Custom Skin Colors to be colorable
  • Adding Toon Skin Color to Character Creator
  • Adding full suit options to the Combat Suit in character creator
  • Fixing skin preset specular + bump texture/color not applying
  • Adding Tina Hair and Sentient Head to Character Creator
  • Adding Juliet, Kunoichi, Nico and Nyotengu Hairs to Character Creator
  • Adding Monique and Eve Skin Presets
  • Adding 7 Horns to the Character Creator
  • Adding Elise Hair
  • Adding more adjustment sliders to Assassin Belt in Character Creator
  • Fixing feet clipping out scifi, super and combat boots
  • Adding Explorer Shorts to Character Creator
  • Adding UI Loading progress bar to character creator
  • Making loading character faster in character creator
  • Character creator scene now loads gradually
  • Adding Trendy Hair to Character Creator similar to Lobelia
  • Updating Costumes to hide nails
  • Moving the Voice Panel to DNA Section
  • Adding Jungle Bell Hair
  • Voice and Pitch added to Character Creator
  • Add occlusion masks for feet and hands Nails
  • Updating some hairs to have better texture and rig

What comes next?
This time I will definitely work on the main game, I want to polish some of the interactions for example:
  • Better Grabbing
  • Better After choke reaction
  • A secret new interaction
I will also continue adding to the game story and bring Mission 2 and hopefully Mission 3

Wish me luck! and thanks to everybody!

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from 01 Feb, 2022

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The Villain Simulator - Beta 26

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The Villain Simulator - Beta 25

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