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Creating Videogames and VR for the Adult
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ZnelArts is an Indie Game Development Studio working on cool games for the Adult and currently working on The Villain Simulator.
ump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)

A darkly humorous first-person adventure-game that puts you in the shoes of a genetically engineered clone working for an evil super enterprise.
Your task is to perform tests and extract information from captured super heroines by playing, tormenting and experimenting with them using a variety of tools and machines to hold them captive.

Touch, strip, spank, squeeze, tickle, and find your way through the game as you lead the heroines towards a cooperative and compliant behavior. But be careful, because not all heroines are created equal, and some may require a more... alluring and seductive methods.

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a wide range of heroines with unique abilities and personalities requiring different methods to seduce them, the more seduced they become, the more they'll succumb to your every desire.

Play the game from a 2D desktop mode first-person view that lets you fully immerse yourself in the experience, or for an even more immersive experience play in Virtual Reality mode using your VR headset.

The game also features a character creator with a wide variety of costumes, accessories and options that allows you to create your own custom made heroines and bring them into the lab.

The Villain Simulator is also coming soon to Steam, add it to your wishlist if you are interested.

I you wish to see more content consider us.

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Public post

What's New in The Villain Sim Beta 40

The latest update for The Villain Simulator is packed with thrilling new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

Major Features:

  • Transform every custom character into a Synth, complete with an internal skeleton.
  • New robot accessories, including the Synth Belly window, compatible with all skin presets.
Dalphine Voice Set
  • Introducing Dalphine’s voice to the character creator for a new level of immersion.

Refactored Climax Reactions
  • Each voice set now features four unique climax reactions: low, medium, high intensity, and a secret fourth reaction.

Cloth Simulation
  • Implementation of cloth simulation for select skirts, adding realistic movement to outfits.
New Costumes and Skin Presets
  • Explore new costumes and the new Diana Skin preset in the character creator.

Full Change Log:

Main Game:
  • Expanded Foxys Voice Set
  • New Tool Fabricator Console
  • Purchaseable Status Console Indicators
  • Clone counter and body tense reactions for climax
  • Squirt liquid amount based on climax intensity
  • Pause menu now shows collected stars and current stars
  • New morphs for Heroes Mesh
  • Young Adult Climax Reactions
  • Synth squirts and gagged unintelligible subtitles
  • Link button to automation machine advanced
  • Automation Nip stimulation based on speed setting

Bug Fixes & Optimizations:
  • Optimized suction cup behavior and fixed non-genital holes check
  • Fixed reset progression for mission data and stars
  • Addressed clone count indicator issues
  • Various material, property, and offset fixes
  • Refactored squirt mechanic and climax reactions
  • Added dynamic bone angle limit and adjusted tickle opinions
  • Improved LipSync values and adjusted arm stress complaints
  • Enhanced cervix wall behavior and penetration depth equalization
  • Updated bow materials and added pause for nipple operation
  • Tickle & foot tickle can now start paused

Character Creator
  • New synth character creator options, including Robo Helmet and Automata Boots
  • Added Hips Shape and Pretty Feet 2 sliders
  • New Tenebris Jacket, Pony Tails Hair, and various outfits with cloth physics
  • Added cleavage physics to mature dress

New Cat Headset, Vicen harness, Synth Skeletons, and Diana Skin preset

This update brings a host of exciting new elements and improvements that enhance the overall experience of The Villain Simulator. We hope you enjoy exploring all the new features!

P.D Im currently compiling the macOS version, hope it will be ready by tomorrow.


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from 16 May, 2024

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from 08 Apr, 2024

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Public post

What's New in The Villain Sim Beta 39

Hello All, what do you think of Beta 39?
Check the video for a quick look at the features added.
Automation Ring Machine
The Automation Ring represents the most sophisticated addition we've made to date. It empowers you to create sequences of operations to be executed on your test subjects.
Displayed on the machine console are a series of operations that you can toggle on and off at will. Upon tapping 'Start', the machine will execute the active operations and seamlessly loop through the sequence. Enjoy exploring and experimenting with the creation of your own sequences; there are countless combinations to explore and play with.

Robot Helm and Mask
We've introduced a new, sleek sci-fi helmet for the Synth, complete with a variety of cool textures and sliders for customization. This pairs nicely with the new robot mask that also comes with a variety of nice looking textures.

New Underwear Intimates
We've included a selection of intimate clothing options, allowing you to dress your heroines in a way that highlights their allure.

And More!

Here is the full change-log:
Main Game:
  • New Automation Ring Machine
  • Updating The Synth with new helmet
  • Adding click to reveal serum ingredient tooltip
  • Hero flinch reaction when pointing weapon at head
  • Improved dematerializer gun dissolving effect
  • Adding xray creampie animation
  • Items respawn within respawn time if they are on floor
  • Added claimable alert icon for objectives and achievements
  • Environment respawning
  • Sets mode to None if punch/slap/touch were active when sitting in armchair
  • Can switch between None and Dick modes while seated
  • Added limit framerate settings option
  • Adding increment/deincrement buttons to settings sliders
  • Added tooltips for settings menu (Desktop and VR work)
  • Rotate cuffs on desktop in single axis, X,Y,Z modifier keys
  • Breast armour prevens jiggle
  • Coupled breast size with milk capacity
  • Heroines now look sweat when scared or weak
  • Adding button for quick access to player logs when showing an error
  • Adding 2nd Screen Trailer Camera Modes to Cheat Options
  • Updating Foxy Vanila character with new scarf

Character Creator:
  • Allowing to hide cloth while editing character
  • Adding bunch of alphakini and intimate materials to character creator
  • Adding intipate panties to character creator
  • Adding metallic material to Synth arms and legs and Psycko Suit
  • New Synth Hair/Helmet
  • Adding Robot Mask to Character Creator
  • Unlocking fitness and body tone detail limits

Bug Fixes:
  • Properly reset VR when switching to main menu
  • Fixed VR dick grab
  • Adding respawner to desktop bow
  • Fix armchair death ragdoll behaviour
  • Switching some material to Uber for better dissolve
  • Fixing UBER shaders with missing fluctuation frequency property
  • Machine panel switching & robot arm toggle fix
  • Tightening lovense pattern timings
  • Fix to syringe jumping when dropped
  • Fixing Animancer exception
  • Associated toy opinion with all toys's and Hitachi
  • Characters will not react right after an interaction
  • Machine starts lowered in main scene instead of just dissapearing
  • Eye Robot Scanner Beams and Not Found reference fix
  • Fixing Synth genitals issue
  • Fixing import settings of bunch of FBX costumes
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from 23 Mar, 2024

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Custom Character: Anime Bunny

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