Hi all!
I will be resuming streaming on Discord in August.
I mostly stream at random times, but I do have 2 streams planned:

August 7th: Punish Wendy
This will be a very big scene, like it was in Chapter 7.
The stream will include spoilers.
But please join, your feedback greatly matters!

August 14: Bimbobilier Character & Story design
We will design MC's Landlady & roommate. AND Ann's next stages of transformation.  Brainstorm what to do with them and even write some of Chapter 2

I'm also planning to setup a game of Star Trek Adventures some time in August (for real this time). I've done a test game and the rules are pretty simple. It even comes with a tutorial campaign. I think it'll be fun to play in the MILF Odyssey universe.
Date TBD. Will play on Discord. Message me if interested.