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I develop games for adults, including 'The Library Story' and 'The Iris Quest'.
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It's great that you are interested in my projects! An extra cup of coffee helps a lot with work, especially in the early morning.

LS: You receive a password that opens the starting bonus "for subscribers" in the game. Also, new versions of the game are available to you two weeks before the public release.

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Have our stories resonated with your heart? Thank you a lot! I will try to keep it interesting for you.

LS: You get everything from the $1 tier, as well as a password to open a medium-sized event or a locked part of a big quest. In addition, with each new release, $10+ content from the previous version becomes available to you.

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You want to help me a lot in my work. This is very commendable! I really appreciate the patrons who are really involved in my projects. We are on the right way, I'm sure of that.

LS: With a special vote, you can influence what content will be added to the next release. It will be a BIG exclusive event, or a quest chain, or something else that really matters. Until the next version, this content will be available only to you with a special code. In addition, you get all the bonuses from the lower tiers.

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More content, more characters, more quests... And as often as possible, right? Such interest can only rejoice. Especially, if it’s backed by your support. In general, enough talking, I'll get back to work!

LS: All bonuses from the categories below, as well as a warm place in our hearts and your name in "The best people of the city" book, if you want it (write us to the PM). Thank you!

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Whoa! Did you really like our games? Thank you, this is inspiring. I will try to continue to delight you with new releases. Your support contributes a lot to this!

LS: All the previous bonuses, our huge gratitude and your name both in the credits of LS and in "The best people of the city" book, if you want it (be sure to write us to the PM). In addition, you get the right to order one book per month for Gaston's bookstore with the original cover and a special effect (it'll be necessary to discuss your ideas with us:)). And, of course, the realization that you really contribute A LOT to the development of our games!



  • Support my desire to do more adult games instead of boring ordinary work
  • Belle should be with Gaston! (well, or at least with a tentacle tree ^__^)
  • By supporting our projects, you simply make the world a better place! (we are absolutely sure of it)

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per month works! Subscribers from my page will receive a special code for additional content in LS.
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Wow! It's really impressive. After achieving this goal, we will add a dressing room in LS, where you can view and apply all the outfits for different characters (as well as various "pollutions" and "liquids") unlocked in the game, as well as see their reaction to such dressing.

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