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Adult RPG Story Game
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Welcome 2023

As a new year starts, I’d like to look back and ahead.

First off, thanks to everyone supporting me in the making of this game. And while I have put a lot of work into it, I am just getting started.

Looking back

2022 saw a lot of work on the actual game mechanics. The battles with abilities are working just as intended. Events can be triggered based on certain conditions and run in parallel. Which means a girl can try to escape the capture while another one is dealing with lewd NPC at her sidejob. In addition, the guild and monsterden are now the central hub for all activities.

Goals for 2023

In addition to expanding the general storyline and create intimate scenes with each girl in and out of the game, I’ll be working on the following:

· Upgrade system

Allow spending of prestige and dominance points on upgrading every character’s abilities for battles. Some of these will be beneficial, some may have an intentional downside to using them.

· Defeat scenes for each girl

Once you (or another monster) captures a girl, you will have the opportunity to try to subdue her. This is mostly a mind game since the girl has the option to logout. So it’s up to you to convince her to stay and endure. Or sweep in as her white knight and rescue her. Of course, these scenes can avoided entirely by not letting her get captured in the first place.

· Expand sidejob scenes/ quest

Eight now the sidejobs are still in development. I plan on implementing a whole storyline for each, with increasing degrees of lewdity. You will be able to encourage or discourage the girl going down that path. Of course, both ways will have advantages and disadvantages.

· Add more generic interesting quests with possible girl options for monster and hero play

The quests are currently very bland and mostly placeholders. If plan on adding quests that allow for romantic opportunities or lewd activities during the quests.


I will try to stick to a monthly schedule, with possible extensions to a month and a half depending on the amount of content and needed work. Weekly progress reports will keep you updated.


As you may be aware, I am working on the game in my spare time. As such, any support I get is going back into infrastructure, assets and paying others to free up my time. I would like to expand the work put into game. In addition, I’d like to hire 3d artists to increase the amount of scenes per release. Currently the output I can deliver is limited to about 100 images per iteration. This is simply because I try to have the best quality.

Thus, I made the decision to expand the existing tiers for added bonuses:

· Supporter tier at $5 Nothing changes for this tier. Except, you will be able to see certain hidden mechanics that I have shielded from you for now. This will include your approval and corruption of each girls as well as their current desire level. As this is a game, I feel it’s unfair to play it without understanding what each action does.

· Admin Tier at $10 This tier will allow access to cheats. I am planning for this feature to be available starting 1.3. You will be able to manipulate certain values and gain access to abilities that will make the battle a snap. This will allow you to play the game itself while making it very easy to achieve your desired outcome

· Total Control at $25 You will gain access to costume changes during battle and the guild screen. This feature is purely cosmetic. In addition certain scenes will have some extra lewd parts in it that are only accessible at this level.

· Commission

This is not a fixed tier and completely depends on what your request is and my capability at that moment. If you are interested in creating a certain scene or image, let me know and we can discuss the request. I am always looking to expand the universe and find the best ideas come from the audience.

I appreciate each one of you believing in the project and as always looking forward to your ideas and feedback.

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