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Aiming for HQ Gaming/Video Experiences for VR and Desktop.
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Hey Gearheads (and propective Gearheads)!
As requested (and as backup) we have officially made the inclusion to subscribestar!  Here's we'll be uploading the same content as on Patreon and some additional content not allowed on Patreon.
As we get things transferred over, if there is any old content you want at your tier, that's on Patreon, but not here yet, just let me know and I'll send you a link to it.

Thanks for the support and I hope this is a significant change for those of you wanting to break free from Patreon.

We also have free content previews on the WEBSITE.
If your a subscriber here, send me a message with your website username so I can update your access to the site until we get the auto-linking working.

Subscription Tiers

per month
Tip Jar

Curious about what we do and want to follow along.

  • Updates, WIPs and NSFW Content Previews / Pin-Ups
  • HD Sound Remasters of Animations from various animators (WATERMARK FREE)
  • Discord: additional previews; content suggestions
4 subscribers
per month
At a Boy

Access to WIPs Pin-Ups and the occasional main content preview.

0 subscribers
per month
VRA Star (Early Bird)

Full Access (limited Spots)

Limited (22 out of 50) subscriptions
per month
VRA Star
  • Full access to All content
  • Weekly Video / Animation Preview Releases (VR and Desktop)
  • Monthly Update Releases on Main Projects
0 subscribers
per month
Super Star

Full Access Love what we do and want to kick in a little extra

1 subscriber


  • Monthly Studio Updates
  • Weekly Content Releases (Star Tier) [Videos and Gaming Experiences]
  • WIPs and Pin-Ups

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.

Creator Stats

20 subscribers
124 posts


to reach
Off to the Races! Greater Effort will be put into bringing content here.
to reach
Archives will be added
to reach
Subscripestar becomes the primary distribution location. Everything posted here first.
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Living the Dream. Full Time Gaming and Animation Studio.

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