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VolTitanDev profile
Fetish Cartoonist, Mecha artist , and Game Dev creating foot fetish art and working on a Adult Visual Novel called Foot Fetish Fortress VolTitan
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About me

I'm a cartoonist and currently a solo indie developer. I have had a strong admiration for the super robot genre, and I always wanted to see a visual novel that caters to the foot fetish crowd. So rather than wait, I decided I'll just make one of my own. 

The Plot

The Gargabeast empire and their army of giant monsters are bent on making humanity their bitches their  next target is the place that harbors the remaining remnants on humanity Feeternia the only thing that stands in their way is their guardian a foot fetish fueled super robot who fights for justice and for the love of feet VolTitan


This visual novel is for adults only. All events and characters even ones based of real people are fictional.  the visual novel contains foot fetish themes and adult humor.

Why Subscribe?

If you subscribe to me it will mean a lot. I will be excited to know that there is an audience for it and will be motivated to enhance the quality of the visual novel.
Not only will you be supporting the development of Foot fetish fortress VolTitan but you will also get exclusive content.

What can you expect from this visual novel

VolTitan is of now a  linear visual novel but the player can choose what fetish activity to power Voltitan.  The type of content the player will experience is the following:
  • Foot fetish 
  • Fm tickling
If you don't have a foot fetish there is also:
  • Super robot on kaiju action
  • Action- comedy 
  • Funny story
  • Bromance

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Art Tier

Access to art and my thanks

0 subscribers   
per month
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Comic tier

access to fetish comics '

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per month
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Access Tier

Early access to my art before anyone else and will be notified on the visual novel when the beta is relased and will get a download link

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Influencer Tier

Previous reward and get to vote on future game expansions

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Commission tier

You get to make an art request to yours truly as well as the previous tier rewards

No vore No loli/shota No Yaoi/Yuri No scat

Limited (0 out of 1) subscription   


  • foot fetish/FM tickling art
  • original mecha and kaiju art
  • early access to my visual novel Foot fetish fortress VolTitan(currently on hiatus)

Recent posts

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Dongmei footjob

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