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ViperV profile
This is ViperV, creator of Divine Arms. We have a new game in development titled Forbidden Arms and the public demo is available.
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Forbidden Arms Public Alpha Demo:


Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust
is a hack and slash (wank and coom?) action side scroller that features unlimited combo system and epic fights against giant bosses. Slay endless hordes of the Mugen Kage Demon clan with your blood-thirsty sword. Drink their blood or else, yours will be drained by the power of the mysterious vampire relic sword.

If you like to play Divine Arms (development currently paused) here's a link to its vault. There's tones of other lewd content here so please enjoy!

Thanks for your support! I hope to transfer to SubscribeStar so I can continue development of Divine Arms with no fear of censorship takedown.


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General Support

Penny for your dirty thoughts. Get general news and updates from anything we're developing. Get to see artwork earlier than public releases.

1 subscriber    SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month
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Siggy Silver

Get to play early game dev updates and versions. If any art is available, get access to those, too in high resolution. Influence development by voting (if available)

3 subscribers    SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month
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Special Commission

This can either be a detailed erotic art of your choice or a simple bnw animated lewd loop. You direct it. I'll draw pretty much anything except the usual illegal ones, but anything goes here.

Limited (0 out of 1) subscription
SubscribeStar $100.00 tier


  • Your support will help development. Any game updates, art or animation will be available to you a week earlier than public releases. If game is released on steam, you get a copy.

Recent posts

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Public post
Just got in to SubcribeStar! Will edit and add links in a bit, but basically if you just prefer this place. On another note, if we get the same support here or more, we'll leave |º 

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