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Unexpected x Developments profile
Unexpected x Developments
Unexpected x Developments
Hi there!!!! ♡♧♤♡You can call me Cherry / Angel and I am the writer behind Unexpected x Developments and Ruination!
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Followers Tier

Join for free to get teasers of posts submitted to paid tiers! 🧡

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Lv1: Cherry's Friends 🌸

Hello there! This is the "specials" tier and it is just as the name suggests; it is my thanks for you being a fan of my work and for supporting me.

What you get:

♣ Access to my Star feed.

♣ My everlasting gratitude.

♣ Tagged / organized posts. Unlike public sites, this star page has a Sketch Directory and a Fanfic Directory which separates posts via content. Even the fic chapters are organized so you can navigate to them via their content (eg. Nsfw, Sfw, Killumi, HisoGon etc).

Also, occasionally, you will get:

♣ The same content that is available in other tiers, in this category!

So who knows? Maybe you'll get to read some updates early AND for only a dollar ;)

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LvII: Rookie Hunter 🐗

Congratulations my friends! You now have official patron status. Welcome and thank you for your support!

In this tier, you'll get:

♣ Up to 1 month early access to my new stories / chapters before I put them up on ffnet or Ao3

♣ Access to my Star-only activity feed <3

and of course...

♣ My endless appreciation for joining our little team here.

♣ NEW: Connect to our Star-studded Chatroom where you can connect with me and other patrons, access the general and NSFW chat plus view the fan art room! By pledging to this tier, the Discord role you will be getting access to is the Patron role.

Includes Discord rewards

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Lvl III:🏅 UxD and Moreeee! 🏅

This tier is where the awesomeness intensifies. It is the Unexpected x Developments'+ VIP Access!

The "+" means that you will not only be pledging for Unexpected x Developments, but my early writing updates, other posted content and Discord access as well. Thus, your pledge is a combo special and is contributing to the return of UxD :)

Thank you for your desire to purchase my writing :0

More Info:

Based on the requests I've received, UxD will be available here on patreon for a limited number of people! I will post the new chapters here and nowhere else (for now) as I intend to finish the story in its entirety before making it public *see info on main page.

It will be great if you decide to purchase this tier as the encouragement means the world to me but purchase only if you understand that you will be:

■ making a payment of 3 USD whenever I post story updates here, which will include monthly updates of the other stories I'm writing and periodic updates of UxD

■ able to see early updates to non-UxD (i.e. Incubus x Gon, You're With Me, Stalkerx etc) story chapters at least 1x a month and a new UxD chapter every few months

■ getting VIP access (only patrons will be able to read all new chapters before they're made public).

■ getting access to any art that I commission for future chapters of this story, both nsfw and sfw, long before anyone sees it (these will be on the #commissioned-story-art Channel on Discord).

■ entitled to a VERY special treat when the story is released in public again. The nature of this "treat" is a secret, but it will require a valid email address for me to send it to you. Only the patrons of this tier and above will be entitled to this!!


1) All money earned is saved up to commission art for UxD

2) The chapters posted here would be pre-final edit chapters. More material may be added when it is posted in public. If anyone leaks these special Pilot chapters while the story is still being written, I will discontinue the story. I have chosen not to post it publicly for a reason *see info on main page.

Thank you! Includes Discord rewards

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Unexpected x Developments' TIP JAR🏅 🍯🍯

🍯🍯ヾ(*´ ∇ `)ノ ヽ(´Д`)人(´Д` )人(´Д`)ノ 💰

Hello! This tier is where you can "tip" an extra amount towards the production of UxD. You will get access to all UxD content: art (whether done by me or commissioned), writing and anything additional that I want to put up.

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  • If you subscribe to me here you can get sneak peaks at my sketches and early access to what I write

The subscription gives you:
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  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.

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the Goal
Feeling loved!! Reaching this goal here means that I'll be on my way to seeing that I can earn a little more to help me take better care of my health. A healthier me means more writing and art practice so I can improve! As a reward, when this goal is reached I will post more of my art >.<
to reach
the Goal
ART COMMISSIONS FOR UXD!! So far, I've been trying my best to commission art for UxD with my personal as well as with the kind funds received here from my wonderful supporters but it's a long slow process trying to save up to get enough. If you can help out by joining us here as a patron that will be great <3333
to reach
the Goal
UNEXPECTED X DEVELOPMENTS GOES LIVE! Unexpected x Developments will come out of hiding and launch itself into the public spaces once more!

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  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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