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I will feature mostly adult Gay Furry marijuana/Tobacco-smoking, pothead/Stoner, alcohol drinking, Soft Oral Vore,— Kinda Art, drawings, writings, stories, designs, character creating, eventually hopefully Animations and maybe some music Too!!!
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  • If you subscribe today for just only $5…………… you’re probably as poor as ME “Tubz J”. Any little bit will help and I like to use this as An opportunity to not just improve and better my skill and craft but maybe make this into a permanent lifelong career job. Thank you in advance for anybody and everyone who subscribes and helps supports me. Also I will try and make that solar worth while buy posting stuff only my subscribers can see from my drawings art to making videos gameing and music! Anyone who wants commission or request I will take and draw mostly anything able too you the subscriber would like!!!!

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My goal is to eventually make this into a permanent lifetime career job maybe even a small business but it’s definitely going to help me improve and strengthen my craft, any critique would be positively welcome me as long as it still help me improve eventually I want to be doing those for my life!! And I’m hoping to be able to get inspirations for more art ideas or even a business idea!

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