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t'Sade's Cabinet of Curiosities
t'Sade's Cabinet of Curiosities
I'm an erotic author who writes a lot of darker stuff more in line of the old sword and sorcery novels, a lot of monster rape, demons, pony girls, amputee fetish, and a whole bunch of other things.
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t'Sade's Cabinet of Curiosities

I like to plan ahead which means I also need to pay attention to current trends going on. A few of them are worrying, mainly for funding this site so here are some of my contingencies.

Plus, I have a few notes on my current writing projects.


Funding has always been difficult for me. While what I write is legal to my understanding of the laws, that doesn't mean banks and credit card processors always agree. I still remember a post Shon Richards did about being pulled off PayPal because of a story about his sci-fi space queen and her rape wolves (I can't find the story or the conversation).

Actually, PayPal is the crux of the problem for a long time which is why I don't have a donate button on my site. They have a tendency to close accounts and keep money.

Since Shon is---for a lack of a better word---mild compared to my interests, his experiences will be pretty indicative of what would happen to me.

Then came Patreon. I originally jumped on them because they were queer- and sex-friendly. That was great. I saw things like PestilenceSFM and other guro artists (something my stuff frequently delves into) along with other sex friendly.

... until they started getting bigger. I've seen some hints that PayPal and credit card processors are getting pickier and hard-core porn is usually the "low-hanging fruit" of censorship. I don't know the triggers, I keep my stuff off them and only use them for anonymous donations, but there is always a chance that my account will get locked out.

Putting all my eggs in one basket is probably not the best of things, so I decided to come up with a couple contingencies.

Naturally, the week I signed up for SubscribeStar is the week PayPal kicked them off. They are trying to get something off the ground, but it will be a mirror my Patreon. I suspect it will be crypto-based.

I also am willing to delve into cryptocurrencies. I'm fond of those because no one is in charge of stopping that which means I don't have to struggle with PayPal. I started a small OpenBazaar store with my site. It works in BTC. Early next year, OB is supposed to have multiple coin wallets and I'll be jumping right on that... a month after they release it. I've also had a wallet that handles ether and other coins, it just requires sending me an email to arrange that.

Regardless, if my accounts gets locked out, head over to my main site and I'll have a news post as soon as I find out. Or send me an email and ask.

Also, as I get more subscribers, I'll have to change how I communicate with all of my patrons and get feedback from the postings. This might mean resurrecting my forum or switching to a mailing list. I don't know. Opinions are always appreciated there.


Commissions are now closed. I have completed everything on my plate except for a few back and forth and edit requests. The last one, Heat of Passion 5, is the end of the Card Captor Sakura series. There might be more but it will be a while, I need to focus on patrons (regardless of where).

Puppy Mill 2: From the Shadows

I only have three weeks on my Puppy Mill buffer. Since I want to maintain one chapter a week until it ends, I need to spend those weeks writing more chapters to give me more time. Normally this is where the $5 patrons suggest stuff but this obligation takes precedence. Hopefully next month, I'll have another poll of what I'm working on next which will include Breeders.

Perverted Lands

Over the holiday, I burned myself out a little so I switched to my idea for a game inspired by Kingdom of Loathing, Fallen London, Corruption of Champions, and CYOA adventures. Creatively enough, it's called Perverted Lands. The basic setting is based on Nine Sisters including silfae and thriban.

This may end up being another income stream. However, I'm keeping track of lifetime totals for all my patrons and will give credits when that happens.

I'm also going to give additional credits for those who answer polls. I've had a number of people drop out of Patreon with "didn't write what I wanted" being the number one reason but very few people tell me what they want. The polls (Love It, Like It, Read It, Skipped It) is to give me idea of what people want without exposing names to the public (just me). Since I really want to turn everyone on, I want to encourage that feedback so I can write more.


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