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A passion project, gone off the rails. Home of S.C.I.N
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Human Bean

The first tier, that'll ensure you full releases of VNs and Low Tier cards. Cheers bub.

0 subscribers
per month
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Real Hero

One step above, you've reached the point where you've ensured a place in my heart. This'll net you access to High tier cards. Thanks, dood

0 subscribers
per month
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Recieve same benefits as previous tiers. You'll also get to make a request for an animation or scene in HS2, as well as full access to character cards used in and outside VNs, regardless of their tier. And as an added benefit, you'll gain access to scenes that'll make Lamias go "Hora Hora".

0 subscribers


  • Get access to various HS2 scenes and character cards. Higher tiers, means better access ;)
  • You'll get full access to all VN releases we put out, including pre 1.0 releases shared internally for editing.
  • Also, you get access to that warm fuzzy feeling of sharing your hard earned dosh.

Recent posts

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Public post
Our first post! 
Even if its been over a month of waiting to get verified, I reckon I should at least do something to prove that I'm alive!

Here's some of the lovely ladies (though barely a fraction of 'em) you can expect to see down the line.
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