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Hello! I'm Zylen Andel and I write erotic furry stories.
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Subscription Tiers

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Level 1 Tier

Access to the short stories and commissions I post here 3 weeks before I post them elsewhere. There will also be SubscribeStar exclusive stories posted only here.

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Level 2 Tier

Access lower the tier and gain 1 voting point towards voting for upcoming story themes/settings, characters used, or the central kinks.

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Level 3 Tier

Access lower the tier and gain 2 voting point towards voting for upcoming story themes/settings, characters used, or the central kinks. Also you get the ability to put your own characters into a short story of your choosing.

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Level 4 Tier

Access to the lower tiers and the ability request specific themes, settings, characters, and kinks to be featured in an upcoming non-commission story. Also this tier gives you priority placement on current commission queue through my FA/SF pages.



  • Access to any and all stories I post here 3-4 weeks before I post them to Furaffinity and SoFurry. With the ability to influence the story’s themes, settings, characters, and kinks that are featured in the story. And as the level of your subscription grows, this influence increases in voting power.
  • Starting from the Level 3 Tier and up you will also be able to request (not demand) your character be put into a story of your choosing. I’ll be providing a list of my planned story projects and any non-commissioned stories and you’ll be able to read the list and pick what stories you want your character to cameo in. I will also be posting larger stories as I finish them and depending on the level of your subscription, you may be able to put your characters into those stories too.

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I write because I love it and it makes people happy, but I'm also trying to support my recently divorced mother. This amount will help me produce even more stories that you will hopefully enjoy reading over and over again.
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I live with my ailing and divorced mother, so having this amount every month will ensure that we aren't living from alimony check to alimony check. It will also make it possible for me to get pics made with randomly chosen subscribers.


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