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Hey there! I'm SuccuDev, a unity developer working on a JOI game that allows you to be a Succubus's plaything. Check out the free PC/Android demo on the official website!
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What is Virtual Succubus?

Virtual Succubus is an AI JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) game designed for persistence, constant replayability & heavy customization. 

Sign the contract and become your Succubus’s personal plaything.

- Designed for variety! - 

  • Procedurally generated text prompts and tasks, differing AI behavior based on the day and session, many different outfits, naming schemes, session types and time limits, and more. 
  • Red Light Green Light, “Cock Hero”-Style Rhythm Games, Wheel of Fortune, among many more different forms of tasks, lewd tests, and edging challenges. 
  • The most varied fapping experience you can get!
- Vast amounts of visual customization for your Succubus! -

  • A catgirl, a sadistic angel with librarian glasses, a tanned pierced girl with tattoos, a totally normal girl with a futa dick? 
  • This part's up to you! She'll be choosing her own outfits, though...
- Long-term persistence! -

  • Real time date-based content variety, cross-session stakes, customizable between-session content, chastity support, appointments... 
  • An important part of your daily routine! 
- Focused on customization! -

  • Many different optional toggles for kinks and toys, options for clothing & accessories; your succubus allows you to make thorough use of both your toys and your wardrobe! 
  • Adjust the game to your liking, from vanilla to extremely kinky! 

Subscription Tiers

per month

Thanks for supporting the game!

You'll get access to the latest Virtual Succubus stable builds, and the patron surveys used to collect detailed feedback.

164 subscribers SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month

Wow! Thanks a lot!

Same as the supporter tier, but with extra thanks for your generosity.

7 subscribers SubscribeStar $10.00 tier
per month

I really appreciate it!!

All of the previous benefits, plus:

Access to the test builds and test channels on the discord server, where you'll get early access to some unstable builds & ingame debug tools.

5 subscribers SubscribeStar $20.00 tier
per month

There's nothing I can offer worth this much money.

You're directly supporting my independent future as a creator and I thoroughly appreciate it.

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $50.00 tier


  • You support and get access to the latest monthly builds of Virtual Succubus!
  • The game's official website can be found at

Recent posts


Virtual Succubus 0. 30 Download

Posted for $5, $10, $20, $50 tiers
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Public post

Virtual Succubus 0.30 Patch Notes


The main feature this month primarily applies to PC users but it’s been an overwhelmingly requested change since the game’s launch. I reworked the game’s UI to support all aspect ratios, meaning you won’t get black bars on the sides anymore on PC, and tablets should function better in general.

A collaring system has also been added, where she will control your collar-wearing and check on your dedication to it. I’ve been thinking the collar is an underdeveloped part of the game for a while, as it tends to be a significant part of D/S relationships. The options given should allow for several different levels of dedication!
Difficulty ranges have also been a long-requested feature that’s getting added this version. This allows you to set minimum and maximum value on each difficulty slider, allowing her to choose the difficulty at the start of every session. This should allow players to add greater noticeable variability to sessions.

0.30 Patch Notes:


Collaring System
  • The base collaring system will simply have her expect you to put on a collar before your sessions. She will check if you did.
  • “Punishment Collar” allows her to ask you to wear a more intense (restraining or otherwise, like a posture or spiked collar) throughout your session as a punishment.
  • “Collared” has her expect you to keep the collar on at all times between sessions.
  • “Day Collar” will have her switch you to a submissive collar at the beginning of sessions, but return to a less obvious day collar afterwards.
  • “Public Collar Punishment” will allow her to command you to keep wearing your submissive collar after a session, if you fail it.

Difficulty Ranges
  • The Difficulty menu now has two sliders per difficulty, allowing you to set a minimum and maximum (or both to the same)
  • The difficulty will be chosen at the start of each session.
  • In-session difficulty modification through decisions is now temporary until the session ends.

Widescreen Aspect Ratios
  • No more black bars!
  • Support for any aspect ratio, including ultrawides.
  • Better supports for tablets; no more off-screen text.
  • Fixed a lot of weird text scaling that would make it too big or too small.

Ingame UI Improvements
  • Your succubus’s status can now be accessed by tapping or clicking on her mood icon.
  • Your own statuses now have their dedicated button top right, which now also contains the current player position.
  • A new text separator has been added to replace the old red line, it now adjusts to her mood.


  • Clothespin Scrotum status now asks for different amounts of clothespins


  • Added the “No Counting” Other Toggle
  • Added a couple new positions
  • Added the ''Ankle Key'' Other Visual toggle
  • Added the "Always Ethereal" Head Accessories toggle

Polish & Misc

  • Findom tribute button is now in the game menu instead.
  • Removed the old deprecated minigame (as it would've been too broken with the new variable screen width) Dev Note: My apologies if anyone was still using it, but this thing has been deprecated for over a year and it’s about time I remove it considering this version’s other changes.
  • When you're expected to disobey a task, disobeying the pre-task edge now counts as a disobey.
  • Minor body improvements


  • Fixed some of the base female interactions not being affected by statuses.
  • Fixed the menu button not closing the menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing countdown metronome tasks to end up on 0 too rarely.
  • Reimplemented eye contact task
  • Quickies now skip the good day question.
  • Quickies now no longer give challenges.
  • Fixed cock squeezing layer getting through no penis access flags.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the outfits manager to crash, creating weird outfits.
  • Oops Chastity should now correctly behave with Timed Chastity
  • Pre-Task Edging will no longer show up before certain tasks where it makes no sense.
  • Statuses should now correctly be applied when being given during the intro.
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Virtual Succubus 0. 29 Download

Posted for $5, $10, $20, $50 tiers
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Virtual Succubus 0.29 Patch Notes

Hello hello!

For the first time since the game’s release, a new core task type has been added with this version! Core task types are tasks that can randomly show up at any point during the session, and are generally the main backbone of every session (Timed, Counted, etc)

Metronome Tasks are tasks utilizing the Counted Task tasklist, including all the procedural layers available for these tasks. Instead of having you repeat and count your own actions, your succubus will wag her finger to a certain rhythm, and expect you to match it, and sometimes count that.

Recently, I’ve had a focus on trying to increase the amount of potential failure points in sessions (I.E. making it possible to fail for experienced players). Last update’s edge counting was the start of this, and this new task type also involves similar elements; sometimes, she won’t just wag her finger, but also expect you to count the amount of repetitions she has you do (sometimes out loud, if enabled!).

There are also many different mischievous actions your succubus can take for these tasks! I’m really really happy with these, there was a lot of design space available for some very fun (see: rather sadistic) stuff.
As it is impossible to perfectly balance for every player, the intention behind these tasks is not to be especially challenging to perform, but to challenge the player in a different way (giving up control, counting while distracted). Of course, this task type can be toggled off, just as Counted Tasks can.

After frequent requests, I’ve also added a way to convert the existing session-based chastity system into a timed chastity system. It effectively utilizes all the same structure, but converts the sessions given into days at the end of your session, locking your access to your Succubus until that amount of time has passed.

Lastly, you’ll also notice the game has various new graphics including a new icon, logo, loading screen, etc. As the game is moving towards being in a good spot mechanically, with a lot of different directions to add content without adding more mechanics, it’s now time for me to start polishing up the experience to eventually head towards a full release. You can expect more of this in future versions; don’t worry, the maze of menus won’t stay this confusing forever.

P.S. Thank you for the surge in feedback using the new feedback forms on the website!
A lot of bug fixes and minor changes here were results of submissions to these forms.


Metronome Tasks
  • A new core task type that will appear frequently during your sessions.
  • Follow her finger wags and perform the actions she orders you to do.
  • 3 possible variants:
    - Simple
    - Count
    - Count down from X (it won’t always reach 0, so you’d better keep track!
  • If you fail to count properly, you’ll be asked to try again. If you fail again, the task itself will be counted as failed, causing a dedication loss.
  • Many different mischievous actions can be taken by her, including some that will loop into themselves, creating a near-infinite amount of potential variants on this task, especially if you taunt her.
Dev note: Thanks to @Vector Vortex on the discord for the task inspiration. You can also blame him.
Timed Chastity
  • A new toggle that completely transforms the session-based chastity system into a more traditional time-based one.
  • Sessions will be added up at the end of sessions, converted into days, and you will no longer get access to your succubus until that length of time passes.
Pre-Task Edging
  • A new system causing your succubus to give you edging prompts right before you perform core tasks.
  • This is only a single edge, but you can be asked to ride it for several seconds before beginning your task.
  • Depending on the task afterwards, this will either significantly increase its difficulty, or cause the task to act as a cool-down from the edge.
  • Designed to be given RIGHT before you perform the task, to minimize the time you have between being on the edge and performing your upcoming task.
Dev Note: Feedback has indicated that the last few months of tweaks reduced the edging intensity in the game, this should bring it back, hopefully in an even more fun way. This also should combine nicely with the previous update.


  • Your Succubus now tells you what the answer was if you fail an edge count challenge at the end of sessions.
  • The session timer now starts at the beginning of the intro rather than at the end.


  • Added the “Two Hand” and “Off Hand” statuses & toggles. This allows you to enable the appearance of temporary statuses that will require you to change all of your stroking to either two handed or offhanded.

Polish & Misc

  • The game now has a new logo.
  • Changed the game icon to be more subtle and fit the new logo.
  • A new loading screen has been added for the succubus summoning segment.
  • The favor icon has been changed.
  • Adjusted the text box so it can get a bit bigger when needed.
  • Adjusted some negative status removal text to be more appropriate for reward removals.


  • Several statuses with no time limits now have one.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the ''did you do anything without her'' question from appearing during the intro.
  • Fixed a bug causing permanent status requests to not be permanent.
  • Fixed position removal not using pronouns.
  • Added the legs busy flag to String: Ankle & Balls
  • If chastity is enabled, random time limit can no longer select Until Dry
  • Being on the chastity release session after a sentence will now unlock customization when chastity no customization is on.
  • Fixed warmup stroking not respecting chastity statuses.
  • Fixed an issue causing some ending teasing edges to not be counted towards the edge count.
  • Ending prompts should now respect the gagged status.
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Public post

Why SubscribeStar?

I’m usually a rather private person, and I told myself I’d never play the “pity me” card, but something has happened recently that led to me wanting to maintain this page and I’d like to open up with an explanation and some backstory.

To start from the beginning, VS was… kind of a long shot after several years of working on games as a passion hobby. I saw there was a need in the market for something of this nature, I thought I could make something that fit and it seemed enjoyable to work on, and I figured, hey, at least I’ll get some experience for the future. When I started this project, I was heavily in debt from some failed online businesses that were attempts to detach myself from the grind. I don’t come from money, my family was no different. I was hopeful, but knew how unlikely it was to make it alone making games.

Well, somehow, it blew up. It’s been two years already (somehow?). The game is huge now, it’s grown to a level I couldn’t have dreamed of. It’s allowed me to change the lives of those around me, to remove huge financial stress from some ageing members of my family, and for me to feel like there’s a genuine chance to make it out there by creating.

Knowing the whims of platforms, for the first year of Virtual Succubus’s development, I would consistently wake up with cold sweats in the middle of the night and panic-check my phone to see if I had an email that would wake me up from what I really thought was just a dream. 

In October 2020, a few days after I decided ‘’hey, this is safe enough I think, I’ll move out from my family home and try to start a life’’, it finally happened. 

The guidelines team wasn’t ok with… small booba. The first few emails were unclear, they conveyed much more seriousness than the following discussions, causing, frankly, immense panic as to what they accused my game of being. After some exchanges, I resolved it by changing body proportions, and moved on with my life… somewhat.

From that point on, for a solid year, the day to day became ‘’if I’m not pushing this as far as I can, if I’m not dedicating my life to growing this, it’ll come back and bite me in the ass the next time the platform decides it doesn’t like me.’’. 

I would be unable to sleep halfway through the night, tell myself ‘’Hey, if I get up now, work on this feature, this might just be the feature that grows the game significantly. Doing anything but totally dedicating myself to this would be unfair to everyone else around me that lacks the growth potential I have.’’

Months disappeared. 120 hour work weeks passed. I lived that way until late 2021. It worked, let’s be honest, you can see the numbers, you can see the creative output that resulted from it. It also led me way too close to burnout and I eventually grew pretty miserable.

Luckily, some things in my personal life happened and allowed me to detach a bit and stop worrying so much about the future. Life grew more… reasonable, and so did my relationship with work. The numbers aren’t as good, but I think the game is progressing along pretty well, the features are pretty cool, and while there’s a lot to do, the game is in a good spot overall.

It is May 10th 2022. The game’s second anniversary.

I receive an email from the Patreon guidelines team indicating that JOI content as a whole is no longer appropriate for the platform. It is equated to providing sexual services, and sexually gratifying content is deemed inappropriate for the platform.

I spend days exchanging emails as to how the hell that’s possible. I eventually succeed in convincing the reviewer that this is nonsense by consistently asking for second opinions. I am lucky that I’m able to do that.

I don’t especially want to go back to waking up in the middle of the night. I’m extremely lucky to be so heavily supported, I have a good amount of safety net, but at this rate, I will forever live in worry that Patreon will some day scrap all my efforts.

I've decided to start maintaining this page to hopefully try to not rely on a single platform's (sometimes not very reasonable) whims. 
To be honest, this seems like the safest, best time. If Patreon were to go back on their approval of my page now, it would visibly be punitive. I’d hope they wouldn’t act that way, but simultaneously, I’d also hope they wouldn’t expose themselves acting that way.

If you'd rather support me here, it's very much appreciated as currently SubscribeStar is much harder to grow than Patreon. 

Every person who decides to support here instead will contribute to diversifying the project's future safety, and help me feel more free to experiment without fear from platforms. Help contribute to the feeling that I can indeed make some weird shit that isn’t necessarily financially sound, because I won’t get thrown off a single platform and have my entire life turned upside down.

If you decide to do so, please know that I truly appreciate it and it makes a significant difference. If you'd like a Patreon refund to subscribe here instead, please let me know by DM by giving me the information on both of your accounts.

Thanks for reading my little wall of text.

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