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High Pressure is an adult RPG game built in RPGMaker MV where decisions matter.
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Public post
Hello Everyone! It's Peter!
Download (Windows)

Change log: 
Combat system:
- Distance and position.
Right now You, cover and opponent spawn not statically, as previous times. - Movement (provided with animations) Now You can move forward and backward in combat, using "Move"-actions.
[Rework] - Cover
You will be able to use cover, only when You 1 step behind it. Cover now works differently: It has it's own endurance, armor value, and evade value. Which means that cover is no longer a static buff, that You may constantly use. Cover can be destroyed, cover protects differently. You'll never if it's good or not, and how long it will survive.
[New] - Bullets
Now Your attacks consume bullets. There are 3 types of bullets: Ordinary (no bonuses or penalty), Hollow point (good for enemies without armor), and Armor piercing (good for heavy-armored enemies). You can switch between ammo-types in combat by using "Special Actions". You can bullets from gunsmith Ryse.
[New] - Reload (provided with animations)
Your gun has ammo capacity, and need to be reloaded. It also can be performed in combat by using "Special Actions". Just be sure to not interrupt the process (in unknown reason it just don't want to work in another way).
[New] - Armor types
Now your enemies have armor types. Right now it's just no armor (no icon), light armor, and heavy armor. This feature is relevant to know what type of bullet's is better against specific enemy.
[Rework]- Weapon attachment importance
In this version in order to use "Aiming attack" You need to install "Scope" on Your gun. You will be able to find this Scope somewhere in game.) In general I've performed very hard work on this part, and there is still a lot work to do. A lot of hours in remaking, and making it work as I want... I do want to hear Your thoughts about it. For me - it's very important!!! 
[Rework] - UI
New features required slight rework to UI.
New story content
To find it - Chose "Learn about everything on your own" during quest with crime scene in court, and speak with gunsmith about it twice(in this and next day).
What's there? It's story-related dungeon explorer. There You will start your adventure in search for important figure.
Exploration of such places decrease your character mood, and if it will drop to 0 - Adelina will return to hotel. First level of it include: - 15 rooms - 1 repeatable mini-game with combat - 1 boss fight (could be avoided) - different ways to solve all puzzles (Try to find them all) Try to interact with environmental devices. Some of them can help(it was placed correct by logic, so You have no need to search for everything in unexpected places). I've spend hundreds hours to make it, and my team gave me best inspiration while I worked on it! !!!Please leave Your comments about this dungeon!!!
Side job: Pub
- 1 interaction scene with medium/standard group.
[Added] - 12 pictures (sadly not all of them currently in use)
Character development system
[New] - You can learn "Bravery I". Right now it will help to get in questionable places. I'm working on making more impact of those features.
Small changes: [fixed] - a lot of grammar mistakes(probably created new one with new content).
[replaced] - some low-quality tile-sets was replaced with those who had better resolution. ...and something else for sure, I just don't remember all small things here, and there.
1 new animation! When Adelina will crawl somewhere - You will see delightful animation of this process!)
+ it's visible on her character.

Me and my team hope, that You like our work!
Please check our new version and definitely leave Your comments here or on our Discord channel!
With love
SteamUP team
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Public post
v5 is out for Big Supporters. 1 week before it will be available for Active Supporters.
UPD: Link updated with fixed version.
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Public post
Hello everyone!
News build of project is out for our supporters!
Please check it out!
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Public post
Hi there! As promised current version goes to public!
Check this post:

I'm not satisfied about this release, but we work to make it better.
Leave Your comments.

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Public post
Hey everyone! We are back to work!
Check our new post!
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Public post

Hello my dear supporters and followers!

It’s been a month since our project started and I’m very happy for the attention you paid to our project and especially grateful to everyone who decided to support our project! Your donations give us the opportunity to develop this project, and your feedback helps us to understand the problems so we can fix them. We are keen to hear your suggestions and thoughts to determine the vector of the project development.
Thank you very much!

Let’s start with the date of the next update:

I certainly would love to give you at least an approximate date, but for now it is unrealistic. We started working with a new artist to speed up the development of graphic content, and now the artist is learning the ropes and is working on scene visualization. I would be incredibly happy, if we succeed. And if we make it this month, it would be way above my dreams, but I can’t predict how this will turn out.

This is what we are working on.

Myrhail polishes all existing dialogs and texts so that they are as comfortable as possible for reading and understanding.

We are changing the design of the game menu to make it pleasing to the eye, because every detail matters!

Of the existing problems with keys - We are looking for a programmer who will help us with this, but we have the same problems so far. If suddenly there is a JS-coder among those who are following our project please contact me in the comments here or private message in Discord. Of course, this work will be paid!

I spent a lot of time experimenting with plugins and other factors affecting fps. Although we cannot succeed in eliminating the current lighting system (because there are critical bugs in the alternative system that the plugin author hasn’t yet fixed, so we are waiting). We managed to fix the main problems with the fps drop! Therefore, now everything will work even faster!

Innovations and development road:

Development Focus:
This month's work is dedicated to working at the "Drunk Hat: pub. After much deliberation and evaluation of the current budget, I decided to change the work design of the waitress job! This is a pretty monotonous mini-game with one scene so far. Not extraordinary. But! What we are doing now will drive you crazy! You might like it! As soon as some drawings are done, I will definitely share it with you.

Roleplay system:
I’m currently working on an improved roleplay system design and its impact on dialogs. In this update, it will be very noticeable only in a mini-game with the work of a waitress. We want to know if you like this concept or not.

 - The way Adelina will serve customers will affect the popularity of the establishment! Nobody wants to visit an establishment with impolite waiterss and slow or careless service!

- The pub will have a reputation. The pub reputation will affect the number of customers who will visit it and the chance of getting a tip, and possibly its amount.

- Variety of visitors. Pub customers will react differently to the new sexy waitress, and will desire different things. Someone just wants to drink a glass of ale after a hard shift at work, others may want something else. Be considerate to customers and they will be considerate to Adelina's prosperity.

- Variety of service. Adelina will have the opportunity to use her natural talents (communication, flirting, etc...) in different ways to serve customers and depending on the level of her skills, the result will also be different.

- All interactions in the bar will be visualized!

I hope you will enjoy the design of this mini-game. Knowing many other projects that have mini-games related to the work of a waitress, it was not easy to come up with something original that would not repeat other creator's mini-games, but would not be boring.

Visual component:

- The scene with the drunkard in the bar will get visualization!

- Helena Winter will be visualized and will receive a set of emotions for dialogues (small set of emotions so far, but this is only the beginning!).

Bigger picture:

Combat system:
We are working on the combat system redesign to make it more interesting and diverse. It will take some amount of time, and will be presented once it is ready.

Character development tree:
Once we get your feedback on the work of the waitress, we will know how to organize it in a better way.

There will be no new story content in this update, but it is a goal that is under way.


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