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High Pressure is an adult RPG game built in RPGMaker MV where decisions matter.
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Recent posts

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Public post
Hello everyone!
News build of project is out for our supporters!
Please check it out!
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Public post
Hi there! As promised current version goes to public!
Check this post:

I'm not satisfied about this release, but we work to make it better.
Leave Your comments.

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Public post
Hey everyone! We are back to work!
Check our new post!
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Public post

Hello my dear supporters and followers!

It’s been a month since our project started and I’m very happy for the attention you paid to our project and especially grateful to everyone who decided to support our project! Your donations give us the opportunity to develop this project, and your feedback helps us to understand the problems so we can fix them. We are keen to hear your suggestions and thoughts to determine the vector of the project development.
Thank you very much!

Let’s start with the date of the next update:

I certainly would love to give you at least an approximate date, but for now it is unrealistic. We started working with a new artist to speed up the development of graphic content, and now the artist is learning the ropes and is working on scene visualization. I would be incredibly happy, if we succeed. And if we make it this month, it would be way above my dreams, but I can’t predict how this will turn out.

This is what we are working on.

Myrhail polishes all existing dialogs and texts so that they are as comfortable as possible for reading and understanding.

We are changing the design of the game menu to make it pleasing to the eye, because every detail matters!

Of the existing problems with keys - We are looking for a programmer who will help us with this, but we have the same problems so far. If suddenly there is a JS-coder among those who are following our project please contact me in the comments here or private message in Discord. Of course, this work will be paid!

I spent a lot of time experimenting with plugins and other factors affecting fps. Although we cannot succeed in eliminating the current lighting system (because there are critical bugs in the alternative system that the plugin author hasn’t yet fixed, so we are waiting). We managed to fix the main problems with the fps drop! Therefore, now everything will work even faster!

Innovations and development road:

Development Focus:
This month's work is dedicated to working at the "Drunk Hat: pub. After much deliberation and evaluation of the current budget, I decided to change the work design of the waitress job! This is a pretty monotonous mini-game with one scene so far. Not extraordinary. But! What we are doing now will drive you crazy! You might like it! As soon as some drawings are done, I will definitely share it with you.

Roleplay system:
I’m currently working on an improved roleplay system design and its impact on dialogs. In this update, it will be very noticeable only in a mini-game with the work of a waitress. We want to know if you like this concept or not.

 - The way Adelina will serve customers will affect the popularity of the establishment! Nobody wants to visit an establishment with impolite waiterss and slow or careless service!

- The pub will have a reputation. The pub reputation will affect the number of customers who will visit it and the chance of getting a tip, and possibly its amount.

- Variety of visitors. Pub customers will react differently to the new sexy waitress, and will desire different things. Someone just wants to drink a glass of ale after a hard shift at work, others may want something else. Be considerate to customers and they will be considerate to Adelina's prosperity.

- Variety of service. Adelina will have the opportunity to use her natural talents (communication, flirting, etc...) in different ways to serve customers and depending on the level of her skills, the result will also be different.

- All interactions in the bar will be visualized!

I hope you will enjoy the design of this mini-game. Knowing many other projects that have mini-games related to the work of a waitress, it was not easy to come up with something original that would not repeat other creator's mini-games, but would not be boring.

Visual component:

- The scene with the drunkard in the bar will get visualization!

- Helena Winter will be visualized and will receive a set of emotions for dialogues (small set of emotions so far, but this is only the beginning!).

Bigger picture:

Combat system:
We are working on the combat system redesign to make it more interesting and diverse. It will take some amount of time, and will be presented once it is ready.

Character development tree:
Once we get your feedback on the work of the waitress, we will know how to organize it in a better way.

There will be no new story content in this update, but it is a goal that is under way.


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Public post
Hello my dear supporters!

It's time to declare our plans for November, and tell You what exactly we are working on now! First of all We do read your comments, and want to improve our project! We are very grateful for Your bug-reports, and sharing of thoughts! In this way my ideas about different features become a vision of how some features will work!

1. The dialogues.
We saw a lot of problems with messed-up lines, bad English (note that in some places it's a dialect of characters, and not mistakes), and confusing lines.
Right now Myrhail will take care of this part (before it was result of my work, and writing isn't my strongest field), and we will do our best to make the next release more pleasurable for you!

2. The performance.
We are aware of countless problems with performance here and there especially with graphic part slow dress-up, decrease of FPS, and else. When I started this project I didn't know anything about weak points of the engine. Receiving this much complaints we can clearly see its weak points.
Therefore we are looking for experience Java Script programmer, who will help us to solve some of those problems, and mistakes in the existing plugins. Also we are working on optimization of images to reduce their size for the engine to render them faster.

3. New content.
This release was just a small start on big road. We keep making content to bring you a pleasure! We are working on new content and scenes at the moment.
We will try to make up to 2 scenes with art in November (exactly what scenes will be kept under wraps until their release). I want to make more, but cannot make any empty promises, and 2 new scenes sounds very close to reality with current funds.
Also we want to add tailor shop where you will be able to buy new clothes element for Adelina.
Also we want to add more story-related content with Ryse, if we will have enough time for that.

4. Core Changes.
We want to move possibility to change clothes from ingame menu to specific places (like wardrobe in apartment or changing room in tailor shop), but we need to know what you think about it before we will make such decisions.
We want to redo Combat System (a lot of people say, that it's unique, and we want to make it even more unique!) to make it more dynamic, versatile, challenging, and interesting. It will be really big change, and it will take a lot of time to design and produce it, but I want you to know, that we working on it. This change will have impact on weapon modification system too. Weapon will receive ammo types, more weapon parts (and possibility to build combat tactics, that will suit you most) skill levels and progressions, and a lot else. More information will be available once this idea grow-up to solution.

Thank You all for support! It's very important to us, and helps us making content.
Best wishes
Eeb2cc08 66dd 41c4 8ed7 204925a461f2 120x120 28x28 304x304

Hello there! First of all I want to say Thank You to all who already decided to support this proj...

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Public post
Hello and Welcome!

High Pressure is an adult RPG game built in RPGMaker MV where decisions matter. 
   Depending on your choices Adelina will be able to remain pure or fall into lustful wantonness. Keep her loyalty to the Empire, side with the Rebels or simply remain impartial as a true journalist. Earn fame and claim her prize in the contest or fade into obscurity.
  The decisions you take will change what Adelina is willing to do. Such as change her clothing or be more willing to engage in lewd acts.

The Story:

   Adelina Steinmeyer is heir to a small noble house that has fallen on hard times. Working as a journalist for the “Small Times” an independent publishing house in the capital of the Endar Empire.
   Opportunity knocks at her door as the head of the office intends to retire, offering her a chance to inherit the newspapers by taking part in a contest.
With the winds of rebellions and dissatisfaction brewing in the distant colonies of the empire. She must travel to the regions of conflict and write the best stories she can in hopes of earning her prize and restoring her house to its former glory.
   Her missions is easier said than done. The pressure to censor the events in favor of the Empire. The potential to use her writing to rally the Rebels. Or remain truly impartial and report the events as they happen. And adding to her troubles a string of robberies in the colony leave her with just the clothes on her back.
  Which road will she walk? What will she be willing to do in order to claim her prize? And what misadventures await her?


  • Look for various information to help you write a story. Talk with different characters, read the signs. Information can hide anywhere.
  • Even the smallest choice can lead you to an alternative development of events, or to other results. It will also influence the mood and character of Adelina.
  • Develop relationships with various characters, and open their storylines.
  • In order to shore up her finances after getting robbed Adelina will have to engage in various odd jobs, presented as simple mini-games. Each with their own potential to lead her into interesting situations. Some workplaces will demand certain attire from her. This will in turn help with changing what she is willing to do in order to keep herself afloat while waiting for her next big break.
  • Look for blueprints and details to modify your gun.
  • Engage in a custom built battle system. Manage your turn by using your action points in the most effective way. Quick but weak multiple attacks per turn, regular attacks or the costly aimed attack for greater damage. Tide things to your advantage by engaging in special actions! Take cover, try to dodge incoming shots or try to expose a weakness. Use items when the situation gets dire and need a special edge.
  • Adelina will be able to join an elite squad of “Judges” as they explore the sewers and try to root out the rebellion. In these missions smart management of resources will be key. Or instead take part in missions that support the rebellion. Everything in order to get her next big story and win the prize she is after.
  • Also in the course of the story, you will be able to take part in stealth missions.

Already presented features:

  • Clothing change module.
  • Own combat system.
  • Gun modification.
  • System of changing the time of day.
  • Lighting system with shadows.
  • Story development through various interactions.
  • Beautiful menu.

Planned features:

  • Character stat window.
  • Combat module improvement.
  • The window for the development of personal stats of the character.
  • Deeper consequences from character’s choice.
  • The reaction of others to Adelina’s appearance.
  • More places for work and more events in existing places.
  • More interactivity and side quests.
Why you should donate?
This project is being developed in spare time and exclusively for saved money and inspiration of team members. Your support will help us do more content and make it better for you. We are trying very hard to do something good, but without third-party financing it is extremely difficult.
Our main page is on Patreon.
We also have a page on
And page on Ko-fi.
These pages are used only for receiving donations so far. But if there is more attention to the project, I will do complete management of these pages. 
Join us on Discord! Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.

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