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Welcome to Argleton! I am the developer of Lucky Paradox, a game full of tranquility and romance.
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Recent posts

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Public post

Devlog - 1 [Story, Love & Depravity Path]

Hello There!
I hope you are all having a great week!

Today I have decided to create a new post, since lately I have been asked a lot about a new feature that Lucky Paradox will have, and if you have been reading the weekly posts then you probably know what I am talking about.

I also take the opportunity to inaugurate this new section called "Devlog",
where we will see some features that will be added to Lucky Paradox :D

My intention is to make this as clear as possible, as I wouldn't want to generate false expectations, either for good or bad.

I think it will be best to start describing the system in a general way, then explain the "Why" and finally go a bit deeper.

Currently I have been working a lot on a remake of Lucky Paradox, along with this and many improvements in the code, I have decided to add three paths for each girl: Story, Love and Depravity.

My intention with this is to be able to separate the content in a more interesting way, as my goal is to give the most freedom to the players when deciding what to do in Argleton, but also I want natural reactions from the characters and a natural development with the corresponding consequences too. This way the three main pillars of each character can be easily distinguished. It is also more consistent with the puzzle narrative that makes up the Lucky Paradox universe.

Each "Path" should not be mistaken as a route in a typical visual novel, but as alternative paths.
Imagine that the Story path is the trunk of a huge tree, while the Love and Depravity path are small branches that make the tree more beautiful and lusher.

A similar example of this would be the stories with the secondary characters in games like Mass Effect, which allow you to get to know each member of your group better in different aspects. This gives a greater narrative depth, as the characters don't just feel like puppets driven by the plot, but like people, who outside of the main story, have their lives, their conflicts, their likes and dislikes and things that make them happy.

To finish the Lucky Paradox story from beginning to end, the minimum requirement is to have finished at least one of the complete Story Paths. You can go through more than one of these paths if you want, which will also have consequences on what will happen at the end of your adventure through Argleton. As I explained once, Lucky Paradox is like a board game, and the cards you draw on the last move will shape the ending you get. Something similar to this happens in games like Fallout New Vegas, for example. There are no good endings or bad endings, they will simply be consequences of what Argleton has gone through.

Timmy: But Mr Stawer does that mean that I can go through all the paths in a single game, including the Love and Depravity path?

Stawer: That's right Timmy.

Even if you are not interested in the story and you only want to stay in Argleton indefinitely, you can simply ignore the Story path and play the other two paths that will be available.

The question is... How all does this work?

The answer is in the new interface. Each girl now has a detailed profile and to this are added two attributes: love and depravity.

The love points are represented with red hearts (similar to games like Stardew Valley) and the depravity points with purple hearts. This is a consequence of a redesign of the old relationship points, as they were too abstract, and it was difficult to understand the impact of them within the game.

By getting love points, we will unlock new events with a more "wholesome" approach, deepen the relationship with each of the girls and see things from different perspectives. Similar happens with the depravity points, although here we will explore fetishes and go deeper into the sexual part.

Timmy: I see, then is it corruption system?

Stawer: Similar, but I would not like to call it that way.

Sometimes a corruption system requires the girls to lose part of their characterization, going to exaggerate cases where they are mentally destroyed, it becomes almost like an excuse to have a sex toy, destroying the character completely.

I want to avoid that, since what I like most about Lucky Paradox, is to respect the characterization of each of the girls and appreciate how different they are in their way of being. Let's say this would be like experiencing new experiences with a GF, but all consensual and no extremes. This means that the events achieved with Prim or Mary will be softer than what might happen with Maxy or Charlotte (kinky girls).

Shower events would be an example of this, the only difference is that we will now earn purple hearts when performing these types of actions with a girl. If we get a certain amount of depravity, more actions will open and also more options. For example, having one of the girls sleep naked with you or not wearing clothes when they are in their room.

Love and Depravity path are optional content, even if you complete all these events the story will not end until you have completed at least one or more of the available Story Paths (Currently there are 7, one for each girl).

Finally, there is a new feature, I have called it the "Best Match" (reference to Kamen Rider Build lol), these are perfect combinations between two or more characters.

Be careful here with Spoilers XD


For example, if we get enough love points with Prim and Layla, the "Best Match" would be an event where you can help them to improve their relationship with each other. If we get enough depravity points with Maxy and Charlotte, we will get an interesting trio. We can even get a "Best Match" through the story, because if we advance the Story path of Yui and Charlotte, we will be able to unlock a new storyline where we will learn about Lissete's past, the secret of the golden dragon and all the past that has conditioned them both to be what they are in the present.

An example of this system at work in Lucky Paradox were the Role-playing events with Mary.
Through achieving certain progress in the Story path of Mary, Prim and Layla, new interactions have been unlocked. The only difference is that from now on, we will be shown an animation on screen, explicitly showing that we have unlocked this type of content.

I really think that with the "Best Match" the story will connect in a much more natural and organic way. There will be more communication between the girls and everything will have much more life, and the best thing is that without forcing the player to play parts of the story that he doesn't want: If you like only one of the girls, you can play without relating with the others and you want to form your harem, you can also do it (although it will be more work xDDD).

I hope that with this long post, it will be possible to understand all this in a better way. I know I've written a lot right now, but I like to be as transparent as possible and not generate false expectations.

I will be attentive to your questions, I know this can be a big change in the game, but I promise it is much simpler than you think.

If you want me to explain how routes and game endings work, that would be an interesting topic to cover in another post, but I think this one has been long enough for today.

I'll say goodbye for now and see you soon with more news :D
Take care <3

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Public post

Progress Sneak Peek - May 3

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

This week I will try to keep the progress report spoiler free, as much as possible, as some details have been added to the story.

I have put all my efforts during this week to complete the writing,
there has been quite a bit of progress with Layla, as the beginning of her story has been restructured with over 600 new lines of dialogue, I think with the new beginning as a better emotional connection with the player.

Sasha and Mary have received a few changes here and there. Nothing too serious and possibly unnoticed. The biggest change has been in Mary, as the first two events of the roleplaying games will now be part of her main story, this way, the roleplaying games will be a content more focused on moments of interaction between the girls and comedy, with a bunch of references.

By now, only the last additions and changes in Yui's story are left to be finished and it could be said that both the structure and the writing would be completed. Almost 50,000 words have been rewritten out of a total of 188,000 that make up the game up to version 0.6, curiously and despite the restructuring of content, the game now exceeds 200,000 words xD

From now on it will be easier to raise the character's attributes, since it will be possible to practice with the girls much faster and to this will be added a new library system that allows to obtain attributes in a passive way, although it is still an idea that is in its infancy. From now on attributes will have a cap of 999 for each one, except for appeal.

There are also two new soundtracks in development, one for the sandbox mode (to give more variety to the ambient music of the game) and a new soundtrack for the main menu, along with some animations to give more joy to the first screen we see when playing the game

I've also been working on some minor visual improvements, like new text boxes that alert the player about new content available, improvements in the transition from night to day (With a little nod to Zelda Majoras Mask xD) and I've been working on some prototypes of what will be the visual representation when earning love or depravity points with girls.

I might make another post this week explaining in detail the new "Love Path" and "Depravity Path", which will be included in version 0.7, but for now I'm totally focused on finishing the remake as soon as possible.

Timmy: But Mr. Stawi... When will I be able to play the LP remake?
Stawer: Probably this month, little Timmy, as soon as possible.
Timmy: And how many parts will the update be divided into? Previously there were four versions, but you haven't said anything about the remake.
Stawer: It will be only a final version, since the previous one was only an Alpha showing the interface.
Timmy: And how much remains to be done to finish the update?
Stawer: The programming and a lot of renders.

If I must be honest, working on this update has presented a huge mental drain, as it's hard to give a specific date. As I go through the content, I want to improve a lot of aspects and that is consuming more and more time. For now I think the best thing to do is to concentrate on finishing what has been planned so far and deliver an update as soon as possible. Other details can be polished in future updates... I would love to add new content to LP, but first I have to finish the remake and it's a bit frustrating...

And that's all for this week <3
Thanks a lot as always to everyone who has given their support to Lucky Paradox and I hope you're as excited as I am, to see all that's coming in the future.

I'm signing off with a picture of the little lord of evil who supports me during every work night <3

That could be Argleton beach, but who knows.

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Depravity Events Concepts - Prim and Maxy

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Depravity Events Concepts - Mary and Kaede

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Depravity Events Concepts - Layla and Clara

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Public post

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

This week there will be no renders to show, since all the work has been focused on writing and polishing the story as much as possible.

At the beginning it seemed like a simple task and... Oh boy... Even working 12 hours a day I haven't managed to advance enough this week...

For now all my efforts are focused on make the game story faster so that way it’ll feel more dynamic and that the story has no inconsistencies.

But what does that really mean
I'll try to explain it in the best possible way.

The mechanics of Lucky Paradox are meant to make the game like a board game. Where each turn is a day and each day is divided into 4 rounds (Morning, Noon, Dusk and Night). The morning is mostly focused on generating money, the night on interactions and the Noon and Dusk are for making progress in the story. Of course, it is a cycle that undergoes small variations, so that the gameplay does not feel too monotonous. However, it has been a process that has been perfected little by little with each update, but that had some flaws that were carried over from the first Lucky Paradox demo.

Something like this xD

Then comes the story, where each character follows a narrative thread divided into what could be decks of cards, to these are added even more cards as we progress with other girls, until when a player meets certain requirements, will draw a card from that deck and advance the story in question. There are two exceptions to this, though, which are Maxy and Sasha. Maxy acts in a more unpredictable and less controlled by the player's actions, something that goes well with her personality. Sasha, on the other hand, could be said to be watching how the chess pieces move and encouraging the player to move them as she sees fit. In the end, all these decks will be mixed and as a result we will have one of the many possible endings (similar to what happens in Fallout New Vegas, but I want to try to go a step further in that concept).
Considering the turns divided into 4 rounds, it caused a certain slowdown in the progress of the story during the beginning, and I consider myself a player rather than a developer, and I don't like something to take longer than it should. Therefore, if we wanted to access Maxy's story with the move to the restaurant, we would need 18 turns (in the best case), which translates into almost three weeks of gameplay.

Considering the decks, in Maxy's story itself, certain variations occur according to some actions, for example: Has Charlotte arrived before her? How much progress have you made with Prim? Is there more trust with Yui? And all this under the watchful eye of Sasha.

It's almost like an organism composed of a bunch of gears and I could say it seems almost magical xD.

The problem is that, in this case, I have to change the small gears at the beginning, since the final gears must distribute all this system (Which translates into narrative) in a correct way.

And to all this must be added hours and hours of testing, as it must not create conflicts with the content that is currently there.

And it is necessary to do that soon, since there is still a lot of story ahead and this, which seems silly at first glance, could lead the game to a future stagnation where the technical management becomes so complex that updates take a long time to come out and could lead the game to an uncertain future.

I believe that as a developer I should be honest, responsible and as transparent as possible about this. Possibly this update will take a week or two longer than planned.

And yes, first of all, I want to apologize, all this was due to my inexperience when I was starting and sometimes for speeding up the production of Lucky Paradox, because I had to work on the updates of the game, work as an engineer in my daily life (A lot of stress) and also study for exams at the university :(

Now I suffer those consequences after all the learning I have acquired during all this time and that I can dedicate more time to this thanks to you.

But back to the point...

This week I finished what is the rewrite of Prim and Maxy. It's been a tough process, but I think it turned out great. Now the story feels much more connected and organic, details are given that weren't there before and there are more wholesome moments in between. More than 15 events between the two have been recreated from scratch. They are totally new, even though the storyline is the same, I think it's worth all the suffering xD

And it is also faster to progress in both stories!

As I was saying, it used to take 3 weeks to access Maxy directly. This felt like an artificial time barrier that, as a player, I think is very annoying. Now you can access her in a third of the time required, plus Maxy's first two events no longer consume a cycle of time, so you'll have more time to get to know Argleton in between.

Not only that, but the basis for the girls' alternate histories has also been created. More of this type of content will be added in the future. Each girl will have three possible paths Story path, Love path and Depravity path.

I have also modified a bit the development of Lucky Paradox. Once version 0.6.5 is finished I want to focus on adding more content to the main girls, which would be focused on these alternative paths and more important interactions between them. I think it's necessary, so that the story doesn't feel so disconnected.

And that's it for today!

As always, I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has helped with the development of this incredible game!

Take care and see you soon with more beautiful news <3
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Prim and Layla OnlyFans - Bonus [NSFW]

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Public post

Progress Sneak Peek - April 12

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

This has been a week very focused on improving and polishing small details and giving more consistency to the design in general, maybe most of you won’t notice any difference between these changes, but personally I think that details give a lot of personality to a work.

On the other hand, there have been more restructurings in the game's story, although we are going to see everything in more detail in this post.

The restaurant has received a lot of small changes here and there, starting with an improvement in the color of the location, adding small details (mostly carpets, I love carpets xD) and adding some navigation aids and interactions to the place. There have also been small changes in the quick menu, to make it coherent to the game interface.

I will show some examples, with some of these changes:

The viewpoint of Charlotte's room has been lowered, so we can see Miss Baguette closer to the player. Also, details have been added to the finishes and some furniture has been slightly rearranged to have a better panoramic view of the environment.

The main entrance has received some changes in the furniture, the door leading to the kitchen has had a visual improvement and the colors of the environment are more saturated than before. Some navigation boxes have also been added, as there were players who did not know that there were other places to move around.

These navigation boxes have been added to the shower and bed interaction in the room.
The sand on the beach has been changed, so that it looks much more colorful compared to Silver Beach or the pier. This way, this location feels like a different place. From now on, there’ll be two different beaches on Argleton.

Another change has been to the game's exit menu. With a new location and two of our favorite girls. Some new links have been added and the buttons have been rearranged and are larger, to work better for Android users.

As you may notice, Layla now has a new bikini for beach events. This will replace the old bikini that was in the game.

The main menu will also be changed and improved, but it is still in the process of being finished xD

As for the story remake:

I've decided to add Prim's work uniform
, I think it will add a ton of charisma to the character, although, conversely, I now have to redo a lot of renders to be consistent with this change.

Maxy's first six events have been reduced to three.
This way, Maxy's move will be much faster, and we will be able to have fun with her without waiting so many days. 

A new event for Maxy on the beach will also be added and the first two creativity practice events have been merged, as they will now be part of her main story (to make the story more consistent), finally, other events will be rearranged to make everything coherent with the character development. 

In summary, the amount of events in the main story is the same, but there are more wholesome moments in between, plus other things a bit hotter :D

There will be no more graphical changes in the locations, as I want to concentrate all my efforts on the story remake and have the next update ready as soon as possible. Besides, I still have to add many details that were lost in the first versions, but that will help to understand the whole story with much more details.

I will continue to work hard on improving the game experience as much as possible, and that the new version feels like a refinement and improvement in all aspects of the current Lucky Paradox, as well as forming a solid foundation for all that is to come.

Thank you all for your unconditional support <3

Hope to see you soon with more news!
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Daisy OnlyFans - New Beach [NSFW]

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Public post

Progress Sneak Peek - April 5

Sorry for the late post...
Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

First of all... I hope you had a Happy Easter :D

During this week I have been very busy fixing bugs in the new Lucky Paradox interface and the links of the Alpha version have been updated. Also a small change has been made so that, when leaving a profile image, we go back to the Social Tab instead of it closing automatically, this way it is easier to navigate between character profiles.

Changes have been made in the way shower events work, as they were generating some problems... At one end these were activated so frequently that did not allow progress in the story... Or on the other hand... Never activated. From now on it will be a fixed and daily probability of 20%, I think it is a simple solution and not so hard to get.

The old locations that needed rework have been finished (The beach, The Pier and the Library)
. It has taken many hours of work and some concept changes, but they have been very colorful and vivid, not to mention the change of some complex graphics such as water and scenery distribution.

Let's see how the changes have been, starting with the library:

The pier has been restructured,
adding many details in the scenery that help to represent much better the fishing area and Daisy as a character. Also the place has been expanded preparing it for future events, and for the more detailed people, you can see Jenkins during the sunset (A goose that can't fly and dreams of being a seagull), standing on one of the logs that support the pier, although it is only a small detail.

The beach was not restructured but re-imagined and created from scratch.
This place looked very barren in the old versions of Lucky Paradox and honestly it did not look good. Now it is a completely new place, colorful and with much more charisma. Also, some extra event dressing rooms and other nice details have been added.

For now the activities "Request a Book" in the library and "Fishing" have been disabled.
They will have an improvement soon, but I'll leave this content out of the way in the meantime as from now on comes the part I consider the most important part of this update.

And now the new beginning of Lucky Paradox.

The story is being restructured and rewritten so that the first few minutes in Lucky Paradox represent the original spirit of the game much better. All item or money requirements for events will be removed, others will be merged to go faster in the gameplay, details that were deleted and help to know more details of the story will be added and a ton of images will be remastered to have better graphics, be consistent with the new environment along with some animations that have become outdated.

For now, the work is focused on Prim and I will summarize the changes that are being made so far:
  • Prim's first two events will now be part of a more extended first event. This way we will be able to unlock the first interactions almost immediately.
  • The four beach events will now be part of a single main story event. Previously you had to accompany Prim to the beach for four days, buy the bikini and only after that you had access to the costumes, this was a very unintuitive way to unlock this content, not to mention that it generated inconsistencies in the story. From now on buying the bikini won’t be necessary and since it is a single event, it is not necessary to spend four days to unlock everything. At the end of this main story event, the costumes, and the interaction of inviting Prim to the beach will be unlocked.
  • Event five and six of the main story will be merged into one larger event.
  • The prologue of the game will have a small extension, where we will be able to read the letter Anton left in the hospital before the protagonist woke up from the coma.

As for concepts... I really liked the idea of adding a working uniform. This was already added to Mary when she helps us during the jobs. I think it would be interesting to add this uniform to Prim, only with other colors... What do you guys think? Leave the answers in the comments

I want the feeling of playing Lucky Paradox when all this is completed to be a totally different experience.
You won't want to play a version with the old interface or with the old locations anymore xD
And that's it for this week!
Now I'll get back to work and I hope you have a great week!

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from 30 Mar, 2021

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Public post
Progress Sneak Peek - March 29
Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!
It's been a week full of ups and downs. Redoing the entire Lucky Paradox code base has been almost a nightmare, but it's finally complete and I can't tell you how great I feel after getting through it all.
Not only has the code base been improved by 9000% 
But many new mechanics have been added and the current systems have been expanded exponentially.
What do I mean by this?
For now the costume system had been added as an extra to main girls, but now there is the possibility of being able to add costumes to the secondary characters too. I still don't know if I will ever use this, but I like to have the possibilities in case they are needed.
Also, the relationship point system has been completely removed and replaced by something much better. From now on we will be able to earn love point (Red Hearts = Old relationship points) or depravity point (Violet Hearts) with each of the girls, which will activate new secondary events, and not only that, it has also been expanded to the secondary girls, so from future updates you will be able to earn love and depravity points with characters like Shizuka, Kaede or the new ones that are coming soon.
For characters without relationship paths, friendship points have been added. These will be used to unlock some perks in future updates.
Also, the perks system has been finished, which will be bonuses obtained mostly through secondary content. Now there are only two in the game, one with Maxy and one with Mary, but eventually there will be perks for each of the Lucky Paradox characters, and by each, I mean all the inhabitants of Argleton, including the player.
Speaking of player, it is already possible to change the name at any time. Perhaps it is something that destroys a little realism, but it has been a decision for convenience. A tab called "Glow" has also been added, where we will be able to see how the fireflies we have unlocked so far work.
This is all secondary content, so it will have no bearing on the main story. It can be ignored completely if you wish. I've always wanted to keep the philosophy of a game tailored to the player.
I think that, with this kind of additions, each inhabitant will have something to contribute to the game experience and gives more depth to the game universe.

And well, we now have detailed profiles for 25 Lucky Paradox characters to which more will be added in the future. Each girl has two attributes specified in her profile, which, as a curiosity, are the most defining traits for their personalities. Previously we could only see this information for the main girls, but that will no longer be a problem. Although John Silver is an exception... That turtle's personality remains a mystery.
For two days I have decided to take a little break from so much code and work a little on the content that will arrive in version 0.7.
What has happened in those two days?
A new girl has been finished, called Luna Blair the Blind Ghost.

She is Argleton's medium.
A blind girl who claims to be able to see things from beyond the grave and contact the spirits of the other side. She also has a lot to do with dark magics, spiritualism and rituals.
The secondary content of Luna will be very different and will add small elements of terror to the story of Lucky Paradox and special events for Halloween. That will be activated when you get to October in the Argleton calendar and events where our favorite girls will participate.
Her profile page has also been added, along with her corresponding love and depravity points. Although this will be hidden until the arrival of version 0.7.

That's all for this week. These improvements still need more testing, as the change internally has been huge, meowtastic and titanomastic. I haven't done enough testing on Android yet, but I'll keep polishing the little details.
The patreons of higher tiers will be able to test the new build with the new interface. This is a huge redesign for Lucky Paradox, it doesn't include new content yet.
From now on I'll start working on rewriting the beginning of the main girls' stories, as well as graphic updates to this part of the game, some scenarios and other renders in general.
And that's it for today.
Thank you all for supporting this project and see you soon with more news!!!!
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Public post

Progress Sneak Peek - March 23

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!
This week has been a little weird in terms of the work I've been doing. I've put in a lot of hours, but I feel like I haven't made enough progress because of the Stawer of the past.
Let's put this in a didactic example:
Since I started the first Lucky Paradox demo until now, I've learned an awful lot along the way. So, while trying to refactor the old code to the new interface... the horror... The code has been a complete chaos and I concluded that to continue working on it would be foolish, so I started refactoring all the code creating the character profiles... But the problem is that it's not hundreds of lines of code... it's thousands... Also, I must add that I want to keep compatibility with the old save games, so I've spent many hours full of frustration and stress putting some order.
But not everything is as bad as it sounds.
Twenty-four characters have already been included in the character roster and the interface has been written and designed from scratch to provide greater convenience. We will see the characters sorted according to our relationship level. A new layer of depth has also been added to the secondary girls, so that we can earn love and depravity points with them.

From the beginning we will have all the characters available, but we will only see Prim, since the rest will remain hidden. The amount of "?" indicates the amount of letters that the character name has, for example; Maxy = ???? or Layla = ?????.
Let's see it with a picture.

For old games you have to play for a few seconds for the interface to synchronize.
At the beginning this box will be completely empty, but in a few minutes everything should work correctly.
I am working on the profiles of all the inhabitants of Argleton. All of them are detailed, include alternative clothes and data that we will be able to get, similar to how it works with the main girls.
Daisy has received a graphical update, as the previous one was not yet upgraded to the current character standard. This will be useful for the arrival of her side story.
The same has happened with Helena and the new Argleton library. Although the locations have not yet been programmed, as there is still work to be done with the Pier and the Beach.

For now it is impossible to unlock the character profiles of Daisy and Helena, but they will be included in the restructuring of the story.
Two introductory mini events will be added for this, like what happens with Bonnie in Yorokobi.
I've also been reorganizing the old story progression to start preparing for the restructuring of the beginning of the game.
And that's all for now.
I plan to release an Alpha version of LP as a test of the new game interface in the next few days. It won't include new content, but it would be helpful to get your feedback: Game compatibility, optimization and general design.
I want the interface to be as perfect as possible <3
And that's it for today.
I hope you have a great week and see you soon with more news <3

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Progress Sneak Peek - v0.6.5

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox!

As I said last time I have been working a lot on the super technical update of Lucky Paradox.

A lot of the feedback I have got so far, is that sometimes you can feel lost in the story, you don't remember some details, the hints that tell you what to do can be very vague, you don't know if there is still content to be unlocked among other things that need to be improved. However, to make all these improvements there must be a very drastic change and that also requires a lot of work, but I think these are things that need to be improved.

But what if in addition to fixing those things... You also add more possibilities?

Well... In short I decided to destroy the whole Lucky Paradox interface and make a completely new one...

Timmy: This is Madness!

Stawer: This is Sparta!

But no jokes from now on, let's get down to the details.

First, the interface, making it cleaner and with the intention of reaching relevant information with the least amount of clicks (we have to increase the lifespan of the little mice).

The images showing the moments of the day are now much clearer than before. They are no longer just colours but are represented with the position of the sun and sky tone, as well as being bigger (That what she said!) and have a text to confirm it.
Below, a small box has been added that shows the month, the number of the day and the day of the week in a summarized way. This is to save as much space as possible.
Now there is a new button... Remember the calendar system?

As my intention is to add birthdays, Christmas, holidays, contests and other things in the future...
An extra tab has been added where we see the days of the month (there should be icons on the important days) and a box that gives a summary of all the activities (this still needs to be filled in).
However, adjusting the days for each month separately, considering leap years and adjusting end of the month days like Halloween or New Year, were a headache...
In the end I concluded to break all the logic and create a calendar system similar to reality, but at the same time different.

Prepare yourselves cause this is gonna be rough.

What would make it easier to coordinate the weeks would be perfect months, so four weeks and 7 days at the same time. Each month starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. Something like transforming every month into February.

But Mr. Stawer... If each month has only 28 days and we multiply it by the number of months... Then that results in 336 days and that could have consequences in future events... It would also give a lot of work to astrologers and horoscope writers.

That has a very easy solution... Just hack the time.

Hack the time?

I'll add a new month... If there are thirteen 28-day months, then we'll have 364 days. That way Christmas will be during the twelfth month, while New Year's would be at the end of the thirteenth.

Although for now there is the problem of having a name for that thirteenth month. I'm open to suggestions haha…

The button icons have been changed to better represent their usefulness. And the profile tab has been separated from the relationship tab.

The new profile tab is different in order. Now the numbers and letters are bigger and there is a perks tab, where we will get new bonuses to unlock new content or get some more bonuses. It will also be possible to change the MC's name by clicking on the name and typing a new one. Also a "Cheat" button will be added to have an absurd amount of stats and money that will be available only for Patreons (It will be added for the Candidate versions onwards).

In the relationships tab we will have all the characters we can find in LP. The characters that have a romantic path represent their relationship with hearts, while others, like the turtle John Silver, are represented with stars. There is no longer a distinction between a main and secondary girl, but every inhabitant of Argleton has something to add to the experience. The characters are sorted according to the level of relationship we have with them so that we can access the characters we are interested in more quickly.

The new relations interface has been made from scratch. Now more information is shown in the upper corner, such as weight, size and other things. This information will have to be obtained through conversations (if we have high charisma or subtlety) or deduced (through knowledge).

The red hearts represent the old relationship level, but has been renamed as "love points",
which will serve for secondary interactions such as petting, hugging or kissing and have been added the purple hearts "depravity points", the latter will be very relevant to unlock new content but focused on something else (If you know what I mean).

The box under the hearts are the new clues to progress in the story. For now, there is nothing, as the beginning of the story is in the process of being rewritten. But now they are much more detailed, indicating place, time of day or interaction needed.

Below in the "Story" box will be a summary of the story we have gone through with that character. In the beginning it will be a simple background and will be expanded as the character's main story progresses.

In the box on the right we have three more tabs:

- Events:
Displays secondary activities that unlock new content. Like charisma events, shower events and other things. Also, special events like birthdays, Christmas, etc... will be added in future updates.

- Perks:
We will gain bonuses with each character according to our relationship level or new activities. These bonuses can be things like increasing waiter earnings (Prim’s case) or unlocking threesomes (If there are enough depravity points). In case of secondary characters it can be a reduction in the price of the costumes (In the case of Kendra).

- Costume:
We can see the costumes that we have unlocked for each character and when we click on it we can see a preview of the character wearing the costume. This way we will know how many costumes we still have to unlock.

Everything looks cooler now!

The other interface elements have received a visual redesign only. So I've only highlighted what has been changed in this post, otherwise it will take forever xD

And that's it for today.

As always, I will be looking forward to your opinions to improve as much as possible.

I wish you a great week!

Have a beautiful day!
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Overview of the Next Update 0.6.5

Hello Hello!

I hope you are doing well so far 😊

Since the release of version 0.6 I have been actively working on Lucky Paradox, not only fixing bugs but also planning the upcoming content.
I've made a document where I've put together a lot of the feedback I've received on Lucky Paradox over the last few weeks, and I think before I keep adding more content, I need to polish the current content. For now, I'm going to call this Version 0.6.5 Supreme Technical Enhancement! or Technical Update for friends xD
In the beginning of LP, my knowledge of everything involved in developing a videogame was quite limited. Many things have been poorly designed or generated inconsistencies in the story, this due to the way the game has been designed. Some graphics have been outdated since they were made with a computer with very limited features and some of the code needs a refactoring.
In a nutshell, Lucky Paradox needs to be polished before moving on. Some changes and improvements will be made based on the feedback I have received over the past few months.

Regarding the story. The beginning of LP will be rewritten, which includes content from versions 0.1 and 0.2. My intention is to make everything more dynamic and streamlined. Remove the requirements of objects to be able to progress and redo all the graphical part that this entails. Add some details that were skipped in the first releases.

Three locations will be redesigned:
The beach, the fishing area and the library. This with the intention of making it look better graphically and have details that are more consistent with the story. This is also with the intention of adding the stories of the girl in the library and the one in the fishing area. Like the stories of Kaede, Shizuka, Sophia and Clara

The library will be improved, which will allow two attributes to be raised simultaneously. This will speed up the progression during the game.

The calendar system will be added: I had talked about this new addition some time ago and it will become relevant in future releases. Through this new option we will be able to see birthdays, celebrations, contests, and holidays. I am sure that with this Argleton will feel a much more alive and funnier.

The gift store will be added: With this we can unlock new interactions with all the girls. And in the future, it will be necessary to buy special gifts (It would not be polite not to buy a nice gift for a birthday or Christmas).

The relationship levels will be redesigned: I would like to add a direct interaction system, where it is possible to hug, caress or kiss one of the girls if the relationship level is enough. These interactions will not consume time and resources, but I personally like them because they are SUPER WHOLESOME!!!!

Finally, I will work on an optimization of the code and decrease the weight of the game. I won't give too many details about this, because it is a boring and technical part.... so let’s skip it xD

This update should not take too much time. The development time will be fast and I will dedicate as much time as I can to finish it as soon as possible. It will also be a great opportunity to test the new workflow :D

From now on I will also make public posts so you can see the development of the new content. I think this way it will be much more transparent the work in LP.

If all goes well, I will soon upload the Alpha version with many of the improvements already implemented so you can test all the new features.

- Timmy: But Mr.Stawer can I ask you something?
- Stawer: Yes Timmy, tell me.
- Timmy: All good Mr.Stawer but... I would not like to start from scratch again... What will happen to my saves on the game?
- Stawer: Good question, You don't have to worry about that. For now, and according to the tests I have been doing during the last week. The possibility of games being deleted is very low. The way I have done the code allows a lot of scalability, so it will only take a little tweaking and the games should work without problems.
- Timmy: That’s really nice Mr.Stawer now kiss me.
- Stawer: Halp!

And that's all for now!!!
I wish you a beautiful week and a huge hug from afar.
See you soon with more news :D

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Free Release - Lucky Paradox 0.6

   The total content of the game has increased by 45%, there are many new extraordinary things to discover, in addition to hundreds of fixes and improvements. From the first of the side stories to new locations and amazing activities.
   The story of three secondary girls have been added: Shizuka, Sophia and Clara. 
   And new locations, dozens of new interactions and sixteen new costumes.

   In addition, sometimes you may be able to find Maxy or Mary taking a bath during the sunsets.
You can look at them and do more interesting things, depending on your level of relationship with them.
   I hope you enjoy this new expansion <3
Attention: A small change has been made to the saving system. Now there is more space to save (from 6 slots to 12 per page) , but if you come from a previous version there will be a visual bug in the thumbnail. Saving again on this one fixes it, so dont worry :)

  • 400 - 480 min of New Content~
  • 69 New Animations (Kinky!).
  • 16 New Events Added to the Gallery.
  • New Continue Button to Prevent Data Loss.
  • Gallery Expansion for Maxy.
  • 6 New Original Theme Song.
  • New Mary Story Content.
  • New random event: Mary in the shower at Sunset, with three levels: Watching her, bathing with her and sex, depending on the progress in her story.
  • New Maxy Story Content.
  • New random event: Maxy in the shower at Sunset, with three levels: Watching her, bathing with her and sex, depending on the progress in her story.
  • New Sasha Story Content.
  • New Prim Story Content.
  • New Charlotte Story Content.
  • New Side Girl: Sarah Grant.
  • New Yui Story Content.
  • New Layla Story Content.
  • New Shizuka Story Content.
  • New Sophia Story Content.
  • New Clara Story Content.
  • 2 New Secret Event.
  • New Side Girl: Celestine.
  • New Side Girl: Liz Grant.
  • New Side Girl: Sarah Grant.
  • New Side Girl: Iris Barrie.
  • New Side Girl: Bonnie - At Yorokobi.
  • New Character, John Silver the Turtle.
  • New Side Girl Gallery.
  • New Gallery for Shizuka, Kaede, Sophia and Clara.
  • 2 New RPG Events with Mary.
  • Four new interaction with Mary.
  • Two new interaction with Maxy.
  • New costume for Prim (Princess).
  • New costume for Prim (Dancer).
  • New costume for Charlotte (Slave).
  • New costume for Charlotte (Secret).
  • New costume for Prim (Christmas).
  • New costume for Maxy/Mary (Christmas).
  • New costume for Charlotte (Christmas).
  • New costume for Layla (Christmas).
  • New costume for Yui (Christmas).
  • New costume for Sasha (Christmas).
  • New costume for Sasha (2B).
  • New costume for Mary (Elizabeth).
  • New costume for Mary (Isabella).
  • New costume for Maxy (Elizabeth).
  • New costume for Maxy (Sexy Girl).
  • New costume for Layla (Astrid).
  • New Costume for the Player (Blue Keikoji) depending on your level of pilgrimage
  • Idol Costume for Prim price reduced from $500 to $300.
  • Two new interaction with Sasha.
  • Four new interaction with Clara.
  • One new interaction with Bonnie.
  • Three new interaction with Sophia.
  • Three new interaction with Shizuka.
  • One new Interaction with Celestine: Voleyball.
  • Shoping with Sophia increase your Creativity.
  • One new interaction with Prim.
  • New Work in the Dojo.
  • New Location: Silver's Beach.
  • New Location: Museum with six sub locations.
  • New Founder's Board.
  • The Profit Calculation was Balanced: You now earn between 60% and 100% more by raising the corresponding attribute and the popularity gain was decreased by 20%. This is to decrease the popularity grind and to be able to acquire money faster at the beginning of the game.
  • Mary can now help you with restaurant work, increasing your earnings per attribute by an extra 50%.
  • Code Rework for More Animation Smoothness.
  • Code Rework on Android version.
  • Integration with Discord.
  • Transitions Animations between scenarios have been reduced by 35%.
  • Thousands of typos have been corrected.
  • Hundreds of bugs have been fixed.
  • New Save System.

Thank you very much to everyone who has given their support to make this possible <3

Edit: Updated links with all reported bugs fixed. Android saving system has been redone.


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Some Changes on Argleton

Hello Everyone!
The latest version is coming, and it will have extraordinary and sexy new content!
I know it has taken a long time to be finished and polished enough to be released and this has made me reconsider quite a lot the way I have been working so far.
For now, the way I have been updating Lucky Paradox with four big releases that combined make up the ultimate version. This has been a bit confusing for many people, as they are constantly asking me through messages how each version works and what is the new content.
The delay with the latest version was not only due to the accident and the move, I think the problem was deeper and comes from my work process. I also believe that I can make the development much more agile and dynamic.
The working process has been like this so far:
  • First is written all the content with all the details, descriptions, and thoughts of each character. Being possibly the phase that takes more time to perform. Since this includes planning the content.
  • The second step is to do a complete editing and deleting between 60% and 80% of everything written. Deleting unnecessary things and all descriptions. I feel that, being an audiovisual medium, everything described can be shown and a huge amount of unnecessary descriptive or expository text is useless.
  • The third step is to do all the artwork for the version. Considering the descriptions and thoughts deleted in the previous step.
  • The fourth step is to program everything. This is the most agile phase of the whole process, since programming is something that is simple for me. However, it is the most exhausting phase since I usually do two or three sessions of more than 20 hours of insane continuous programming. This part is very limited for me since I am always out of time.
  • Finally comes the test phase. This takes a relative amount of time. Sometimes it is a very fast process or sometimes an extremely slow and frustrating process, as happened in version 0.6D.

In short, it is a 0% or 100% process. It is impossible to be able to do an update halfway through
, because even if phase 1, 2 and 3 are complete at that time I only have the planning, writing and artwork finished, but nothing is programmed yet and consequently nothing is playable.
Version 0.6 exceeds the total of 90,000 words, not including everything that was deleted and translated. This may give you an idea of how hard it has been to finish this version xD
Last week I decided to design a remarkable new way of working, which allows me to be faster, save time in the writing phase and be more dynamic in the content.
The concept is to divide the content in very small and finalized phases. Not to write everything in detail, but to work on the art, writing and programming simultaneously.
Also, to avoid confusion, concept of versions divided by letters is dead from now on and we will return to the typical Alpha, Beta and Final.
As always, each version will include new content with each of the main girls, as well as a lot of new secondary interactions, as it has been until now. The versions will not be as dense as they have been so far, but will be more compact, to reduce testing times.
Tiers will have access as follows:
  • Novas and Alters: Unique access to Alpha, Beta and Final.
  • Candidate: Access to Beta and Final.
  • Citizen: Access to the Final two weeks before.
  • Friend: Access to the Final one week before.
  • Tourist: Access to the Final three days before.

I hope that this way the development of Lucky Paradox will be more constant and faster.
The final releases will be between one to three months, as opposed to four to five as it has been so far, and it is also a better way to deliver new content to all those who have contributed to make Lucky Paradox a reality.
As always, I am wide open to suggestions and new ideas 😊
To finish, a small interface improvement has been made and increasing the amount of available slots to save by 100%, going from 6 to 12. This will be implemented in the public release soon 😊


However, for now there is a visual bug with previously saved games, so the previous save image may be much larger than the new one, but it is only a visual bug and saving over the game will fix it. Your saved games will not be compromised or deleted.
That's all for now.
As always, thank you very much for everything and see you soon with more news!
Take care <3

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Lucky Paradox 0. 6D - Update

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Gia and Mary and Layla - Valentine's Special [NSFW]

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Happy Valentine's Day

A good excuse to eat chocolate xDDD

New costumes? Who knows?

I wish you all a lovely day <3

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from 07 Feb, 2021

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from 30 Jan, 2021

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The New Museum of Argleton

   Hello everyone!
   I hope you are well and having a good day
   The last week I've been working on a new location for Argleton, which will grow as the development of the game progresses and will also bring a world of new possibilities.
   If there's one thing I like about a video game, it's the immersion and the amount of circumstantial activities you can do. That not everything is reduced to going from point A to point B, or you feeling obligated to do a part of the content that you don't want to, just because that way you can continue to progress in the story.
   Do you want to just advance the story with one girl and forget about the others?
   You can do it
   Do you want to move forward with everyone of them without consequences?
   You can do it
   The main story is totally secondary if you're just looking for a game to build relationships or hang out all the time
   But what if you want to know more about the background?
   That and much more is what the new Museum of Argleton has been built for. Although for now it's just a solid base for future updates xD
   Entering through the front door, the first thing you will see is the reception, where you will find Sarah, the mayor's secretary and Liz's mother.
   In the background there is a sign where you can see the names of the patrons from tier Candidate or higher, as long as they want to appear, since it is an optional reward. If you are interested, just send me a message 😊
   At the bottom there are other signs that will not be useful yet, but they will be important to know the results of the contests or special events that take place in Argleton.
   From the left it is possible to access the garden. A quiet place where you can clear your mind. But in the future it will also have a practical function, as here we will be collecting and learning about the vegetation of Argleton.
   From the back we will arrive at the hall of the mayors, with a central table where we can see some of the logs that have been preserved, along with some artifacts that have been left by the mayors. In the future it will be possible to gather the logbook pages in this place, to better understanding of some details and to free up space in the inventory, since going everywhere with the pages can be a bit annoying xD.
   In the next room, we will find Liz, who will be in charge of the collection room. At the moment it is kinda empty, although as new content comes out it will take shape, as we will be able to keep here the interesting artifacts you find. It will be necessary to have a high level of knowledge to be able to unravel all the secrets of each artifact and make incursions with the help of Liz, to get them. It works similarly to the Stardew Valley museum, but in this case, it will serve to understand the details much better and unlock new content.
   On the second floor we can find the trophy room, which also, will be empty for the time being.

   These trophies will be obtained by different secondary activities. In the future there will be new content such as dance, singing, beauty or cosplay contests, culinary competitions between restaurants or simply awards you receive for important achievements made in the village. Each trophy will have categories of third, second and first place. It will depend on your performance and your attributes to get better positions.
   Finally, the aquarium room. In the future it will be possible to build a small aquarium here where you will be able to keep fish that you catch by fishing. However, fishing needs a little face washing before this content can work and make sense.
   As you can see, the museum is a place with totally optional content, but it will serve to add a layer of depth to the background of the game. Which must be filled with all kinds of things we find on our journey and in which, we will receive other kinds of rewards.
   And also... This is where we will be able to continue with the secondary stories of Liz and her mother Sarah, as well as small exchanges that we will have with Johan...
   I'm not going that deep to avoid spoilers! XD
   Did I already tell you that this place has a completely original musical theme?
   I hope you liked the news
   See you soon and remember to take care of your health <3
   Goodbye <3

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Lucky Paradox 0. 6C - Update

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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Merry Christmas!

   You have my best wishes and I hope you have a very VERY Happy Christmas!!!   
   Love you all and Thank you for all your support <3
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