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Welcome to Argleton! I am the developer of Lucky Paradox, a game full of tranquility and romance.
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Recent posts

Public post

Crafting Lucky Paradox #3: Difficult Weeks in My Life and Luna's Content

Hello everyone, there is a lot to say this week...

Long post alert.

I was debating quite a bit with myself about writing this post or not, as I have had a very bad few weeks, and it is difficult for me to write about what has happened, I hate to share negative news, but I think you deserve to know everything that has happened, as it has indirectly affected the development of the project.

Those of you who have been following the development of Lucky Paradox for a while will know my little buddy, a rather old bunny who unfortunately had been diagnosed with cancer. He has been a fundamental support for me during the development of Lucky Paradox. He was always there in the nights of work, in the days of frustration, in the good times and the bad times. He was a friend I could always rely on and who gave me unconditional support.

However, one Friday night he began to suffer some digestive problems, which got worse and worse, so I decided to hospitalize him urgently to stabilize him again. These crises became more and more constant, due to suffering from cancer and being of an advanced age for a rabbit (more than 12 years old).

I went through days of intense emotional stress in which I could hardly sleep. On Monday, I received positive news about his recovery, which gave me some relief. But the next day, the vet called me to tell me that he was no longer responding to any treatment and was on his last legs.

I went immediately and when I finally saw... he was in very bad shape. I felt a terrible impotence, but there was nothing more to do, I could only say goodbye to my little partner forever.

He died on Tuesday of the same week at 3:55 p.m....

Even though I always knew this could happen, I never imagined it would affect me so much emotionally and mentally. In the days that followed, I continued to work on Lucky Paradox while I waited for his ashes to give him a resting place.

And on Friday, I received another devastating news: my mother was hospitalized due to a stroke.

This ended what little emotional and mental stability I had left.

Expressing everything I feel in words is extremely difficult. I want to apologize for not being able to work faster so that you can enjoy more content. You, with your support, make possible the development of this game that is so special to me. But I needed to take at least a day or two to think about what to do next and find some stability. So, I decided to step away from development for Saturday and Sunday of that week.

At the beginning of the following week, I decided to resume development. Working somehow helps me keep my mind busy and avoid getting caught up in that tide of negativity. Besides, I don't think it's fair to stop development for so long, especially considering this is the biggest update yet. Although, my work speed hasn't been the same and I haven't managed to make as much progress as I had hoped.

It's been strange writing Luna Blair's story during these days, as it touches on some themes related to death and darkness. However, I have tried to focus it on a more fun plot.

Even so, there has been progress in the development:

I have completed writing of the Luna Blair story, which now contains a significant amount of content. I have also decided to remove the initial prerequisite, so you will be able to enjoy this story without needing to have reached Halloween within the game.

Through the side stories, you will be able to unlock two new activities with Luna Blair. The first one is a regular activity: "Going to the beach", which will allow you to earn Love points with the witch. The second activity, which for me is quite significant, is "Reading the Tarot", although it requires a more detailed explanation...

Luna Blair possesses special abilities that allow her to strengthen the relationships between the characters in the game and the player.
By performing the "Read the Tarot" action, they will be able to earn Love/Lust points with any of the girls in the game that have content to unlock. Of course, this comes at a cost (money), as Luna is a very business-focused girl. This option offers the possibility of spending money in exchange for saving time, as performing this activity will not advance the clock, although for the moment it has a limit: you will only be able to get five Love/Lust hearts with each girl.

This is also a small reference to Chihaya system from Persona 5.

Luna's story will unlock two new eroge scenes, both of which could turn out to be quite strange. One will be triggered through spirit possession, and the other will be unlocked through a crossover event with Maxy. These scenes serve to set the trend for future Luna content, and both will be optional.

My intention is that Luna's story will feel very different to anything seen so far and that this, along with the other secondary girls to come, will allow other content to be explored. I think this will enrich the story and make it more and more of an adventure.

A new gallery entry (Blue Firefly) has been added (Luna Blair), from where you will be able to revisit the two previous eroge scenes. Even if you decide to avoid these two scenes during the story, the content will still be unlocked in the gallery, so you can enjoy them if you think the time is right.

From now on we only must edit the texts and make hundreds of renders, there is still a lot of work to do, but it will be totally worth it when you see the final result.

Although for now I'm working slower than usual because mentally I'm not feeling in the best shape, bad things never last forever, and I think I should soon recover to be able to work at my usual speed.

I apologize for the potential delay in the update's release date, as I do my best to prevent such delays...

Your support on Patreon means the world to me, especially during these trying weeks. It's a vital part of Lucky Paradox's progress, and I truly appreciate it <3

I hope the week ahead treats you kindly. Stay well, and stay tuned for more updates coming your way!
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Public post

Crafting Lucky Paradox #2: Tournament Arc Finished and More!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox.
Over the past two weeks, I have made moderate progress on several aspects of the game.
Let me give you a more detailed overview:

I have managed to complete the tournament arc, what was discussed in the last report. This time around, I've broken this part of the story into five key events and even mixed in a bit of Cassie's side story that I had planned to incorporate at some point. This decision was made in order to achieve a more fluid narrative, since leaving it as a side story could lose coherence and the events will have a profound impact on the development of Yui, Kaede and Shizuka's characters in the future.

I have been making some of the renders covering this part of the story, since having so many characters involved also increases the complexity of each render, also considering some different scenes than what they are used to. This also translates into more production time.

In terms of the amount of content, this part of the tournament will be quite extensive, and we will be able to meet the rivals that will appear during the tournament. This has required a lot of work in character design, new costumes and some scenarios, it is probably the most intense update in this section so far, so it will be a phase that will take a little longer than expected.

With the culmination of the tournament arc, I've started working on Luna Blair's side story. I plan to make most of these events playable during the "Night," which will bring an added dimension to the narrative during less eventful times of day. This choice aligns perfectly with Luna Blair's personality and context.

As for the code, I have done some small tests to test some of the new content that will be included during this update cycle.

There are still some visual improvements to be made in the gallery, especially in the interface, since from now on Liz Grant will also be considered one of the main girls, and I'm making some necessary adjustments in the code, as well as adding her corresponding star at the top of her Gallery portrait.

And that's it for this progress report!

Thank you all very much for your support on Patreon, as, with your contribution, the realization of Lucky Paradox in all its splendor is possible <3.

I wish you a beautiful week, take care of yourselves and see you soon with more news!
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Mapping the Future: What's Coming in Lucky Paradox Version 0. 9

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Unlock Tier
Public post

Knightly Passions - A Fantasy Adult Visual Novel!

Knightly Passions is an adult visual novel with RPG elements that’s set in a unique fantasy world.
You play as a dashing young hunter who’s on a desperate quest to find his abducted sister. During your search, you’ll battle bloodcurdling monsters, grapple with supernatural mysteries, and uncover ancient secrets in a compelling medieval realm filled with women whose beauties exceed your wildest dreams. Do you have what it takes to find steadfast friends, overcome the forces of evil, and discover the keys to the maidens’ hearts (and panties)? Will you rise to the challenge?
Awaiting you in the game is:
  • An incredible tale of adventure that you won’t soon forget.
  • Dozens of maidens of all shapes and sizes to seduce.
  • Support for a variety of fetishes, high-quality illustrations, and meticulously animated adult content (Live2d).
  • An exciting card combat system.
  • An assortment of minigames.
  • Original epic music to enhance your sensational experiences.
  • Magic! It’s a wondrous thing, especially when employed in an erotic game.
We invite all of you to dive into a thrilling fantasy world that will bewitch your heart and mind!
Warning! This game contains scenes of an erotic nature, physical and emotional violence, and profanity.
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Public post

Crafting Lucky Paradox #1: Developing Yui Story and the Tournament Arc

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sneak peek of Lucky Paradox.

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on the Kinks post. Your insights have been invaluable in shaping the direction of future content. 

For those who haven't had a chance to read it yet, I encourage you to check out the post in question. Your input is always welcome and greatly appreciated!


We are here with two more weeks of development, this time on a Tuesday, since it is more comfortable for me to do the devlogs on this day of the week. I hope this is not a bad thing for you.

I also want to change the format of the titles, since the previous format was too generic, I think that putting a more precise title will help to know what to expect before clicking on a post.

Now let's get down to the important stuff!

The new 0.9 update cycle has already started, and I am currently working on the second part of the tournament arc.

This part of the story includes a lot of development for Yui's story, rivalries will be formed and all the necessary world building elements for the later events will be established. I have to admit that this has been a huge challenge for me, as it is the Lucky Paradox story arc where we will see the most characters involved, but at the same time, I don't want it to be too long.

Currently, in writing, there are way more words than I'd like to have, making the editing process heavier than usual.

For this, I'm thinking of dividing this part of the story into five events of a moderate length, trying to cut as much as possible to make it as concise as possible, since I want to add as much development in as little time as possible, without damaging the pace I manage in the narrative of the game and, above all, that it's fun for you, which is the most important thing.

I promise that this second part of the tournament will be even better than the first one!

On the other hand, I also have planned a secondary story update for our favorite witch, Luna Blair, since it's something that players have been asking for a long time, and rightfully so, since it has TWO BIG REASONS, hahaha

Luna Blair's new content is a content update that I plan to release in the month of Halloween, as it would be more thematic with the dates, and personally, I'm looking forward to working on this part of the story, as Luna Blair is a girl that I like quite a bit.

Initially, I was planning to release these two content expansions in two separate updates. However, considering the length of the next update and a possible move (no exact date yet), I want to leave some time to 'maneuver' and avoid too many delays.

In the meantime, I've also been writing a bit of Helena and Celestine's side stories, which I would like to add at some point in this development cycle, and little by little I want to add all the side stories of the girls that don't have their own one yet.

Finally, I've been fixing some bugs in version 0.8.6, but it's nothing relevant to justify uploading a new update, currently the game is quite large and uploading the whole file to fix small bugs is quite large. It also doesn't help that I have already started with the first part of version 0.9.

There are still quite a few things in the planning that I have to adjust in order to get everything done within the deadline. Therefore, I want to take a little more time before providing a complete overview of what will come with this new update cycle. I also want to make at some point an update with general improvements for the game, with new graphics that have not been finished yet (like the Argleton map), sound effects for the erotic scenes, among other things, which I also want to share with you in the future.

Well, that's all for this progress report!

THANK YOU all very much for your support on Patreon, because, with your contribution, it's possible to keep creating content for Lucky Paradox <3

I wish you a beautiful week, take care of YOURSELVES and see you soon with more news!
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Public post

Unlocking the Next Chapter: Discover Lucky Paradox v0.8.5!

This update includes more events, and it's bigger than the last update.

You need to start the story with Maxy, then continue with Mary and continue to the end with Maxy again. For the potion events you must have Maxy or Mary activated, their character box will change in the potion store according this.

If you already have the previous 0.8.4 version, you can simply download the patch that includes only the new content to avoid downloading a large file.  Added Android and compressed versions too!

I hope you enjoy this update!

  • Clara event no available on the Potion Shop fixed.
  • Maxy/Mary change on Potion Shop fixed.


  • 150 - 180 min of New Content~
  • 2 New Event Added to the Gallery.
  • New Maxy Huge Story Content
  • New Mary Huge Story Content
  • A New Secret Event
  • New Girl Profile: Galila Conwey.
  • New Shrink Potion Event Added for Maxy
  • New Growth Potion Event Added for Mary
  • Growth Potion added for Maxy
  • Growth and Shrink Potion Maxy Variation added to the Gallery.
  • Growth Mary Variation added to the Gallery.
  • New Location: Argleton's Church
  • New Interaction with Galila at Church (very little for now)
  • More details for character profiles (Love/Lust and Progress)
  • Now Patch Update should work ;)
  • Some typos and text has been fixed
  • More bugs have been fixed
  • New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Maxy's Profile for Shrink Potion Events.
  • New Hints in the Events tab has been added to Mary's Profile for Growth Potion Events.
  • A New Fanart added to the Museum Gallery
  • Some typos and text has been fixed
  • More bugs have been fixed



If you just prefer to download the new content, and you already have version 0.8.4.

Unzip and then copy and paste the content into the Lucky Paradox folder, if it asks you to replace, say yes.


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