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Fiction author, sci-fi comic artist planning to open her own 100% indie animation studio. Appreciate your help very much! ^__^''
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  • "My boyfriend's from Alpha Centauri" is a sci-fi BL novel I`m currently writing. During the process, this comic was born, partly as an illustrated project for the novel, now a self-standing version of the original story. Both stories are about wild adventures of a slightly paranoid bartender Brian Twist and his boyfriend Daeh Lynn, an elite alien thief, who's wanted in billions of galaxies all over the universe.

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Chapter 1 Part 1 is here. The sizes are usual, as I upload to Tapas, but those of you who wish to view full-sized pages can subscribe to support me.
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Hey guys! I`m going to start posting my comic here soon! I still haven't figured out the whole interface thingy, but I`ll do it soon! Thanks to my 1st supoprter!!! I appreciate your help SO MUCH!

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I`m going to devote the funds to translating my first LGBTQ-themed novel into English, while also illustrating it with the help of another artist. I already have a translator,and an artist ready to work with me. Now we just need the funds :) Be awesome, guys, help me do it, please :)


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