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I'm an artist and gaming V-tuber. I'm a very chill and laid -back dude who just loves fun and bringing good vibes. ^^ So let's chill and have fun, yeah!
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If you'd like to support me with donations every month, you can sub here! If you aren't interested in Exlusive Livestreams on Picarto, this TieR be your choosin'!

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This TieR comes with a few things! Updates on NSFW Non Commission works, and exclusive Livestreams on Picarto every Saturday at 9 PM EST!! So if interested, do check it out!!

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  • Get access to EXCLUSIVE livestreams on Picarto and just a means of supporting me through donations if you'd like!

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Hello! My first ever post here! How are you all? 
I wanted to talk about how I'll be usin' this. For those who just wanna support me financially, there will be a 5 Dollar TieR for it simply for support. If you wand to join me in EXCLUSIVE Picarto streams where I will be drawin' stuff that isn't too safe for work, then there will be a 20 Dollar TieR for it! And that's pretty much it!. Also I'll try to post progress updates to stuff I'm workin' on so look out for it! 
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