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Roadmap: FarmD v1.3.0

Here's what is coming up for FarmD v1.3.0:
- Custom character imports. Likely will be a Unity asset/tool for importing a rigged character and setting up their components.
- Animation overhaul. With the custom character importing, there may need to be rig changes which will break some existing animations. This was anticipated, so most of the animations currently in-game are simplified or placeholders, which could then be refined and improved.
- Farmhouse interior.
- A handful of smaller features like dildo/masturbation support for desktop mode, a VR-mode tutorial, and audio updates.
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[PUBLIC] FarmD v1.2.0

World expansion, new species and sex positions, inventory system, and more.

CHANGELOG (since v1.1.0 public)

- Added a new partner species, gryphon, along with a new voice pack. Species can be changed in the Body tab of the Character Menu.
- Added a new player species, kobold, with a few body types and colorsets to choose from.
- Added two new voice options for the player.
- The world has been expanded to include the valley surrounding your farm. Check out the clifftops to the east, the lake to the south, or the waterfall grotto in the forest to the west. A farmhouse has been added but is just a shell for now, it will be filled out with furniture and activities in a later build.
- You can now sprint (desktop: Left Shift, VR: click left stick / touchpad).
- Added a handful of conveniently shaped objects in the world, so you can do the previous sex positions out in the wild.
- Added a new Performance options panel, with a handful of settings to adjust for better performance on low-end machines, or for better framerates in VR mode.
- Added a world map, accessed through the pause menu (or hotkey M in desktop mode). You can use it to fast travel to a few points of interest.
- Added a day/night cycle, with settings that can be adjusted in the Preferences. You can set the time of day, the speed of the cycle, or sync it up to your real time.
- Added a title screen that shows before the play mode prompt.
- Added support for localization. You can now change the language on the Play Mode Prompt at startup, or in the Preferences page in the options. Community translations have been provided for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish.
- Added an inventory system, so you can now pick objects up and carry them around with you. Most of the objects in the game are currently not very useful, but this system will get some more use in future updates. See below for play-mode-specific info on using the inventory system.
- Added an equipment system and two equipment items for your partner. See below for play-mode-specific info on using equipment.
- Added a saddle which can be found on the workbench near the stable doors. You can ride on your partner's back to travel around when they're wearing the saddle.
- Added a belly rig which can be found near the sofa in the stable. While belly riding, your partner will walk on a loop around the farm - you can use commands to determine how fast they walk. This activity currently only has a few positions and requires your partner to have a dick, and will be expanded on more in the future.
- Added a player action (Lie Down) with two new sex positions, facesitting and partner cowgirl / riding. This action is available whenever you're not currently interacting with an object or in a sex position.

- You can now do the doggystyle position anywhere in the world, instead of only on the rug in the stable. Open the player action menu (desktop: Tab by default, vr: A/X/touchpad click on either hand) and select the "Doggystyle" option. Along with this, the rug in the stable is no longer an interactable object.
- The position and orientation of you and your partner are now saved to your file when you quit the game, as long as you use the Quit button and don't force-quit some other way.
- Changed the tail rigs for characters. Tails should now react a little better physically instead of clipping through things. This also resolved some issues when playing at higher framerates, and seems to have slightly better performance than before.
- For consistency with the visual style in the rest of the world, some textures in the stable have been changed slightly, and some lighting effects may look different.
- A number of backend changes to character rigs were made in order to support species swapping, and to lay the groundwork for custom character imports later.
- Your walk cycle now speeds up to a jog if you keep moving forward.
- Your partner's maximum walk speed is increased, and will start trotting if they get up to speed.
- Your partner's AI will now take a bit longer between picking new activities to do.
- Your partner's AI will no longer get bored and pick other activities after being told to follow you, if you are still moving.
- Your partner's "Active AI" mode will no longer select the Stop action during sex scenes - they will now only exit sex positions when the Exit Position command is available.
- If the Character menu was opened from the Pause menu, the Back button will now return to the Pause menu instead of going back to the Save File Select menu.
- Improvements to the responsiveness of vibrators and strokers, so they should be less spotty during penetration.
- Adjusted some breast jiggle properties so they should give more consistent results.
- Tweaked the cum appearance and properties slightly.

- Fixed a bug where selecting a different texture layer in the Edit Colorset mode was causing the previous layer's color to be applied to the new layer.
- Fixed an issue where your partner would sometimes twist their head around when transitioning to the "Pin Me Down" pose in doggystyle.
- Maxing out a character's arousal in the character menu and then removing their cock should no longer cause cum to continue emitting from nowhere.
- Fixed some issues where some penetration effects could get stuck on, such as blowjob sound effects or the clipping plane on your partner's dick.
- Fixed an occasional error that could occur when changing selections on a radial menu.
- Adjusted the partner's dick-sucking animation to fix some alignment issues.
- Better handling for an issue where some users would occasionally get an error loading the profile on startup.
- Added font support for some missing characters that were preventing some supporters' names from rendering correctly in the credits.
- Fixed some deformation issues with the leopard model's ass, particularly when bent over and penetrated.
- Fixed an alignment issue with the player's hips in the missionary anal position.

- Sound effects when interacting with some of the new objects do not fit well - for example, the creaking-wood sound still plays when mounting missionary on the boulder. I'm planning to update the audio handling in general in a later build.
- Some of the gryphon's animations currently look a bit odd due to the slightly different proportions and genital placement of this model compared to the drake's. These issues will be addressed at a later time, when the new penetration system is added in v1.2.x and animations are reworked.

- You can now pick up items that are close in front of you, by using the Interact key on them (default: E). A green outline will show around the current target item to be picked up. If there are multiple items nearby, the one closest to the mouse cursor (or the center of the screen) will be the current target.
- Added UI for the inventory system, accessed with hotkey:I by default. In the inventory menu, you can drag and drop to rearrange items, navigate between pages, and right-click or drag an item out to drop it on the ground.
- You can trade items with your partner by walking up to their side and pressing the Interact key. Giving them equipment items will cause the item to automatically be equipped, but you can also right-click on it to manually equip or unequip it.
- When your partner is wearing the saddle or belly rig, interacting with their side will show a radial menu with options to trade or ride.
- Added an autorun hotkey (default: Q).

- For consistency with other activities, your partner will no longer bend over automatically when you walk near their ass.
- The maximum zoom-out distance for the third-person camera has been increased.

- Fixed a bug where the blue highlight on interactable objects wasn't showing up when you walk near them.
- Fixed a bug where cum-through during missionary anal would sometimes not disable the fluid emitter for the player's mouth afterwards.
- Fixed an error when changing from the first-person to third-person camera while exiting an interaction.
- The cursor will now remain active when a radial menu is visible, instead of locking in the center of the screen and making the radial menu unusable in some scenarios.

- Added a backpack for accessing the inventory. To access it, reach over your shoulder and grab with the grip or trigger. The backpack contains slots that most grabbable items can be placed in, and multiple pages to store items which you can navigate to with the UI arrows. Place the backpack on your back again to take it with you - or, it will automatically return to your back if you get too far away from it.
- You can equip the saddle on your partner by holding it over their back and release when the target area appears to equip it. When it's equipped, grab the seat part of the saddle to unequip it again.
- When your partner is wearing the saddle, hold one of your hands over it to enter riding mode. Control your movement with the left stick/touchpad, and dismount by opening the player action radial menu (A / X / touchpad click) and selecting the "Dismount" option.
- The belly rig can be equipped in the same way as the saddle (holding it over your partner's back), though both cannot be equipped at the same time. Once equipped, hold one of your hands down in the straps below their belly, and the radial for selecting which position to ride in will appear. Use the Command Menu to select how fast your partner moves, and the Player Action menu to Dismount and exit the position.

- Updated the version of HurricaneVR, which is used for the hand rigs in VR mode. Seems to have improved some of the jerky motion when grabbing objects.
- Changed the trigger for getting your partner to open their mouth - there is now a grabbable area on their chin that will trigger the mouth opening, rather than needing to play around with their lips.
- The sitting surface calibration is now required on the first time playing the game, since leaving it at the default values can cause clipping issues in some positions, particularly with the crate. All players will need to re-set their sitting surface height/position, since there was no easy way to determine if this had already been done or not.
- Adjusted some physics properties for the player's feet when using full-body tracking, to hopefully reduce some floatiness issues.
- Due to some changes to the foot rigs, foot tracking may need to be re-calibrated.
- The Vive bindings for the Teleport and Snap-Turn actions have been changed to be on Touch rather than on Click, to prevent conflicts with the radial menu actions.
- Increased the teleport arc distance.

- Fixed some cock-grab handling for the player that was causing your hands to sometimes get twisted at odd angles when you grabbed your dick.
- Fixed a bug where the "Sit Up" and "Slide Down" commands could sometimes get incorrectly disabled in your partner's leaning-on-back / riding poses.
- Fixed some issues with the save file menu that could make files difficult to select.

- There is not yet a way to access your partner's inventory in VR mode. If you give them any items in Desktop mode, these items will be inaccessible when playing in VR mode until you trade them back or drop them in Desktop mode.

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Public post

Heads up: Probably no supporter builds in April

With the FarmD v1.2.0 public build releasing shortly, the next big task on my list is to start on support for custom character imports. This is going to involve some tool programming for a Unity asset, reworking some character handling things to support it in-game, and most likely changes to the character rigs which will require animations to be fixed or redone. Since it's quite a big task that can't easily be broken into small steps to release in intermediate alpha builds, it may be a while before the next viable build is ready, and I'm not anticipating that will be done within a month.

So if you're a supporter and need to save a few bucks, unsubscribe before the end of the month and check back when there's a new build posted. Thanks for the support so far!

As always, you can keep an eye on development with regular status updates in my Discord server: or check out the occasional dev stream on Picarto:
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FarmD v1. 1. 6

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FarmD v1. 1. 5 hotfix

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