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I'm creating adult RPG games using 2D images that I draw myself.
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Hello World!
Recently I've seen a lot of people starting their own H-RPG projects, and some of them are Really good....but....most of them use 3d models from Daz and such, so, in the end, their images looks really alike ( but I'm not complaining, REALLY! I like them all!);
so I thought : Why not try to do a game "old style", with drawn images?
And so, Here I Am!

Right now, Chapter Two is still on a really Early stage, while Chapter One is complete!
A little introduction about the game:
Warning, what I'm about to say is a spoiler from the game's intro, read at your own risk!
Succubus Tales is an Adult Games series, made with RPG Maker VX Ace (at least the first chapter);
its story revolves around Nicci, a powerful succubus, who, after being betrayed by her "boss", an even more powerful Demon Lord, is forced to fight a group of exorcist.
After the battle she's about to die, and so her only way to survive is to transfer her soul inside one of the exorcst's body, a nun to be precise, and take control of it.
To make sure to not leave any trace behind, she have to leave her own village, and burn her house.
After a long travel she reach, exhausted, a remote village, where she plan to regain a portion of her lost energy due to the soul transfer and start her revenge!
To regain her lost energy she need to spread corruption and lust among villagers ( but of course, she's a succubus after all!)
And this is the "plot" of chapter one"!
Following below there are screenshots and some more info on the game:

And my game won't have only drawn images, but custom-made portrait and sprite too!
(not all, of course, but a lot of them! The numbers of custom-made ones is incresing between every update)

And Sex Sprite!

That's a pretty good thing, right?
As for the "Gameplay style", I'm taking inspiration from games like Village of Nightmare.
Anyway, this is my VERY first try at both drawing and creating a game, so, I know, it probably won't be the BEST game Ever, but I hope to get better as time pass =P
For Example,just by playing the first chapter of the game from the start to the end, you can clearly see how my art style improved a bit...
And, since English is not my mother/main language, feel free to correct me on any wrong spelling or sentences, you're more than welcome to point them out!

So, now the Big question:
Why should you become my Subscriber?
Because it's simply the best thing to do if you like my game and want to support me, speed up the progression process, and, of course, keep me motivated!

This is the COMPLETE, public Version (Chapter 1 - v 1.0) of the game:

Gallery for version 1.0 of Chapter 1 (tiers 20$ and above):

This is Version 0.1B of Chapter 2 :

Gallery for version 0.1 of Chapter 2 (tiers 20$ and above):

Script & Tilesets Credits:
- Multiple Event Self-Switch Control - by Nathanial B.
- Large Choices - by Hime
- Title Menu with images - by NerdiGaming
- Button Common Events - by Yanfly
- System Options - by Yanfly
- Picture Bug Fix - by Mithran
- Custom tilesets by Ayene-chan
- Quest-Log by DRS

Feel free to join my discord server, by clicking on the link below!
Discord Link

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Basic Tier
  • Thank you for supporting me!
  • You can now access the news feed! Stay up-to-date with the development process!
0 subscribers
per month
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Uncommon Tier
  • All of the Above!
  • a Bigger Thank you for supporting me!
  • you will get the latest version of the game Before everyone else.
1 subscriber
per month
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Rare Tier
  • All of the Above!
  • Naked / Sex event images preview!
  • you will get access to special poll, regarding the progression of the game, and what game i'm going to do next!
1 subscriber
per month
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Epic Tier
  • All of the Above!
  • your name will appear in the hall of fame!
0 subscribers
per month
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Legendary Tier
  • All of the Above!
  • You must really like me and my work uh? A thank you could not be enough for this kind of generosity,so you won't only get your name in the hall of fame, but, if you want, I'll make a personalized sprite that will appear in the hall of fame room!
  • When a new game version is released, you'll get a separate archive with the pictures I've used so far, in their original size!
0 subscribers


  • 2D images
  • Corruption and Demonification
  • Futa
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