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Hi, I'm JRayne. I love creating gay 3D erotic art.
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Dumb Koala Games
If you like games featuring 18+ teens with petite bodies in hot and sexy situations, you've cum to the right place! We are releasing monthly game updates for your pleasure :) Subscribe under a free tier to receive notifications about new posts.
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Hi, I´m creating Visual Novels
Mushi is creating "Wishes (18+)"
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Tabitha Androse
I am a freelance 3DCG creator with experience in the adult industry. Welcome to my Creator's Exhibit where I occasionally post my current 3DCG works and commissions.
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The Higher Society
This is a visual novel where we follow the relationship between the MC and his stepdaughter. They love each other and the MC doesn't purposely try to corrupt her. I try to make the story feel realistic and the MC is not portrayed as a bad guy. Angelina (The stepdaughter) is exploring her sexuality and MC is helping her. In that process there will be some sex between Angelina and other girls, some optional and some not. This is a long story with more than 60 days of gameplay. I don’t have any artistic skills or technical skills, and English is not my native language. I therefor need a lot of help to turn my story into a visual novel with good pictures, good animations, and good English. I hope those who like the story will help the development by supporting the project on Subscriberstar.
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New Frontiers Digital Media
Animated, 3D, porn-adventure movies! Join my characters on the ride of a lifetime!
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Dumb Koala
Hi I'm Henny! I'm a prolific creator of cute 3D teen models that star in amazing games, naughty videos, episodic comics, and sexy photoshoots full of gorgeous, nasty sex! You will get access to my massive back-catalog of work, and I post new content at least once every week! All characters are 18+
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