The Reality of GMod
Fandoms: Garry's Mod, Fate/Grand Order (non-canon), King of Fighters (also non-canon)
Fetishes: Big Tits, Creations, Titjob, Paizuri, Breast Worship, Orgasm Denial (verbal), Femdom (light), FFM, Lactation (but that bit is actually frowned upon)
Canon Characters: Xuanzang Sanzang (Fate/Grand Order), Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters)
Original Characters: Billy Red
Perspective: First Person Omniscient (Billy)
Author: cheyenne_writer (commissioned by yours truly)

 Summary: Billy Red finds a GMod and attempts to use it to fulfill his fantasy. However, his lack of specifics and fear of rudeness makes this not exactly like he envisioned. 

Listed below are the images for reference. Xuanzang is by Wolffeld Price. Athena is a doujin cover, Mushrooms Communication 7 by Kinoko All-Stars