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We are a team of an eroge loving team working to bring high-quality games like Meltys Quest to everyone around the world!! Currently we are focused on Karryn's Prison!
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April 4th 2022: Progress Report

Hello everyone, Rem here with this week's Progress Report. I'll be using voice to text for this week's report too.

Well I think this is going to be more of a health report than a progress report if anything. The first for the progress out of the way, Sachinama is back from their break and has been working like a machine drawing up the new cut-in variations. The game version is now up to v.1.0.5g btw!

And now for the Health Report, if you aren't interested then you could skip the rest of this post. First it has been diagnosis that my family member has foot gout. I took them to the doctor and paid for an injection. Luckily, they're able to go to physical therapy with me so this is like killing two birds with one stone.

And for the past week I've basically just been nursing, getting physical therapy, and really ramping up my personal self home treatment. I brought a new cold compress, and with my old heating pad I've just been using one or the other on my body the whole week.

It turns out I did jump the shark in last week's progress report, because in the seventh physical therapy last week, I finally discovered where the source of the pain is coming from. And God, I can't believe it's been almost 1 month since I injured both my wrist. And it's still not healed. Sometimes I just think that this just sucks so much and that really makes me down. Fucking push-ups man.

Anyway, I'm going to continue to go to physical therapy with my family member. I'm going to take every day one day at a time. Everyone take care, stay safe, and I'll talk to you all next week.

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Public post

March 28th 2022: Progress Report

Hello everyone, Rem here with this week's Progress Report. I'll be using voice to text for this week's report too.

Going to be a short report this week because this week was basically just the same as last week. There was one difference though, on Thursday I went back to physical therapy because I got scolded by people for skipping out on my physical therapy. And I honestly the Thursday session actually felt pretty good, it was painful but painful in a good way. I don't want to jump the shark, but I feel like my left hand is pretty close to 90% recovered after last Thursday's physical therapy. Still a bit tight but better. However my right hand still remains a problem and goddamn, it's been almost a month since my hands have been injured and I almost have forgotten what it feels like to have a normal working right hand at this point.

I actually really wanted to do to go to physical therapy today too but one of my family member developed a medical issue today and I've been watching and nursing them. I'm pretty worried but I'm hoping it's not going to become a big deal.

On another note, no one asked but I've actually managed to play a bit more eroge last weekend after the physical therapy with my left hand, woohoo. Also Sachinama is going to go on a break for a few days. Sachinama's last break was after Karryn's Prison was finished back in December/January, so it's a well deserved time off for a few days. Thank you Sachinama! And if you haven't realized yet, Karryn's Prison has been updated to v.1.0.5f2 on Steam, you can check out the patch notes on Steam.

With that all said, that will be this week's report. Everyone take care, stay safe, and I'll talk to you all again next week.

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March 21th 2022: Progress Report

Hello everyone, Rem here with this week's Progress Report.

I'm NOT using the speech to text program this week and I hope I won't regret that decision by the end of this post.

So last week was pretty uneventful. I mostly spent my time chilling, hanging out with family, and watching videos. Mainly, just avoiding using my wrists as much as I can. Okay, I'm switching to speech to text now for the rest of the post.

Yeah so unfortunately my hands haven't recover enough to for me to use do computer work that much yet huh. I have been doing a little bit of work for KP, I did a few bug fixes and I implemented Sachinama's beautiful cut in art. I also played at a few eroge demos like a total of a few hours for the whole week. I actually did not go to physical therapy last week because while my hand still hurt and really I felt it did not hurt enough to the point where I need to go to physical therapy. In other words the pain has gone down a lot compared to the previous two weeks but it's still it's still very obvious that the hands haven't fully recovered yet. And I also mostly got proper sleep and I had no stomach pain which is always great.

And I am going to end this week's post here. While honestly it is really irritating that it's taking so long for my wrists to heal, there's just nothing more to it I just got to be patient and just let it heal. I think if there's one major take away that I want everybody to learn from this is when you doing push ups and your wrist or hand starts hurting to just stop doing the push-ups and don't do like 25 more because oooooh I'm below my daily raps man come on I could do more, just push it no pain no gain. Take care of everybody and I will see you all next week.

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Public post

March 14th 2022: Progress Report

Hello everyone, Rem here with this week's Progress Report. I'll be using voice to text for this week's report too.

First for Karryn's Prison, the game has been updated to v.1.0.5b2 on Steam and will be shortly updated to that version on DLsite also. This update features the new cut-in variations lovingly drawn by Sachinama! There is also a jrpg sale on Steam going on right now for a week with most of our titles having a discount during this period!

Now haha, time for the weekly Health Report. Well right after the report from last Monday, disaster struck and I came down with some kind of illness or maybe even food poisoning? I'm still not too sure. Basically I would be having trouble staying asleep like I will wake up in the middle of the night after a few hours. I also had severe stomach pain and I would need to go to the bathroom multiple times per day. I also sneezed alot and had runny nose. Luckily, the worst of this only happen for the first 2 days and afterwards the symptoms got a bit more mild.

I kind of suspect that maybe it was a cold from the temperature outside while going for a physical therapy and I was under the weather or I caught something from somebody. There's also a chance that I ate something that gave me food poisoning, I suspected the yogurt I had on Monday was expired because it was sitting in my fridge for 2 weeks. Just to be a bit on the safe side I also did a self home covid test and it returned negative.

On Friday I felt well enough to be able to go outside without worrying about pooping my pants so I did my third physical therapy then. And I did my fourth physical therapy today. And honestly I feel like the pain on my hand and wrist have gotten a lot better. But it still hurts quite a bit especially this morning when I woke up and turned my bedroom door's doorknob with my right hand and felt a sharp ass pain and I got super worried.

But it's still better than before and I guess that's a sign that the treatment is currently working. So with that said I want to end this week's report. I'm going to continue to do my physical therapies. I hope everyone stay safe out there and I will talk to you all next week!

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Public post

March 7th 2022: Progress Report

Hello everyone, Rem here with this week's Progress Report. I'll be using voice to text for this week's report too.

First of all Sachinama has been hard at work creating the cut in variations and I hope that I will be able to implement them into the game by the end of this week

The rest of this post will be talking about my health so if you're uninterested in hearing about that I advise you to stop and for those who have been waiting for news about translations, work has been progressing because they do not need my involvement in them currently so please rest assured.

First up the X-ray report my right hand. The results turned out to be negative so the bones in my right hand are fine, there's been no injury there. But I did not find out about this until almost by the end of the week because my doctor did not call me and honestly my opinion of my current doctor is extremely low. My primary care doctors organization was the one who detected my cancer at the early stages and help connect me with a surgeon so I feel like I owe a great debt of gratitude to them for essentially saving in my life. However ever since the covid pandemic every nurse and doctor and staff that I did knew in the clinic have all been completely replaced. And I have been less than satisfied with the new staff since then even though the organization name still remains the same. Well whatever I'm just grumbling at this point by using text-to-speech and kind of missing the old community feeling I had with my previous doctors and nurses.

Anyway more importantly, after hearing about the X-ray results I decided to seek a specialist for pain and injuries. Through a recommendation from my friend, I seek one of the best specialist in the city. And her diagnosis was.......

Small potatoes. My injury was minor and was not something worth losing sleep over as I had been doing. Repetitive strain injury from computer work. Tendon injury from overly doing pushups. Possible chance of carpal tunnel, but something like carpal tunnel is not something that could be diagnosed by pain with no numbness through only one week but from several weeks of pain.

So in her care I have begun physical therapy. I'm no stranger to physical therapy. I've done it several times my life and I dread having to do it again. But this time the facility and staff feel and look a lot more professional so it has given me new hope. And after doing physical therapy and having a diagnosis from that famous expert doctor, I realize that I am now in the rehabilitation stage. Up until then I thought this was one of the many times have feel wrist pain and that this is just something I could rest and recover from a few days so I was depressed that I was not seeing any improvements.

Today I just finished my second physical therapy and I've been recommended to do around 8 to see how things go after that point and re-evaluate if need be. And also it turns out that one of the main stretching exercise that I have been doing for years to ward off carpal tunnel syndrome was in fact hindering my recovery during this injury because it causes too much stress on my wrists and I was told to stop. Honestly it's been pretty hard to stop doing the exercise because it's almost a completely built in habit at this point that I do it whenever I take a break and stretch or whenever. Also I was told even after I recover to stop doing push-ups because my wrists are too weak and unable to support my body weight, ha, ha ha ha......

To be honest I'm not a fan of physical therapy because of my prior experience with them and even after these two times I don't feel like the pain in my hand and wrist have really gotten better, if anything it kind of hurts a bit more but who knows. I'll keep an open mind about this and just take it a day at a time. Now that I realize that this isn't just a minor pain that I could just sleep it off and just rest it off but something I have to actively rehabilitate from, I feel like mentally my mind has gone a lot better.

So there you have it this the end of this week's report. In the scope of things going on around the world right now it's extraordinary really minor and like my doctor said Small Potatoes. I hope everyone stay safe out there and I will speak to you again next week.

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