Welcome to the lovely lair, My name is Red Shyheart freelancer artist that want to bring more lewd to the internet. I'm a digital artists and I like develop my work each day because this is my call, I want to keep making pictures and improve in my own fields that's why I have this place.

What do I do?
The goals I try to reach here are simple, I want to draw as much as I can. All my work is meant to be free, I do this because i love making drawings , but keeping a regular flow of pictures takes time, that's why I need your support to have more time to dedicate at art!

Our Goal.
The first of my future plans are the creation of a functional space to let people watch my work as much as I can, after all, what is picture with out no one to see it? So my first effort will be dedicated on a small blog that will serve as a gallery. All with the meaning of making art.

Why do I have to pay you?
You don't have to! I apreciate every kind of support, even the most shy of the likes is welcome with love! But if you are able to help me by sending money at my direccion that will help me dedicate to fullest with this.

Do not forget! I am an nsfw artist and that means my work will be lewd and kinky so be sure to stay comfortable with my line of work. Though there is a lot of funny fetish out there I'll be working mostly with: Yuri, Futanari, Expansion and Transformation. of course that is not set in stone and we welcome anything enjoyable in the right context.

And for you?
For you the moment I  don't have much to offer. Right now  there is a monthly picture in wich we let decide our patrons in a pool what character should we draw next and some theme on it but as we grow our rewards will increase and suggestion for our watchers is always apreciated.

Thanks for reaching this far on the scrolling, enjoy our art! and of course everyone is welcome so if you have questions or suggestions we are all ears!