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Ratava Studio
Ratava Studio
are creating adult visual novel - Avatar of Lust
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Ratava Studio
What awaits a brave man across the ocean who only wants to travel around the world?
We will tell you the story of how a young man crossed the ocean and was drawn into the underhand intrigues of the gods and their avatars, living incarnations of the gods. He only wanted to travel the demon continent. For which he even ran away from his wedding and boarded a ship. But unfortunately for him, he became my chosen one, the chosen one of pleasure and lust, the Аvatar of Lust.

The story takes place in the era of geographical discovery. You play as a young man who ran away from his own wedding. He goes to the continent of demons for the sake of fulfilling their dreams. And also for fulfilling one of my requests

Screenshots of the game:

Tags that exist in the game: harem, monster girl, milf, teen
Tags that are planned in the game: lesbian, defloration, anal, threesome and other

Links to download the game: Later
Our discord server: Later
Our pages on social networks: TWITTER | VK.COM

Thank you for paying attention to our game

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Recent posts

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Ratava Studio
Public post
Report 2 and 3. Development continues. There are no details.

Отчет 2 и 3. Разработка продолжается. Подробностей нет.

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Ratava Studio
Public post
The report will be published every week on Sunday. So. First report. Development of the game began in January-February. I had an idea, free engine, some knowledge of Renpy and some money. I found an artist.

Due to our busy schedule, we could not actively make the game, but we already have some results of our creativity. This is an almost completely ported scenario with few selections and a few sprites.

It remains to draw sex scenes, a couple of sprites, and additional arts of actions and events. The script will also be reworked. In addition, you will need to start working on the background in the game.

Отчеты будут публиковаться каждую неделю в воскресенье. Итак. Первый отчет. Разработка игры началась с января-февраля. У меня была идея, бесплатный движок, какие-то знания РенПи и немного денег. Я нашёл художника.

Из-за занятости мы не могли активно делать игру, но у нас уже есть некоторые результаты нашего творчества. Это почти полностью перенесенный в игру сценарий с немногочисленными выборами и несколько спрайтов.

Осталось отрисовать сцены секса, парочку спрайтов и дополнительные арты действий и событий. Также сценарий будет перерабатываться. И к тому же нужно будет уже начать работать над background в игре.

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