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I'm RanliLabz, and I'm creating SpaceCorps XXX - a ridiculously lewd interactive VN with a sci-fi setting.
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Welcome to the Corps, Cadet! With this rank you'll get: * Access to the Patreon feed! * Regular updates, game development pics, and polls! * Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)! * All my love!

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You're on the promotion track now, soldier! You'll get: * All the above! * Patreon-only in-game content - including the Korrupted Minigame and extra Wrestlemania scenes! * Patron-Only Special Features - including the 'HighWire' Movie! * Future release teasers! * Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)!

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Finally, some real power! You'll get: * All the Above! * Even more Patreon-only content! * Vote in polls for game direction and character design! * Access to the Xenobiology 101 series - including the Mission To Terex spin-off game and PhoneJacked Gallery! * Unique Discord role (with Crew Quarters access)!

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You're officer class now! You'll receive: * All the above! * Early release! (usually 3 days early) * Name added to the credits, so that everybody knows how much you've helped! * Unique Discord role (with access to the Bridge)!

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Captain on Deck! You'll get: * All the above! * Name added to Super-Patreon credits! * Special Command Deck polls and questionnaires to allow you to really shape the game! * Enter the Captain's Name Contest to name an upcoming secondary character, ship, planet, or alien race!

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Making a name for yourself! You'll get: * All the above! * Get your name referenced within a Minigame if you hold this rank for 3 months! * You will blow my mind! 🤯 * Unique Discord role (with access to the Bridge and the chance to become a Moderator)!

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  • Receive additional in-game content, spin-off mini-games and exclusive pics!
  • Vote in Polls for content, characters and names!
  • Be first in line to have your suggestions, story-lines and characters added to the game!

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Join the Corps!
Welcome to the Recruitment page of SpaceCorps XXX. My name's Ranli, and I've been working on this project for over a year as artist, writer and programmer. With your help, I can continue making high-quality adult content.

Full Game HD Version (900MB):
PCSD - v0.2.5
MacSD - v0.2.5
Mobile (436MB): (kindly ported by Spear1403)
Android - v0.2.5
Walkthroughs (11MB):

Walkthrough v0.2.1a

SPIN OFF GAMES: see pinned posts below for more information and download links!
🎥HighWire Horror Xmas Movie! (available to Ensigns+)🎥
👽Mission To Terex Minigame (available to Sergeants+)👽
📲PhoneJacked Gallery (available to Sergeants+)📲
🧬Project Gemini Minigame (Free Release)🧬

The Story So Far...
The war between the Interstellar Union and the Cervaxian Empire has raged for twenty years...
To defend the Motherland from the alien menace, every Union citizen must join  SpaceCorps the day they turn nineteen...
Today is your nineteenth birthday...

You play as a naïve young farmhand from Ganymede, thrust into an exciting (and raunchy) galaxy when you're conscripted into SpaceCorps. Meet the training crew of the USS Mercury - a rag-tag of gorgeous aliens, sexy cyborgs and predatory milfs. Seduce your beautiful fellow cadets in an ongoing dating-sim to see just how close you can all get. Visit strange new worlds and new civilizations with very different moral codes.

Your path is open for you to choose. Help a self-aware AI find out what it feels like to be human; or find out just what connection the strict Drill Sergeant has to your past. Seduce your childhood sweetheart; or humiliate your school bully. Explore kinks you never even knew you had!

Free Release Features
- 10 characters you can interact with, and more to come.
- Choose which characters you want to pursue.
- Choose which kinks you like, and which you don't.
- Play as straight (default), bisexual or gay. TS option in the works.
- Multiple action and dialogue options.
- Several different endings per scene.
- Screens to monitor your development and progress.
  And much, much more to come...

Current Patron-Only Extra Content
- A very raunchy minigame for Ensign+ ranks!
- 50 special pics in the 'Wrestlemania' scene for Ensign+ ranks!
- Peek inside Cis' laptop for Ensign+ ranks!
- Access to the HighWire Horror! Xmas Movie for Ensign+ ranks!
- Access to the Mission To Terex Minigame for Sergeant+ ranks!
- Access to the Phonejacked Gallery for Sergeant+ ranks!
- Find out about the universe in the Xenobiology 101 series for Sergeant+ ranks!
- Multiple unique characters and additional locations (inc. Spin-offs)!
- Lots and lots of sexy pics on Patreon!

(See some saucy images from the game on my DeviantArt Page)

This game does not include explicit depictions of underage characters, or any other content forbidden by the SubscribeStar TOS. 

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Whooo! 😁 My first collaboration is out - made with the wonderful 🐺Nykwolf! I'm really pleased with this... Nykwolf's a wonderful artist and she really pulled out the stops on this one! 🚀

This is the first of my 2-project collaborations... with more to follow if you guys like them! The content in each won't be for everyone, of course - this one's for the futa fans, the next one (made with 💪🏻DazSwole) will be for m/m lovers - but the great advantage of these is that I can simultaneously push out fresh and different minis without impacting the progress of the main game! 🤗 (Plus giving some of my favourite artists a little showcase, of course!)

You'll notice an ad at the back (lol - I'm such a hustler! 😂) That's obviously not for the SubscribeStars, but unlike the pledge-only minigames I make in house, these initial collaborations will be free release... although you guys will always get to see them first! 😉

Hope you like it!

Content Spoiler: taboo, clone, teen, futa-on-female, vaginal sex, oral sex, male masturbation, voyeurism, cumswap, pregnant

PS - like and comment if you enjoyed it - it'll let me know if you're keen on the content and show Nykwolf a bit of love! ❤

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