Build 25

Launcher (play while downloading): Windows, Linux, Mac.

Full build: Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.

Alternative links: Mega, Drive.

Cheat code is here. (Unlocks the gallery scenes / collectibles / soundtracks, the cheats, and dialogue / quest editors)

Game walkthrough.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the long wait, but here we go. This time we help Aya to hunt a Deer! We added a combat tutorial, two more soundtracks (one for Dee x Aya scene and Hiho's theme), reworked the Old Docks location, added the Monster Hunters inn location in the Old Docks, a bunch of new pinups to find, and a way to get drunk in combat! We are also adding a way to end the Osh'to tribe quest with the help of the Alchemist and Dee.

Aya was moved to the Monster Hunters inn, and she will wait outside when she is ready to start the quest. We updated the walkthrough.

On the technical side we switched our animation pipeline from Anima2D to Spine. It initially took a lot more time than planned, but should improve the quality of our animations, and hopefully this shows already with this update's Dee x Aya scene. We also upgraded our game engine from Unity 2019 to 2021, which may result on new undiscovered bugs. Let us know here or in discord if you find any bug or typo.

Have fun!


  • Aya and Dee 2 animated scenes and CG.
  • Aya and Dee cuddles sprite.
  • 3 new Aya dialogue portrait poses.
  • Improved Aya dialogue portrait expressions and arms.
  • Improved Hera dialogue portrait.
  • Aya animated sprite.
  • 1 new Dee dialogue portrait pose and new expressions.
  • 4 new hidden collectible pinups.
  • Monster hunter inn location.
  • Reworked the old docks location.
  • A new soundtrack named "Nighttime Armony".
  • Hiho theme soundtrack.
  • All the prologue fights are now in the world rather than instanced.
  • New combat tutorial at the beginning of the prologue and a combat glossary.
  • Persistent effects system affecting the combat, such as being drunk.
  • Polished the prologue.
  • Updated the game from Unity 2019 to 2021.