Public Release 0.1506 - New Sprites and Script Rewrites
It's been a little while, but public release day is upon us once again~

In terms of new writing, there's admittedly not much to offer this month, with an alternate ending for Sayori's route and a small extension of Nozomi's reversal path the main additions. However, there's been several rewritten scenes this time around. Mainly this concerns the opening parts of the game and is intended to characterize Kyou as more deluded and socially awkward while toning down the sociopathy when it comes to his thoughts and actions early on. It's still a bit of a work in progress but I hope it improves on the original script.

On the art side of things, Hiroko's tennis friend on her route now has a sprite and a name change~ Risa (formerly Kasumi) has a bigger role in Hiroko's route than either of the other main girls, so I really wanted to give her a visual presence in the game. She looks great, and will probably make a few more appearances if I find the opportunity~

Nozomi's sprite now has a second pose, in line with the other girls. It's nice that she doesn't have to directly face the camera (and therefore Kyou :p) all the time now.

That about sums up this month's updates. Join us in the new year as I turn the art focus to filling out the CG library, along with adding what writing I can during the holiday period.

What's New 
  • Significant rewriting of the script concerning Kyou's motivation. Main areas this affected were: Opening scenes leading up to the first choice and aftermath, much of the Delusion route, the Nozomi route's café scene and the early scenes of the Villainous route
  • You can now refuse Sayori's request at the end of her route, leading to a different ending
  • Replaced one of the music tracks with a new tune: The triumphant theme that sometimes plays when Kyou feels he's majorly succeeded at something
  • New pose added for Nozomi's sprite
  • New sprite added for Risa (formerly Kasumi). She appears frequently during Hiroko's route
  • Rewrote most of the back half of the Villainous Robot path's second ending (obtained by arranging to meet Sayori at Nozomi's house)
  • Written functional dialogue for Nozomi's Reversal route, up to about halfway through the fourth day
  • Made some more tweaks to a few of the conversations along Hiroko's route
  • Fixed a bug on Nozomi's path where Kyou testing his theory on her to the full and taking responsibility led to the game jumping to Hiroko's ending and then crashing
  • Word count is now over 127,500 
  • Numerous general typo/grammatical corrections

Known Issue
  • Nozomi's sprite fails to appear for one line during Sayori's route, on the third day