Introducing My Mind Control Fantasy Visual Novel - Penlight
Hey everyone! Welcome to my SubscribeStar page!

So yes, I figured I'd make a page on here to expand my online presence a bit more, and maybe attract a little more funding from would-be subscribers to help fund my visual novel development. 

Penlight, my first visual novel, has been some time in the making. It's a story about a troubled young man in his last year of high-school, who uses his untapped genius to refashion a penlight into a device that can help him hypnotize others and, long story short, it's far more capable in that regard than he ever thought possible. That could be bad news for some of the girls who he happens to take an interest in, not least of all his class rep, for whom he's harboured a long-standing crush on...

(Despite the premise and the fact that this is on the 18+ section of the website, this is more of an R-rated game. I'm putting it here because while there are no current intentions to show explicit sex in the game, there is a lot of non-consensual mind control, which is a bit of a squick to some audiences all on its own)

So, along with this introductory post I give you the most recent public release of Penlight. It's clearly unfinished, with a lot of options left hanging, but it's playable from start to finish along multiple routes and should be a compelling read for anyone into mind control fantasy. Feel free to download the latest public release below, and if you like what you see, consider giving your support to receive the latest updates up to four weeks before everyone else!

  • Around 74,000 words
  • Three main routes, playable from start to end, with at least one consequential choice for each
  • Hypnosis & Mind Control (Consenting and non-consenting)
  • Mild D/s
  • Dehumanization
  • Male protagonist
  • Three female characters
  • 2D Animé-style art (In the process of upgrading from placeholder stock sprites) 

Most recent additions
  • Nozomi's sprite has been updated with a full range of outfits 
  • New initial sprite art for Sayori (limited functionality) 
  • First CG has been inserted into the game, depicting the start of the game's two darker routes 
  • New path added for Nozomi's consensual route, starting from the third day
  • New alternate choice added for the Villainous route along the robot path, leading to a very different conclusion
  • Added a secondary character to accommodate the Villainous route additions 
  • Nozomi's consensual route ending has been slightly expanded
  • Removed Kyou's side sprite (Did he ever need one?) 
  • Two new music tracks added. One for the title screen and a few of Kyou's bedroom scenes, and a creepy one for the new robot path ending, because it wasn't quite creepy enough already... 
  • Fixed a bug in Nozomi's consensual route where Nozomi's hypnosis trigger was being overwritten 
  • Fixed another bug in Nozomi's consensual route where Sayori always talks about Nozomi forgetting a number while giving her rundown of events in day 6, even if you changed Nozomi's name instead. 
  • Nozomi's and Sayori's nametags have had their colours altered slightly, matching their new sprite's hair colours 
  • Kyou's nametag colour has been changed to green to more clearly set his speaking lines apart from the others 
  • Word count is now almost 74,000 (up from about 63,000 in the previous release) 
  • Miscellaneous spelling and grammar corrections and script tweaks