Our Apartment v0.1.1: Return to Stability and functionality! Updated settings! Conceptual Dialogue! And Whats Next!

Whew! I went HAM this month. 
I wanted to make up for last month and make sure this release returns builds to stability. And for the most part I have! This build is VERY functional, not perfect still, but that's generally small problems, and features that have been reimplemented but need some new assets to work.
So lets get into it...

What's new?

So like I've said before the purpose of v0.1.0 is to return the majority of core functions to the game with the new gameplay loop in place. And so this release marks that accomplishment. But we're also at v0.1.1 which means we're a bit ahead, this is because I added some things to help with mobile builds ahead of schedule to help make android build actually run. So there's a bit of v0.2.0 goals in here.

All that said there is a little bit of new stuff.
  • Return of sex sim functionality since the rewrite, with revamped "Likes" functionality. Still very unbalanced but things work. Some aspects may be wonky like camera angles. Conditions Naomi responds to can now be much more varied. This may prompt a rework in how arousal increments are calculated as currently it's VERY simple.
  • Return of pose mode functionality, a little jank and some poses may not look quite right with the updated bed and couch. BUT you get more facial expressions to use! I have more plans for this feature in the future which I describe below, so I'm not super worried about the current setup.
  • Reworked settings! More graphics settings now save, and you have more options! Most post processing effects can be toggled, and some like HBAO have quality toggles. Render scale is now a feature too allowing you to double render scale as an alternative to AA, or half it to keep quality elsewhere. Some new post process effects have been added as well. UI scale now saves and doesn't make everything go crazy.
  • Fixed a critical issue causing lag when changing scenes. This ones huge, you can't imagine how much trouble this tiny fucking error caused.
  • Rewrites of multiple internal systems and tools to make scene creation faster.
  • Conceptual dialogue added to the daily system, so no more generic "This is morning 1". This dialogue is still for testing, and there's not enough to prevent frequent repeats of scenes. Also facial expressions lack the option for eye movement due to how animations are currently processed, this makes some expressions look wrong (And it makes me sad). FYI though, you get different scenes depending on if the player is off from work (weekends) or not, and if the last phase had sex sim (provided you did enough).
  • Free camera now works in daily scenes.

What's an issue?

  • Spelling errors...lol.
  • Somehow Thursday and Friday got switched
  • I fucked up bloom for a single camera angle somehow.
  • There's some oddness with post sex sim dialogue where the camera is weird. 
  • I do not currently have a system to force disable the free camera so once it's on its on lol.
  • Probably many unknown glitches

Some Further Details

Probably the biggest accomplishment is finding the cause of the weird lag that would occur. It still can happen sometimes, but we know exactly the circumstance it can happen so identifying the problem is much easier. Cause what makes it such a huge problem is it can occur with zero noticeable performance impact, and basically breaks everything. So we solved the problem for now, but a lack of awareness can trigger it again.
Moving on, as said above majority of Sex Sim functions are restored after the full rewrite kaitou did. I just went through and touched up and added things based on my needs and what I think is needed long term. Then kaitou wrapped up the new "likes" stuff and I created profiles from there.
What's neat about the new Likes system is that components are easily individually programmable, then profiles made from that which can be added per character. So this means it's just extremely customizable and versatile.
Originally my scope for how arousal increments worked was based on some mostly basic implementation of conditional checks. But with the current setup, it feels inadequate, so I'm considering having these "Likes" affect things in more ways than a single value sum in "H Level".
Pose mode I'll say now I have plans to make a sister to sex sim in terms of function and interactivity. I don't know when that will play out, but for a variety of reasons I want pose mode to be more engaging. Expect it to feel more like the player and Naomi interacting with each other, rather than simply an advanced screenshot mode. So the current function being a little jank is fine to me.
Lastly, the dev for Dialogue System for Unity is AWESOME. They added some native support for adding custom menus to their Editor UI as a request and let me test the feature. As a result I've massively improved workflow in creating scenes. 

This is significantly easier than having to memorize a bunch of stuff. And may allow getting help in the future implementing scenes. In the past I would have had to basically type all this manually.
So much of Our Apartment is possible cause of the versatility of Dialogue System, and how helpful the dev of that is. 
Additionally the dev of Battlephase Settings Manager is similar, who also provided some help and updates for this release.

Quality of Life

I want to quickly address some issues the new gameplay loop brings for previous features. Namely I wanted Naomi to change outfits herself, based of a variety of factors (does she change out of her night clothes on weekends when the player is home?), and maybe even based off what the player likes.
But I understand that may not be desired or needed to some users. That's fine and I do want to accommodate that, I just ask you give me some time (and suggestions if you like) to implement solutions now things are more functional.
Things like a toggle to turn off random outfits, auto outfit saving of the previous outfit, etc..
Just give it some time we'll address it as soon as it's reasonable to. 

What's coming?

Ok so just to be out with it off the bat NO BUILD RELEASES PLANNED THIS COMING MONTH. The reason for this is I will be focusing on animation! Kaitou will be the only one doing dev work, and I won't put build release pressure on him yet. 
So all this month I will be working on new animations, not touching Unity at all for the most part. A lot of what I did initially this month is setup for new dialogue animations, and also I haven't added new sex content in a while so that's another aspect.
I also plan to stream this work, I stopped streaming mostly cause I feel like most gamedev streams are boring cause I'm mostly doing busy work or doing code. But animation is usually much more interesting I think. 
So be sure to follow me on Picarto for those streams and recordings of them. I'll probably be starting those within a week or so.
And ofcourse that doesn't mean I won't be posting previews, expect a lot of gifs. I won't say exactly what animations I'll be working on as what I do tends to change based on a variety of factors...Or just on a whim. But expect expressions and gestures, and some lewd animations, can't get more specific.
I MAY also work on some outfit stuff, current focus is Night Wear and Swimsuits/Underwear if I do. The lack of some casual clothing items shows heavily in current builds lol. 

Wrapping Up

Once again thanks for your patience so far! I know it was a bit of a set back to wait a few months while I basically remake the whole game, but I think we're on track to just start adding new content now.
You guys have been really understanding and it's great.
I hope the next content releases feel like a reward for that patience. 
Thanks for your support!