[BROKEN] Our Apartment v0.05: Transition to version numbers, Daily System WIP, Naomi doing things, UI rework

Sorry I'm so late with this, but the gravity of the work is just far greater than anticipated. 
I figured it would be pretty bad, but I have a good vision of what I want to do. But the problem is the interconnected stuff, one thing causing issues with another. Needing to redo how things were setup. It's just so much and even though I'm working on this every day I only make so much progress.
Thats not the only reason I'm so late with a build though, last weekend my best friend got married and I was both the best man and the officiate. And yes, the irony and insanity of such a thing is not lost on me, rest assured. Anyway, I pushed until the last minute to get a build out before then, and  once I realized it wasn't possible I didn't even have time to make a post before I was on my way out of town and was so busy after that it was just impossible.
So anyway that passed and went wonderfully, and after getting home I immediately got back to work.
Note this build is classed as [BROKEN] that does not mean it does not load, it means I do not consider it by any means functional. There's a ton of jank, things there that don't work at all, and probably many opportunity's to completely break the game and UI. As such this build is available to $5 supporters and up. I'd rather not release a build like this at all, but I refuse to wait longer.
Also understand the new assets added have not been optimized for size yet, making this build around twice as large as the previous build. This should be fixed in a later build, but may balloon again as the "Cafe" scene is added. 

Whats new?

Well for one no more build numbers! Now we're on version numbers, that means a more predictable track for releases. I'll announce proper dev plans soon with some version number projections and what to expect in those versions.
As I've been saying for the past few months Our Apartment is transitioning into it's final gameplay format. Shifting from a scene viewer the "Preview" game, to a game with progression, story, and a daily format to play with.

Daily System

So in this build you can see the basics of the Daily system, this portion makes up any non-main story progression segments. Where you can enjoy Naomi's company with short segments in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, and sometimes "late night".

Though these "phases" of the day Naomi or you the player will be doing different things. Naomi will change outfits according to context, usually at Night, and in the afternoon next day. 
Now I'm aware changing outfits poses an issue, but the current plan is to save the last customized outfit when ever it changes automatically, then let you switch back to that with a single button. There also needs to be expanded outfit saving too.
Regardless, after an activity (sex sim, watching tv, etc) the game continues to the next phase. At the moment what Naomi does in each phase is random, but I'm looking into a little more influence. At least based on sex sim. Like for example, doing a lot in sex sim will instead end the day at "Late Night" instead of "Night". Something like that.

These are currently not animated but will be once issues are ironed out more. 
Ofcourse the daily system isn't only for the selectable activities, there are plans for event triggers as well. Certain phases on certain days, or certain activities. I plan to make indicators for these things so you know when there's new ones. 

UI Changes

So another big thing is UI changes I'm transitioning into a final UI and this month I plan to commission that UI once I finish some documentation. You'll note some new popups and such.
There's also new things for the daily system so you know the phase and period of time. 
There is no longer the menu on the top right, instead some buttons have been merged into the "scene" menu where some more management needs to be done.


You'll note the apartments assets have been updated, new couch, new kitchen, new bed, and even an outside environment. Optimization is still needed, but the active use is here!
You'll see more utilization in due time...

Under the Hood

I wish I had an easier way to count lines of code modified since the last release but i'm certain it's a TON. Kaitou rewrote the sex sim system a good deal, and I did a ton getting the daily system working.
Bolt has been removed entirely now, but there's still so much work to do and things to replace. 
The biggest hurdle is making all these things that can affect one another avoid stepping on each others toes. Once I think I figured one thing out another issue comes. I'm doing my best to get things stable, as I'm really eager to get back into content as soon as possible!

Thanks for your support!

The boost in support the last couple months has been very motivating! I really wanna make this good! It's even been doing very well on steam wishlists!
I'm sorry this all takes time but hopefully posts like this make it clear whats going on.
More updates soon!