Happy Valentines Day! Sorry there's no update yet!

I don't think I should let valentines day go buy without a post. And originally I planned to have a big update today but sadly there was just too much work needed. 
This is a huge restructuring of the way the game works, and some changes for long term plans. I feels like a bigger under taking than I originally though.
It might be cause at the same time I'm learning new programming concepts, like delegates, coroutines, statics and such.  I've delt with some of this a decent amount but that was mostly bolt, much of what I've done otherwise has been trickery using the most basic concepts, but I'm trying to make things more legit.
There's many things I avoided doing by code cause it was confusing to me, but now I'm starting to find case where code is easier to manage, as long as it has the right structure and interface.
Just the functions in the below video taught me a lot about how to move forward. 
But there's still a lot to do and manage. To give an idea here's a bit of a list. 
  • Next build release will not include the café yet, but the apartment scene has many updates. But as a result of updating the Bed and the Couch Naomi's placement and maybe some animations isn't quite right. Demonstrated by the pillow in the below video and Naomi sinking into the couch. So some adjustments is required.
  • Sex sim has had a refactoring of sorts thanks to kaitou, as a result a lot needs to be reimplemented and tested. But now it's more easily extendable and ready for the new gameplay loop.
  • You might have noticed the time of day is changing but Naomi is just sitting there as usual, that will change. Naomi will be doing (and saying) different things depending on the phase of the day. But that content needs to be made. 
  • Various things with tracking story progression and how that effects the daily system.
  • Wide range of UI changes, and the changes need to be more or less final so I can finally commission UI design.
So hopefully that gives some perspective on whats going on. I'm really sorry for the wait, it seems the lack of an update since the public release has lead to some confusion about the game versions. Thats unfortunate and I haven't really thought of a solution to that besides getting an update out...but alas.
A Valentines Day Bundle!
In other news, part of the reason I was trying to get things done is a new bundle was being planned for today!
I'm mostly on it just to support some of the newer games on there. There's some completed games in this bundle that had a rougher launch, formerly were only on Japanese sites, or just lacked reputation to make sales before. 
Combined there's nearly 40 hours of game content in this bundle at 65% off normal prices, so I hope you support it or just share it around!
As a reminder, "Pieces of my Heart" in the bundle is planned to have some Naomi bonus content in the future!
This will also probably be the last bundle Our Apartment will be in while the game is priced at $5 as the price is planned to increase very soon!
Thanks for your support and patience!
Like I said I'm really sorry there's no update for this day, but please wait just a little longer!
I noticed I've been getting a lot more supporters lately so I really want to meet expectations! And also if I have contacted you for certain patron rewards I will get to that once things are stable, priority right now is getting back on builds ASAP. Thank you for your patience!