Advent Denial Challenge - Days 19 and 20

Get some fresh air, and have an edge

Today's challenge is a bit of a classic but the idea is that hopefully by now you'll be horny enough to try it if you haven't been brave enough before.
It's simply to have an edge, or three, away from home. I know that will be trickier for some, and if needs be you could just do something on a balcony...

Or it might work for you to edge up against an open window - you can vary the intensity of it by doing it in the dark, as long as it gives you a thrill, that's great.
Maybe you could it in a secluded spot in a garden

Just don't get too worn out:

Or you could drive somewhere and do it in your car.

One of my favourite places to set this as a task is a changing room in a store. Try on some sexy outfits to get in the mood and then edge in the seclusion of the changing room (check your location doesn't allow changing room cameras, most places don't)

You might find yourself wanting to be even more daring:

It's obviously easier if you've got a remote controlled vibe like the Lovense Lush 2 or the new one by them, the Ferri - both are BRILLIANT and a lot of fun to use by yourself or with someone else controlling it.

If you're just using fingers or a normal vibe then obviously a skirt or dress without underwear makes it much easier.

But you can even get yourself worked up and home and just find something to hump and have some fun with that...

Don't forget to feedback what you tried and how you got on!
Advent Denial Challenge daily feedback

Advent Denial Challenge Day 20 - Reward Day

Okay, so we're really leaving this up to luck today. Five days to go until you've completed the challenge. Let's see if you get a reward.

Easy mode - Flip a coin - heads you can cum, tails you just edge - you can flip again in two hours

Hard mode - longer odds but more potential reward.
  1. Flip a coin - heads you can touch, tails wait an hour
  2. If heads, flip again when you want to - heads you can ruin, tails you wait an hour
  3. If heads, flip again to gamble your ruin - heads you can cum once, tails you are on NO TOUCH for the rest of the day
  4. If heads, flip again to gamble your orgasm - heads you get to cum as much as you want today, tails NO Touch!

If you're not wanting to cum then adapt those to either ruins or even being able to touch or not.