Week 3

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Day 14

Going Commando
A relatively simple one to kick off this new week. The challenge is to ‘Go Commando’ (did you know that phrase was actually coined on the show Friends?) That is, go without underwear.
If you want to up then challenge then you can add the crotch rope that you learnt how to tie last week.
Commando challenge - wear as little underwear as you can today. If you have the boobs for it, go without a bra. If you’re not having your period, go without panties too.
If you can, combine it (safely) with a dress, it just adds even more to the experience (although a rough seam of a pair of jeans can work wonders too).
Feel free to bring emergency panties with you, but try not to use them. Enjoy the liberation, and be surprised how fast you get used to it.
Also, sleep naked tonight - if you don’t usually (and it’s warm enough) I think it might surprise you.

Here's quite an insightful article on what a woman learned by going without panties for a whole YEAR...

Heads up - next week one of the tasks is to use a remote controlled vibe outdoors. If you don’t have one then here’s the perfect excuse to get yourself that special gift.
I’ve tried lots and the uncontested winner is the Lush 2 from Lovense. It’s got the best app, the best connectivity and is quiet and powerful. You can get cheaper ones that have a physical remote but this gives you far more options. 
Unusually it’s actually cheapest to buy straight from Lovense - Lush 2 at Lovense.com  
Do NOT be tempted to buy the older Lush v1, Lush 2 is much, much better.
They also have a really interesting new toy that secures into your panties - The Ferri, which is just for clitoral stimulation (the Lush is designed to go in you but can also be pressed against the clit). 

Day 15

Checking out the impact…

While a lot of the benefits of edging are internal: being horny, sexual self discovery, better self image, being horny etc - there’s a point where those things overspill into your exterior life too, if you let them, and watch for it.
So that’s today’s task, and really something to be aware of from this point on.
Today your task is to let the benefits of edging affect other people.
So start the day off with a good hard edge, give yourself a little extra time to get ready, enjoy a hot shower, use those things we’ve been exploring, wearing nice underwear, dressing up just a little more than usual, use that denial high I hope you’re experiencing just to feel good about your day and all you’re going to do.
But then on top of that, I want you to slide your fingers into your wet pussy, and apply your scent to your neck and wrists, like perfume. No one is going to noticeably smell this, it’s more about your mindset and possibly, just possibly pheromones.
I even included a diagram!
If possible do a quick top up edge before you go out, and then your task is to be extra aware of how others, especially men, act around you.
I’m suggesting this because time and again, this is the feedback I get. That denial sluts start to notice they get more attention from guys. Some who had close guy friends reported back they were joking they were getting erections around them and they didn’t know why.

I don’t know if it’s because of how you act or some kind of chemical thing or both, but have some fun being an Edge Researcher for the day and report back what you find.

Oh and if you want some more exciting ‘Field Research’ then feel free to top up your 'perfume’ while out at a cafe or store or public bathroom stall. We need all the variables covered!

Day 16

Fancy a bit of a mind fuck? 
The facial cumshot’s become such a standard trope in porn that it got to the point where actually cumming in a woman, now labelled, a cream pie, actually became innovative. This is of course, because with a facial you get to see the male stud show his prowess in all his ejaculatory glory. 
Real people don’t do it much in real life, it’s just a porn thing.
Honestly it’s pretty demeaning and humiliating to just have a guy empty his load right on your face. Right?
Which is why it’s perfect for this advent denial mind fuck denial training exercise!
You may like the idea of facials already, in which case this will be easier. But it’ll actually be even more interesting if you don’t, and I encourage you to try it. If you’re lesbian this is an even bigger mindfuck! Plus it’s great sissy training.
Before you start, write a note to yourself about how you feel about facials, semen, being treated like this. Rate out of ten how much you like the idea. If you want to tell me you’re trying it then feel free to send me a message, it might help you stick to it.
Now your training begins.
You are to watch the following video at least three times a day on full screen as you masturbate and edge. (Don’t click these till you’ve read all the instructions).
It’s a 12 minute ‘wall’ of cumshot compilations. You’re to masturbate and edge as you watch and listen to it, imagining you are one of those girls. Focus on different ones as it goes, rub your clit, play with your pussy and ass and pull on your breasts as you dream about being there, on your knees, the warm thick semen splattering over your face and body, encouraging him to cum while you’re denied.
It’ll be best with earphones if you’re sure you won’t be interrupted. If you can kneel then that’s great, but it’s absolutely fine if you can’t. If you start kneeling you have to stay kneeling throughout. If you need to move, restart the video.
You may ONLY masturbate while watching this video. You can only edge, you are not allowed to cum. At least three times, but more if you can. If you can’t watch you can always listen. 
Unless something intervenes you have to watch the entire video each time and keep playing and edging until it’s finished.
When the video finishes YOU STOP. You may watch other porn (try some other compilations!) or read tumblr, but you cannot touch unless you are watching this video on full screen. If you start it again you have to watch the whole thing again before you can stop. This still only counts as one of your daily sessions.
If you cum while doing this you are to ruin it and give your pussy a hard smack. You must then immediately start the video again from the beginning and successfully watch it without going over.
If you don’t even have the self control to ruin it then you are to do an extra edge, and you will continue to do extra edges until you do three successful ones without going over (cumulative, they don’t have to be a row).
As you watch it you’re to repeat this mantra regularly, either in your head or out loud if you can (hearing yourself say it is amazingly powerful).
I’m a little cum slut, horny and wet.
Cum on my face and cum on my chest.
Use me for your pleasure, dripping and dumb.
I’ll keep edging and never cum.

Yes, it works to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot’, clever girl. That’ll help you remember it.
Sorry, had to add that… when else might I need teapot porn…
IF YOU ARE HATING THIS for goodness sake stop, it’s supposed to be fun. Okay? See if you can find another 'compilation' video on a different topic that works for you. That's totally okay.
The second edge of doing this, if you’re able to, you can either continue the mantra (that’s really stretching the definition isn’t it) or you can repeat what the audio is saying and act like a good little slut and learn, what porn stars at least, say to turn guys on.
If you have a dildo fuck your mouth with it sometimes, copying the girls in the wall. If it’s suction cup you can jerk it too. It is NOT allowed in you, Your face is for it, your cunt just gets fingers.
The final edge you are to be naked and if you can, get a bottle of lotion and squirt it sometimes on your neck and chest and (careful to not get it in your eyes) on your face even. LEAVE IT there until the video ends each time, and then rub it in. Use the mantra or their words as you want to.
Get your notes and compare how you feel about those things after the training. Has it made a difference? What’s the score now? Have you felt some kind of ‘mind control’ effect?
Then if you haven’t already write to me and tell me what it’s been like, I’d love to know. Plus, like this and want more mindfucks? I won’t know unless you tell me.
If you want to feel free to do this with a different compilation, anal or ruined orgasms or anything you fancy, but facials seemed like a good one to start with.

Day 17

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become an undercover edging agent today!
With the growing popularity of edging I thought we could have a bit of fun.
I want you to get some stickers, or post it notes, or just bits of paper could do. We're going to put a cryptic link to my website that will lead people to my books, the Tumblr or here!
On those, you’re to write one or more of the following:
  • ‘Have you tried edging.space?
  • edging.space - everybody’s doing it
  • don’t miss out - edging.space
  • have you edged today? - edging.space
  • edging.space - don’t talk about it, just do it
  • or just 'edging.space’ might work
  • or your own version/language, whatever you fancy. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Then, I want you to put that note somewhere! It could be a noticeboard, stuck to a wall or a door or a fridge or in a book or wherever! I’m intrigued to see what you come up with. Maybe if you’re a graffiti artist you’ll tag it on a wall somewhere, how cool would that be!
So do one, do lots, up to you. It’d be super cool if you sent a picture of somewhere you placed it!
If you’re putting it somewhere public, can I ask you stick a 'NSFW’ on it somewhere - if they don’t know what that means I think they’re also unlikely to even figure out it’s a web address. Also, let’s obviously not put these somewhere kids would read it please.

And I'd LOVE you to take a photo and send it to me at [email protected] or send it to my Tumblr.
We're about to hit 80,000 followers on my Tumblr blog which is just amazing. Let's keep spreading the good news!
So that’s it, my secret edgers, spread the word, secretly!

Day 18

Audio Hypno

For many some kind of erotic hypno tracks are an essential part of their edging experience
The most famous track of all is Cal’s Curse, that’s been around forever. I’ve put a copy of it up on Soundcloud for you:
Another of my favourites is NNPP’s Edge Puppet - you can find that here:
And a whole load more samples here:
Another one that’s often recommended by followers is Vive Hypnosis
And Nimja’s stuff is good too: https://hypno.nimja.com/listen/83-edging_and_denial

And then in recent times my favourite are any by my friend, Ayerslix, again you can find them on Soundgasm:

You can also add a visual element of some kind of hypnotic spirals - plenty on YouTube
Or you could just watch something like yesterday’s wall of porn, or another porn compilation.
Going into Virtual Reality
If you really want to go deep then you can even use a VR headset and tap into something like PornHub VR https://www.pornhub.com/vr for porn or the Mind Massaging Machine for spirals - https://heptamind.com/index.php/mind-massaging-machine/
If you don’t have them they’re super cheap on Amazon e.g. https://amzn.to/2PFIine - just find one that fits your phone.
Pornhub even have an app for VR porn - https://www.pornhub.com/apps/android or just download it to your phone with the link under the normal vids, seems to be free! 
Hypnosis is a tricky area, one I’m not an expert in. With ALL these you need to ideally listen through and make sure you’re okay with the content in it before you get yourself in a more open mood, edging as you listen.
Ideally you want to listen to it while watching something else, which is easy enough on a computer but sometimes harder on a phone. 
I made this ‘gooninator’ as something you could watch too, it picks random gifs from Tumblr blogs. I just put a few in that had hypno and spiral content, you can see the list on the left. You can add your own to suit your own tastes - sadly it only works with unrestricted blogs, so porn isn’t that easy to find and see through it.
Alternatively you could just work through your favourite tumblrs and porn, but here’s what I recommend for your weekend’s task.
Here’s some suggested sessions using the Edge Puppet audio above, but you could use it with Cals Curse or any other hypno you find yourself drawn to.

Session One

This is an introductory session where you’re going to listen to the audio, get comfortable with it, and do some gentle edging. It’ll take about an hour. You are only allowed to stimulate with your fingers when told to, no toys, no humping, and for now, JUST audio, no visuals.

  1. Get yourself relaxed and comfortable, wearing loose clothing, somewhere you have some privacy and hopefully won’t be disturbed. Get the file playing on your phone, it is ESSENTIAL use listen to it using headphones, not through speakers. That’s how it has it’s full effect.
  2. Listen through the audio once - you are NOT allowed to touch during the 21 minutes this takes. Just listen, make sure you’re happy with all the content, don’t let yourself get too caught up with it, yet.
  3. Assuming that’s the case, and now you know what you’re letting yourself in for - strip down to just your panties. Kneel, on the bed or floor. Turn the audio up a little, and begin to touch yourself. But not where you want to most. Play with your nipples, breasts, stroke your skin, spread your legs, but absolutely no touching between your legs - clit, pussy and bottom are all out of bounds. Keep your eyes shut or watch yourself in the mirror. 
  4. For the third time listening through you get to touch yourself, play with your clit, pussy and asshole as you wish BUT just SOFT edges, that means gentle playing, never getting close enough to orgasm that you could cum, on purpose, or by accident.
  5. At this point you may want to take a break, get some water, use the loo, just check you’re happy with how it’s all going. Maybe add a note to this post saying how you’ve found it so far. Ready? Time to add visuals.

Session Two

This time we’re going to add some visual stimulus. I’ve created the Gooninator above with a selection of gifs that I think could be good (although they are random from those blogs so some of them might be a bit out of context). YOU CAN CUSTOMISE THIS by removing the tumblrs in the bottom left corner, or typing in your favourites and adding them to the mix! Or use the videos or VR as suggested.
Again, fingers only, no toys, no humping.

  1. Put on the Gooninator, or other videos, either on a computer screen or your phone. Have it close to your face so it fills your vision as best as possible. On a computer sit near it, on a phone, lie back and hold it close.
  2. Again, first time listening to the file you ONLY get to watch and listen. No touching at all.
  3. Second time listening you are to be NAKED and if you are, you may touch, but just soft edges again as before.
  4. Third time listening, for the first time, you can edge properly. I want you playing with your clit, nipples, pussy and ideally masturbating your bottom too. Let the words become your words. Start to say them yourself now you’re getting to know it better.
  5. Now, you’re on full edging mode. Listening, watching, add some different tumblrs to the gooninator if you wish. Put the audio on a LOOP, and see how long you can last. Two rules - if you get so close you have to stop rubbing, you are NOT allowed to rub for the rest of that loop. 2 - if you accidentally go over you are to pull your hand away, let the orgasm ruin, and then flick your nipples and clit hard three times each before you begin rubbing again. But good girls don’t cum without permission so I’m sure you won’t, will you. Good girl

That’s probably enough for the day, so no touching when you aren’t listening to the audio. That’s the general rule for this task. However, if you feel like it then I suggest you put the audio on loop as you get into bed and listen to it while you go to sleep. You can do soft edges in bed, but don’t get carried away.
Depending how much time you have over the next couple of days then I want you listening to the audio and edging as much as you can.
If you want a change on the audio then try some of those other options I listed at the top of the task but I recommend the Edge Puppet audio is the main one for this task.

The rest of the weekend

I want your goal each day to be at least three edging sessions listening to the audio, watching the gooninator or porn and NOT cumming, If you keep going over try switching to Cals Curse and see if that helps. If you ruin or cum during any of these sessions you have to listen to a whole extra loop while not touching below your waist, and then do an extra edging session without going over to prove you can do it.
Here’s a few extra tasks for you to try and fit in the weekend. From this point on you can use toys, I especially recommend suction cup dildos. For those who like the element of chance, role a dice to see which you have to do!

  1. Pick one sex toy (including DIY ones) to use for each loop you listen to. It is the only thing you’re allowed to use until the next loop. If you want, throw a dice to choose which you can use each time
  2. Edge in front of a mirror for a whole loop, watching yourself
  3. Send a trusted friend the link to this post and tell them you’re doing it, how hot it is, and ask if they want to do it too
  4. Listen to a loop while you edge, either outside your room, or even outside your house, depending on how brave you feel
  5. Edge with your door slightly open, in as exposed position as you dare, from under the covers, to on all fours bare ass up in the air towards the door.
  6. Listen to the recording in public, go shopping, or for a walk or anywhere you can while listening to the audio on a loop - bonus points for secret public edging

If you want things extra intense remember to try a pair of VR googles - the type your phone fits in, then try edging watching the gooninator files (or 3D porn), wearing those, with the audio up nice and high. 

There will be another task on top of that tomorrow, and the final 'reward' day on Sunday!