Advent Denial Challenge Days 12 and 13 (reward day)

Day 12 - The Crotch Rope

Today I want you to try the crotch rope! It's a staple element of the denial slut's way of making your cravings and need worse. Learn how to do it, and try wearing it under your clothes.

This is my favourite crotch rope method. Although called a rope, it obviously needs something thinner, string (cotton NOT nylon), or some kind of cord (you can get ‘paracord’ in most supermarkets) is ideal. 
You can do lots of variations on this, a simpler one is tying it off at the back, so just stopping at picture 10 with a bow. Or make the ‘bight’ in image 6 at the back and bring it through once so you tie it at the front instead.

If you don't have a string that long then use something simpler with just a shoe lace or a longer boot lace.

But here's a step by step way to do my favourite crotch rope technique.
You're going to put the rope through to make a 'belt' or waistband part first.
Next it goes down between your legs.
Then behind you

Back in front again...

And finally

It's great for holding butt plugs and dildos in you too!

But try getting used to crotch ropes, and using them under your clothes to give you that bound, sexy, secret feeling. It's very powerful.

If you like that you can advance to whole body harnesses!

The Duchy is a fabulous site for all kinds of instructions and safety advice. Please make sure you read up on it before you try anything more restrictive than this. They have ways of tying them suitable for thicker rope too which need different techniques.

Day 13 - Reward Day!

This time I'm not letting you have it so easy. You can, as ever, just use how you've got on with your edges and tasks to determine if you should cum today. You set the goal, did you meet it? Well done!

But, if you want it more difficult, and I know you often do, then here's a way to build up and let chance decide what you get...

And if you're not planning to cum for the entire Advent Challenge, then you can just play the game and all the orgasms on the 6 roll are no touch for you, or ruins. Change it for the way you're playing.
Every time you want to edge you have to roll the dice:

  1. Rub your clit
  2. Fuck yourself (fingers or dildo)
  3. Humping only
  4. Rub or vibe your clit
  5. Breasts only

Yes, that’s only five. For each of the above you roll the dice again, and that’s the number of minutes you get to do it for. You can keep on rolling and playing that way, a new task with a new number of minutes.
Until you roll a six.
When you roll a six, you roll again, but this time it’s to determine what you get:

  1. Clamp your nipples (use clamps or pegs) and scroll through tumblr without touching for ten minutes, then back to the start.
  2. 30 pussy smacks with the palm of your hand, each ones should be firmer than the last then back to the start
  3. 10 snaps (stretch an elastic band between finger and thumb, pull it back and let it go against your skin - if you don’t have a band, just flick with your finger) on each nipple, then ten to each labia, then ten to your clit, then back to the start
  4. A Ruined Orgasm
  5. A Full Orgasm
  6. Multiple Orgasms

Once you complete your forfeit (1-3) you can start over whenever you want.
Once you get (4-6) you're done.

And if you want the extra hard version, you can have 'No Touch' as your 1-3 options so it's 50/50 if you get to cum or not.