Our Apartment is coming to Steam! Ask Naomi! Public build release in a day or two!

Finally the thing I've been waiting for all this time happened! OUR APARTMENT NOW HAS A STEAM PAGE! 
The current goal for an Early Acess release is end of February, the reason it's not coming sooner is because the build that will release on steam will start with the proper final game structure and the first few "chapters" of the story. And new chapters and such will come over the next year. 

Ofcourse this currently changes nothing for releases here on supporter sites like Patreon, SubscribeStar, and Itch.io. While I do expect issues with patreon in due time, I'm just waiting for that to happen (I'm really sorry I've been slow on Alex promise it's been worth the wait tho). Build releases will continue on these sites as usual, steam version will just have slight differences maybe due to how steam works.
Besides all those details, Our Apartment is being published by Critical Bliss which has done a fantastic job on other adult game releases on steam. They'll also be helping in some ways in the future.
To commemorate this event, I'm streaming on picarto tonight if you have any questions! 

Ask Naomi! and More!

As you might have seen the last post, the purpose for that is some additional content for this coming release (which I'll talk about in a bit). With the coming story focus and to prep myself for some work I need to do. I decided it would be good to help people get familiar with who Naomi is.
So I figured an "Ask Naomi" preview scene would be good. And rather than simply putting down a bunch of questions and having her respond, the responses are kept somewhat "in context" meaning they play out in a conversation manner than a simple question and answer.

I hope this will give people a better sense of the type of dialogue and character interaction I want to do, while also making Naomi's personality, some details about her, and how you interact with her more clear.
This scene will play out in a simple VN format, one that will be used in the final game, but currently lacks animations beyond poses. I'll improve this with time.
Besides that I'll also be expanding dynamic conditional dialogue for sex sim, giving Naomi more expressions during sex, and some dialogue to read. 
This still won't be fully fleshed out, but hopefully how it works makes sense. In the future, I'd like for it to track more things but right now it focuses on "H Level", "Sex Intensity (Based on speed and arousal levels)", how you've ejaculated and how many times, and if you're "Moving" while entered or not. 
I would love feedback on this aspect.
Secondly, there's also a "Post Sex" dialogue option now, a new button will appear at the bottom left triggering a VN style scene where Naomi comments on the former events. 
Right now this is quite plain, but in the future I would like for these to have Naomi "In context" posed based on the result and scene rather than standing. Not a hard thing at all, just not enough time to do it right now before this release.

Public release is within two days! 

Because of the aforementioned content updates, I ask you to wait just a BIT longer for the public release. Should be a day or two after I check some stuff. I've made a ton of fixes and improvements, and also fixed an issue that made the game not run on some PCs and Android Phones.
Some clarification on what this next build release will be. 
  • This build does not include any of the environment updates I've posted about the past couple months, that content is still under development even the apartment scene. To make this build I'm using an older version of the project. 
  • The goal of this build besides the dialogue stuff added is stability and function, there won't be much else new cause my focus has been on the environments.
And I've talked about this a couple times before but one important detail to point out is besides some immediate bug fixes if needed, this will be the last/only public release of the "Preview" version of Our Apartment, after that a "Demo" release will come focused on the final gameplay loop and structure, and from there no further builds will be made public of Our Apartment and will be supporter/bought only from then on. If you're supporter and you want to ensure continued access I suggest redeeming on itch (SubscribeStar supporters can DM me).
But Our Apartment will not be my only project from there, a free and public and related spinoff project will come shortly after that uses aspects of Our Apartment as a foundation.
I'll give news on that when it happens. I just want everyone to be clear on how things will go.

Thanks for your support! And join the stream!

Like I said it's thanks to your support the game as come this far! And I aim to keep delivering! 
More updates soon!