The Advent Denial Challenge

Introduction and Day 1
Good girls edge and do not cum

Welcome to the new and improved Advent Denial Challenge from James Hardcourt.

As you may have read on my Tumblr, the site I've used to host the Advent Challenge content the last few years must have finally had a look at what I was posting and realised it was just too hot for them.
Thank goodness we have SubscribeStar, who are super positive about adult content.
I'm posting all these to the free tier so you can read them, but there will be extra content for those in the Fan Club through the month.

The idea of this challenge is not to have a full orgasm until Christmas, and have some fun tasks to spice things up along the way.

It is, of course, completely optional, but it's one of the favourites from my Tumblr blog.
Let's get going!

So, Day One - Today's about making a commitment. Most of all to yourself, but secondly you can be accountable to me if you want. You can make a comment on here, or use the feedback form at the bottom to type out the promise below.
This is going out late in the day in some timezones so you only have to manage one edge to kick things off.

Our objective with this challenge is to have FUN and for you to discover more about yourself and what your amazing body is capable of. It's not a high pressure task unless you want it to be.
So I’m going to leave it to you to decide how seriously you take it. You might be a very experienced ‘denial slut’ or completely new to it. All are welcome!
You will determine exactly what you decide your rules are.
The default rules are as follows:

  1. You are not allowed to cum without permission until the challenge is complete
  2. You are to edge at least three times every day unless told otherwise
  3. If you go over the edge of climax accidentally you are to ruin the orgasm
  4. You are to record your progress using my feedback form, or the Advent Denial Challenge Wall Chart (which you can download from here as a PDF and in different versions) or make your own.
(Ruin the orgasm involves stopping all stimulation once it begins. More on that tomorrow...)

That’s it, on top of which there will be little tasks and twists posted each day, and sometimes they’ll lead to rewards!

This year I'm breaking it down into weekly chunks with the help of a chart I've created.

Week by Week Rewards
As you’ll see, each 7th day will be a reward day, where if you’ve managed all your edges and the goals you might have set yourself, you’ll be on the NICE list. But if you’ve not managed to meet your target (you set that, e.g it could be a cross in every box or it might just be you manage not to cum all week) then you’ll be on the naughty list and get a punishment.

There are three different versions of the chart attached to this post. One with three edges and three blanks to add in your own goals (eating, exercise, work, study, anything!). You put a big fat X through every one you manage. It's very motivating.
There's a second version with all blanks for the tasks.
And a third that is all blanks but also unbranded so you could print it out and post it up if you were worried if someone was going to ask about what edging was... Only you know what it's all about!

Your Denial, Your Way
However, as I said, those are the default rules, that you can’t cum without permission and if you do by accident, you can ruin it.
If you’re new to this I suggest that you just have fun trying the tasks, don’t feel too much pressure not to cum, if you really need to, go for it, it’s okay, it really is.

If you’re an experienced denial slut however, I’d suggest more hardcore rules, that you have to edge at least four times a day, and that ANY orgasm granted before Day 24 must be ruined. Or even, you don’t take them at all. Whatever works for you.

Have fun, give me feedback, and we'll make this something new and even better than before!

Anyway, let’s get this party started!

To kick off, make a promise, I want you to take some time to masturbate, and when you’re close and feeling excited say it aloud:
‘I’m joining the Advent denial challenge with my fellow denial sluts.’
‘I will not cum without permission’
‘So help me, James’

Now edge yourself nice and hard, no cumming. Let’s do this!

Happy Advent, my lovely denial sluts! Best of luck!

Exclusive to those of you who've signed up on SubscribeStar (thank you for that!) you get access to a personal feedback chat form each day! I'll be checking them so I hope it will help you feel motivated
You can access it here:
Advent Denial Challenge daily feedback