Sissy Taylor and the Undersissies.
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 Taylor entered into the loft of the Undersiders, head down and hands in his pockets. He couldn’t hear the television so Alec was out somewhere. Taylor didn’t let his mind wander to thinking about what Alec might be doing out and about in the city. He knew where those thoughts likely led and kept his thoughts in the present, thinking about his bugs, and where they were going and what information it gave him. No he was focusing on the present and not… Taylor felt a twitch deep inside him as he shook his head to get the improper thoughts out of his head, and more definitely tried to ignore how instead of his dick, his arousal was focused, elsewhere.
 As Taylor entered into the living room of the loft, he saw a sight that made him pause for a moment in the doorway. There was Liam, or rather Lisa, suspended in some kind of contraption nearly upside down, limbs locked to the metal frame that was holding the sex swing up, big earphones on his bondagehooded head, a ball gag in, a blindfold, his ass in the air with his legs held over his head, and a cute pink cage on his straining cocklet. Rachel was there in front of Lisa, pouring some kind of heavy duty lube onto an absolutely massive butt plug. Taylor nearly felt his jaw drop at how big the thing was. It was bigger than a pop can, and probably double as thick. Taylor noticed that his breath had hitched as he saw the plug, and felt a wave of arousal flow through him. He clenched his fists and wanted to look away, keep his eyes away from the plug and what was happening, but he couldn’t look away, and he was feeling more arousal around his hole than he was feeling in his slowly hardening dick.
 Rachel was in her regular clothes except for her assless chaps and a large strap on. Taylor didn’t know the story behind the assless chaps but something told him that Alec might have bought them for her since she wore them all the time when at the loft, only opting for ordinary pants for when she was going out, which to be fair was all the time because she had to look after her dogs.
 There was little fanfare or foreplay as Rachel finished lubing up the massive butt plug and put it on Lisa’s hole, pushing down on it with both hands as Lisa groaned in pleasure as it was slowly but surely inserted into his slutty sissy hole. Taylor couldn’t help himself as he continued to become aroused by the sight of what Rachel was doing to Lisa. A bug nearby Lisa’s headphones could just barely make out some of the things being played through the large ear covering headphones.
 “Good slut, good sissy slut, good slut, good sissy slut”
 Taylor couldn’t help but let his mind wander, wander back to when he was in Lisa’s position, when he was a dirty little sissy slut, being trained by Mistress Madison, listening and watching hypno, having his little cocklet locked up while Mistress toyed with him, either unlocking and teasing him, or playing with his ass. Taylor felt his ass clench at that, and he felt empty down there, but… but he had left that behind. He didn’t want that… no matter how arousing, and how much, whenever he wasn’t paying attention, would suddenly crave that, to be back in Mistresses arms, to feel her play with him, to use him and fuck him. To make him into a perfect little sissy boi.
 N-no… he didn’t want that. That was too much, especially after… after the last time. Even so, Taylor felt his hole clench as he watched the butt plug go in deeper and deeper. A part of him wanted that, wanted to be able to take plugs that big, to be a size queen, despite how it might screw up his hole later in life… and despite the fact that he wasn’t a sissy slut at all, no, he, he wasn’t a slutty sissy, he was a guy.
 Rachel finally managed to push the big butt plug all the way into Lisa’s ass and he let out a loud moan while his legs tried to pull themselves down from their restaurants near Lisa’s head. Lisa’s back hole twitched and Taylor felt that he did the same. He, he was just turned on by how Lisa was looking all sexy and stuff, and how his cocklet strained, not by how he imagined himself there… Taylor shook his head to keep the thoughts out of his head, but still, he couldn’t look away.
 Her work complete, Rachel turned away from Lisa who’s moaning was slowing down and saw him, saw how he was looking at them, and how his hard cock was showing despite wearing jeans. Rather than say anything, Racheal just grabbed the straps of her strap on, and pulled it down, revealing her wet pussy. Taylor decided to focus on that, her pussy, nothing else, not at how hot the situation Lisa was in looked, not how he felt a longing for something to be in his ass, not the longing to be locked up in a cute cage of chastity like Lisa was and how he had been more than four months ago, no he focused on how nice Rachel’s pussy looked, how it was sexy and her breasts were to.
 Numbly, Taylor reached for his belt and started undoing it. That was the thing with Rachel, other than you had to fight her for dominance, something only Brian and himself have managed to do, Rachel was always down for sex. It wasn’t like she was a nymphomaniac, no Taylor knew one and this was different. Racheal just didn’t see the problem with casual sex and enjoyed doing it and doing it a lot, so she was always down to fuck.
 For Rachel, this was just Tuesday. Taylor rubbed his cock as he came forward to take Rachel, to fuck her and make them both feel good, because to Rachel he was the alpha here. He had beaten her, and so Rachel was his by right of conquest, or at least, the right to fuck her that is. Lisa obviously hadn’t, and Alec was either too lazy or liked taking it up the ass too much to even try.
 Rachel laid down on the couch, spreading her legs for him and letting him get full access to her pussy. Taylor licked his lips and wordlessly got onto the couch, his hands moving to her shirt hem and raising it so that he could see her breasts. They were a good average size, and fit in Taylor’s hands well. She started kneading them a bit as Rachel grabbed a condom from the table. They were a bit too large for Taylor, having been bought with Brian in mind but he was still able to fit in them.
 Even so, he rolled the large sized condom onto his hard dick, feeling it put pressure on his dick before he moved forwards and started pushing into Rachel’s snatch. It was warm and wet, it made Taylor’s dick feel good as he thrust into her. Like a jackhammer he thrust quickly with his average sized dick into Rachel as she lay back and enjoyed his ministrations.
 However, even as he thrust into her, a traitorous desire went through Taylor’s head. A thought that kept him from enjoying this more as he fucked Rachel, wetting his dick and proving that he was a man.
 Being fucked felt better.
 Taylor shook his head violently as he continued to fuck Rachel, he, it didn’t feel better. He, he was a man, and this felt good. He wanted to fuck her and feel good, he wanted to cum. He didn’t want to end up like Lisa, like those sissies in the videos he would watch with mistres… no, with Madison. He, he didn’t want to get fucked by big cocks and strap ons, he didn’t want to have massive butt plugs put into his needy back hole, he didn’t, he didn’t need to have that void he’d been feeling since he stopped seeing Madison filled while his cute caged cocklet bounced and jingled as he was made into the bitch that he knew, deep down, he was.
 Then Taylor felt something that made him gasp, and the erection he had twitched in Rachel, as he felt her hands on his ass, and a finger was playing with his hole, making him harder than he had ever been before, except for some times when he had been with Madison. He started fucking Rachel harder, going deeper and going faster, and Rachel continued to play with his ass. It, he, no, it, it felt good. Taylor was panting now as Rachel inserted two fingers into his ass. They were still lubed up from putting the plug in Lisa’s ass, and now they were playing with his. Rachel’s fingers found his prostate, and pushed down on it, causing Taylor to throw his head up and gasp as she smashed his bitch button.
 Taylor would have cum then if it hadn’t been for Rachel using her foot to kick him off of her, leaving Taylor laying on the other side of the couch as Rachel got up from it. He tried to move but Rachel pinned him to the couch and looked him, not straight in the eyes but she was looking at him with a serious expression. From her side she grabbed at her strap on, and held it up in her hand, clear for Taylor to see.
 “Do you want this?” Was all she asked, and Taylor was left staring at it while his traitor mind thought of all the times that Madison had fucked him, how it had turned into a reward to be fucked, how he had cried out in pleasure as she woud fuck him. Sometimes she would fuck him rough and hard, making sure he couldn’t sit down after and leaving him blissed out on the floor of her room, other times, she would be gentle, she would torture him with slow and deep thrusts of her dildo while he whimpered and cried out for more as she would make him feel amazing. Some part, some deep part wanted it and it made him so horny to even have it suggested that he would be fucked, yet he lied.
 “No.” Was all he said, but it must not have been convincing because Rachel narrowed her eyes and the two fingers that had just been in Taylor’s ass came back and before Taylor could stop her, she reached down and inserted her two fingers and quickly found his prostate. Taylor gasped and found himself paralised as she was once more touching and pleasuring his bitch button, making him extremely hard as he was forced to hold onto the couch to not fall over. She pulled him up a bit and he was left squating on the couch as she continued to finger fuck him. Taylor’s head had fallen back, he eyes had rolled back too and he was moaning like a bitch as his prostate was being touched.
 “Do you want this?” Rachel asked again, touching his hard dick with her even bigger strap on, and Taylor whimpered, ashamed of himself.
 “Turn around,” Taylor obeyed, he, he couldn’t hide it. He had been trying for months now, and he couldn’t. He had even lost his virginity, and it just didn’t feel as good. He couldn’t lie to himself, or Rachel any longer. Rachel got on the couch, and he could feel the strap on between his legs, touching his hard cock as she positioned him so that he was leading on the back of the couch, bent over it. He heard Rachel pop the cap on the heavy duty lube she had been using on Lisa, and felt her finger begin to fuck his hole once more. He couldn’t help it, he moaned as she inserted fingers into him and thoroughly lubed him up along with her strap on.
 Then he felt her strap on touch against his back hole, and his cock jumped. He tried to move a hand to it, to jerk it off, but Rachel swatted his butt when he tried, and he got the message. No touching.
 Rachel didn’t enter into slowly, she didn’t need to. She felt how her fingers entered in there easily. After a certain point, when he’d been fucked enough, even when he had months to recover being fucked by dicks bigger than his own, Taylor’s hole hadn’t become as tight as it had been before. Instead it gave way after only a bit of resistance. Taylor moaned in a bit of pain but mostly pleasure. He sometimes would have relapses where he would wake up in the middle of the night wide eyed and panicked as he would rush to his closet and dig out the toys that Madison had given him, lube himself up and bouncing and fuck himself in the middle of his room, barely coherent as he fucked himself over and over again for some time before he finally came to, realised what he had done, and would in shame, clean them before putting them back into his secret place in his closet, the same place he kept his bullying journal, and his sissy diary from his time with Mistress Madison.
 The dildo Rachel was pushing into Taylor was nice and big, about as large as the largest dildo that Madison had ever fucked him with, and it immediately took his breath away as he was being fucked, It felt good, no, it felt divine, to be fucked again. His useless cock swung between his legs but Rachel paid it no mind as she in no time was hitting him right on his prostate, targeting it directly with her dick, causing him to leak out pre into the condom as she fucked him, sending waves of pleasure through him and turning Taylor’s mind to mush.
 It felt good, and it didn’t stop feeling good as Rachel fucked him, in fact it started to feel even better as she fucked him. Almost like flicking a switch Taylor started to feel the pleasure in his ass intensify as he let out a loud moan that carried throughout the loft. Even so, Rachel kept going, and it stayed as intense as it was before, and Taylor never wanted her to stop. It felt too good, he wanted her to destroy his ass. He didn’t care if he wouldn’t be able to sit for a straight week, he wanted her to keep fucking his lil’ sissy ass.
 Quickly he started pushing back against her, causing him to get fucked even deeper in his sissy hole and harder as they smashed against each other, dildo fucking Taylor roughly and hitting him in all the right places. Taylor felt something touch his lips and without a thought he began to suck on it, trying to take it deep and gaging on it but not caring and trying again to deep throat the cock in front of him. He couldn’t see but that didn’t matter, all that mattered was getting fucked and pleasuring the warm cock infront of him, and teasing out the cum that was within. He wanted to keep being fucked, and he wanted to make whoever was using his mouth cum right into his mouth. He wanted to taste the lovely salty taste of them. He wanted this so badly.
 Quickly whoever was infront of him came and Taylor reached out and kept them from moving away as they came in his mouth. Feeling dirty, after they finished cumming, he pulled himself off them and opened his mouth to let however it was see that he was savouring their cum, before he swallowed it like the good sissy cumslut that he, deep down, always knew he was.
 Finally however, Rachel pulled back and out and Taylor was left there, bent over the couch, gulping down deep breaths of air as he tried to catch his breath. He felt a tugging on his dick and the condom came off, before he found it in front of his face, filled with cum.
 Taylor looked up and saw Alec’s grinning face as he held up the filled condom.
 “Wanna share, dork?” He asked, and Taylor could only nod as Alec’s grin widened and he poured Taylor’s sissy cum into his mouth before coming down to Taylor’s level, and kissing him, his soft lips on Taylor’s and he felt cum enter into his mouth. The two stayed like that, swapping cum and swirling tongue before they broke apart and both swallowed their own portion of Taylor’s sissy load.
 “Not so high and mighty now are you eh?”
 Why even fight it? Was all Taylor could think.
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