Our Apartment Halloween Build 20! State of Undress, New Preset Outfits, Sex Sim Fixes and Improvements, The Return of "Likes", and More!

Hey peeps sorry for the silence this month, part of it was waiting for a certain thing and when that certain thing happens you all will know about it. 
But regardless work was done and as I said this was mostly a polish month. Overall you'll find this build much more functional than other builds since the refactor. There's still issues related to the one new feature, and some oddities I discovered after later testing. Nothing major tho, overall I'm pretty happy with this...

Whats new?

  • States of undress for most clothing items! The majority of clothing items have a secondary clothing state different for each item! I've been waiting to add this for a long time and it was a lot of work on the asset side!
    Each one is different!

  • A range of new items and variants! Thigh Squish socks now available!
  • Clothing will undress during entry! Now you no longer need to undress the character so things look right!
  • New preset outfits! More options coming soon, but now you can get right into the action with some existing outfit sets. I hope to have the option to save outfits soon, the function is partially there...
  • Sex sim has gotten multiple fixes to prevent the oddities that popped up after the refactor. There's one or two issues still. Button toggles during grind animation, "come together" showing when only Naomi's bar is high. These will be fixed shortly. 
  • "Likes" have return! The hidden factors the flip Naomi's switch are back! But this has causes some balance issues so the bars may raise WAY too fast right now, and too slow in other cases. The function is fine, the value increments are the problem. 
  • Pose mode has gotten improvements! The panels now slide in an out, and you can adjust Naomis "wetness", Heart Eyes, and other stuff. 
  • New Scene Menu Functions! You now have a flash light and have the ability to disable the background to make it a solid color! Disabling the background is also added to the outfit customization!
  • Other things I forgot!

About The Public Release

I'm very sorry but some things changed and I'm waiting for something to happen before I release the official public release. I'm being ab it selfish in this, but I need to make sure this public release has the best impact! In due time I plan make Our Apartment a full time project, until now I've largely avoided  making too much money from this project. And I intend to keep that until I fulfil some obligations. But still I need to plan ahead. I still need to be able to live and pay people.
But holding off on the public release is it's more about making sure a certain thing with the game gets promoted properly for the most long term benefit! :3
I'm really sorry about the delay! Thank you for your patience!

About The Couch

Just a reminder I do have people working on this, but it is dependent on Our Apartment at the moment. 

About Patreon Rewards

I've been behind on these cause I've been focusing on dev, I promise to catch up soon! It's all tracked. If I owe you feel free to message me though!

New Bundle Sale! 

I partnered with 16 other devs and artist to offer a big bundle! If you haven't bought Our Apartment or some of these other games in the bundle take a look! There's 30+ fantastic games $100+ value for half off! 

Whats coming? Story!

At this point the major features I needed are in place and functional. But all this time for a variety of reasons I haven't focused on story. That changes after this month.
There is some story work being done, and one way or another the initial chapters writing will be complete. And this change in focus means a few things. 
  • I'll be focusing on the games environment, there will be a revamp of the apartment space (same structure new assets), new locations, and fantasy locations. 
  • There will be a focus on dialogue animations for Naomi
  • 2D art for some side characters
  • More art posting than build posting for a bit
  • A possible period where I'm just writing.
  • A focus on the final gameplay loop and related features (Saving, loading, daily system, etc)
  • Most new updates for builds will be made by people I commission. It's difficult for me to shift from art to programming and back so thats why. This is a big art focus really. 
  • Builds will soon no longer be numbered with "b"  in increments they will become actual version numbers to better show the state of the game leading to v1.0. 
This will culminate in a second final public release (After this next one when the "thing" is ready) for the game that will be called a "demo" and a return to focusing on content (New story, outfits, and sex sim). That final public "demo" will include a chunk of the story and the daily system loop, but the full game will have a cycle of, Story > Daily System > Story > Daily System that will allow expanding the story over time until we hit established goals.
Do keep in mind though free public releases won't end entirely, I have other projects that will be running once Our Apartment hits it's content stride. There's gonna be a lot. 

Uhhhh what else...

Not sure, I think I reached that point in the post where I'm too tired of writing to think lol.
So thats all for now! Thanks for your support!