Weekly Update!

Hey y'all, it's time for another weekly update! Most of you are probably pretty pretty excited about the release of Jikage Rising coming out this weekend haha. 
I have some pretty exciting stuff planned, some of you guys might have realised that I hadn't been super active this period, it's mostly was I was working on some stuff and were either:
-Heavily Requested
-I felt like I should do
-Stuff that I had to do
After grinding for a bit, I finally have some small progress to show, so let's get to it.
So first thing's first!
Jikage Rising:
I'll be finishing up the events for Tsunade and bonus girl 2! I also some some extra events in store, mostly optional stuff of Ino as requested by a tier 5 Patron! So hope you guys will enjoy that!
Apollo Lexicon:
So I feel like I made you guys waited long enough, the coder got out of his medical thing, and is back on it, I'll be receiving the framework for the system by the end of the week. Taking into account some extra time that will be needed for actually write the story and events in, it might take some time. So as mentioned last week, I'll have a "fill-in" project to take it's place while that's going on! I feel that might be the best course of action that would be "fair" to you guys, especially people who aren't interested in Jikage Rising! 
Here's a quick peek of one of the characters that will be in the "fill-in" game:
Personally I think it looks pretty good haha.
I'll get into the story a bit more if people are interested, but it'll be less "trainer"-ish and more like a visual novel, I'm try to get grind out of my games, which was something that heavily feedbacked from you guys. 
And finally, just a quick heads up and reminder if you are following the Fairy Hunting doujin from the other page! We have a poll on which character will be coming out next as well as general feedback! Do give it a go if you're interested yeah! You can vote here! 
And that's about it! Here's the TL/DR version as always:
Jikage Rising (Patron release ETA: 17th October for v0.17, Public release: 3rd October for v0.16)
-Tsunade content
-Bonus girl 2 content
-Extra optional scenes for Ino
-Prepping art for Ending


To end it off, as always, here are the links to my other pages!